Emery pin-points two examples of Arsenal tactics

Date published: Saturday 9th November 2019 10:58

Arsenal boss Unai Emery has explained his two visions for Arsenal’s tactics and pin-pointed two matches in which those tactics have worked – if only for 45 minutes.

The Spaniard has given a lengthy and exclusive interview in Spanish to Sky Sports in which he has tried to explain his plans for the team.

“We are still in construction, trying to be competitive.

“There have been games where the team has played very well from the point of view of building up the play, and there have been other games where we have performed very well in terms of pressing our opposition.

“I can give two clear examples from this season. In terms of build-up play, we can talk about the first half against Watford, which I think was the best first half of the season, when we went in at the break two goals up.”

Obviously Arsenal then threw away that lead against Watford, leaving them with some ridiculous statistics.

“Then, in terms of being organised to press and counter-attack, because of the circumstances and the team we are playing against, there was the game at Eintracht Frankfurt [a 3-0 win], which was a complete game. So those are two performances in which we have used the two ideas.”

Asked about the idea that Arsenal lack an identity, he said: “We are working on that. We are in that process.

“Last year was a season in which the team showed it was capable of using different systems and performing at a level which was mostly good.

“This year, we have had more problems because some new players are having to adapt and there have been some difficult circumstances.

“But we are working hard, first to find emotional stability, then to be a team that plays good football with the ball and is also capable of being aggressive in terms of the pressure we put on our opponents. That is still the idea that I want to give to this team.”

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