Dyche reveals ‘positive signs’ from DCL in Everton training; praises Brentford and Frank

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Sean Dyche applauds the fans after Everton lose 2-0 to Aston Villa in the Premier League

Everton manager Sean Dyche insists there are “positive signs” from striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin, who has rejoined the squad for training.

The England international has not played for over a month due to a persistent hamstring injury which has dogged him all season and restricted him to just 12 appearances.

But he is edging closer to a return and while Brentford at home may come too soon, Dyche is hopeful he will be available soon.

“Dom is around it again with us training but it is still making a decision on when he is truly right to come back in and that will be in the next couple of days,” he said.

“It’s early yet, he has just got on the grass with us, but he has done a lot of rehab and the stats and facts and the way he is feeling is good, so positive signs.”

Asked what signs he needed to see, Dyche added: “Just all of the markers you can imagine: there are some statistical and training markers from history, then of course speaking to him as well.

“It is often the case, especially when players get a little bit older, they start learning about their bodies and it’s a tough run he has had on and off the last couple of years.”

Dyche has been impressed by what he has seen from Brentford over the last couple of seasons, he continued: “I’m not sure you aspire to be like anyone. Most teams have a format that they trust. They’ve come through a spell and got it right, that’s obvious with the players they’ve brought in. They’ve done very well on the bigger picture.

“I know their manager, I like him. I think it’s 12 games unbeaten. They know that coming to Goodison they’ll have to be ready.”

On Brentford’s top goalscorer, Ivan Toney, Dyche said: “Footballers when they sign for clubs are like mythical figures, but he’s been around for years. He worked his way up the ladder. He was at Newcastle and it didn’t work out. They didn’t pay £800k for him, they paid £8 million for him.”

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