There’s a lot of f***ing swearing about England

Editor F365

England beat Germany and the mails are rolling in – most are giddy but some people are still angry about something or other.

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Yes yes yes
Yes yes yes yes yes f**king yes!. Get the f**k in! I can’t stop crying. Yessssssssssssssssssssssss.
Desmond Decker


…I know you’ll get plenty of these but YES. COME ON ENGLAND. I’m eight beers down. There is no other sport that makes me feel like this. We f**king did it. No it wasn’t pretty. Yeah it was cagey. But – and I hate myself for saying this because it might come back to bite me in the bollocks – but our route to the final does look promising. We can beat Ukraine. Two tournaments in a row where we’ve had a favourable draw and we really can go deep in the competition.

I love Southgate. I love this young group of lovely, talented lads (for the most part) who have given my generation hope. And I’m so happy for Raheem. He’s dealt with criticism impeccably. Our Top scorer at the euros – still a footie idiot? Nah. Just a lovely fella who means well and has been the deciding factor in three wins so far. Fuck off Sun. Hang your heads in shame. He’s strong for England. You underestimated his resilience.

Raheem Sterling

I know I’m getting carried away but how can I not? Get through Ukraine and we have a semi final at Wembley and if we win that, I truly believe with a bit of luck we can win this.

I know I’m overly optimistic but we can do this. We really can. F**king come on lads. COME ON!
Jack, 27, London


Loving Gareth Southgate
If only we had a good manager in charge of England who would unleash our fearsome forward players so that we can lose and go out in a blaze of glory. Just like when we had those good, successful managers at Japan, Korea, South Africa shoehorning our best players into a system just to get them on the pitch.

This Southgate fella has no idea what he is doing playing systems that fit the players and making substitutions that work. I never thought I would see a successful England team in my lifetime after the heartbreaks of Italia 90, Euro 96, Japan & Korea 02 and Euro 04. Thank you Gareth Southgate for making us a team again since you have been in charge and for putting the team ahead of any individuals. You have made not just me but the majority of a nation believe and have hopes and dreams of actually being successful.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that laughed years ago at the remark in 2013 from Greg Dyke that the aim is to win Qatar 2022…I now believe we actually could if we keep Gareth Southgate and don’t hound him out of the role with this expectation we should be exciting, exhilarating and attacking. Gareth knows more than 99.9% of people reading this give him the credit and backing he deserves. I was screaming for Kane to come off as has looked injured since the tournament began and has seemed like we had ten men for all out games. Looks like the knock he picked up “uninjured” him as was more mobile after and it was his play and movement which created space for both goals. But what do I know, not as much as the man in charge.
Liam (Penalty Miss>Pizza Hut Adverts>Euro and World Champion)


…Well. There we go. I’m not usually a smug kinda guy but I’ve had a few and I’m on a complete high. Said in the mailbox the other day that everything was great and Southgate knows what he’s doing. Bugger me I wasn’t half right.

THAT, was bloody brilliant. We might not actually win it, but he’s fashioned us into a proper international team.
Andy, Cheshire
(I love you Gareth)


Raheem the dream
I might not like Raheem Sterling, but God damn it I respect him.
Chris Hardy (hoping this wasn’t all just a dream)


…Raheem Sterling is a United fan. If Pep wants to give his spot to Jack and his mismatched slippers, I’d take Raheem’s huge arse on the left of United’s front line over Rashford and Martial all day long.
Eamonn, Dublin


…Presumably BadWolf didn’t celebrate when Sterling scored given he wished an injury upon him before the game. I suppose he and thousands of other fans also wished he was injured for the last 20 games where he has scored 15 goals? I don’t know what more Sterling has to do to be celebrated for the amazing player he is. Sure he makes bad decisions but if he creates or scores a goal almost every game, he should always start. He is our most direct player alongside Grealish and makes things happen and we need players like that, especially as Kane continues to tread water.

If you had any doubt the power of the tabloids in this country you need look no further than the blind hatred for one of England’s best players.

If Pickford, Sterling, Rice, Phillips, Maguire, Stones and even Southgate can continue this form, we have a very real chance it’s coming home.
Rob A (Grealish is the perfect super sub at international level, brings an entirely different attack to the game) AFC


Three things we learned
1. Gareth Southgate may know more about management than people on twitter

2. Finishing top of your group isn’t all that bad after all

3. Gary Lineker thinks a leg breaking challenge is not a red card and will fight anyone on social media who disagrees with his view
Mikey, CFC (Group F was Group of Death, all 3 qualifiers are now out)


Kane and his backing in…
Delighted England managed to exorcise a few demons with that cracking performance and result. With Ukraine looking dead on their feet, we really do have a fantastic chance, especially now Harry Kane seems to be back on the goal trail.

That said, and mainly after he was up running again to show there was no lasting damage, I did enjoy him glancing at Hummels and then trying his ‘back in, send them flying and win the free kick’ trick. Hummels however, was having none of it and didn’t even jump, so Kane crumpled to the floor. Hopefully he’ll think twice about doing it again!

Already looking forward to Saturday night!

Have a good day!
Stu, Southampton


Spain are the real worry
The only team remaining in the competition that really worries me is Spain. Having said that, I would take a final against them… Our team’s physicality is a match for anyone.

Walker deserves recognition for the full beast-mode sprint that made Müller rush his finish.
Nick, York (We need the Italian job, then it’s coming home)


Poor Prince George
Anyone else feel a little bit sorry for poor Prince George at Wembley?

Poor little fella forced to watch the match in a suit and tie! If the Royals ever wanted to seem normal then surely they should’ve let the kid be a kid!

Put him in a replica shirt, with a St. George painted on his face and an ice cream melting down his chin and the nation would take him to heart in a moment, not as a royal, but as a real human being.

I’m 35 and if anyone forced me to wear a tie to anything other than a funeral then I’d spit my dummy out!
Dave (35) PVFC


On the Blundersliga
Speaking as part of a minority of people who rejoiced in seeing last night’s England team selection, in citing reasons for optimism I tentatively suggested that the Bundesliga is at its weakest for many years. In the Champions League, Bayern were clearly dependent on Lewandowski, Liverpool scored four unanswered goals against Leipzig and Dortmund offered nothing versus City. Europa League entrants Leverkusen and Hoffenheim were heavily beaten by Young Boys and Molde, respectively. To add weight to this argument, Premier League imports such as Werner, Havertz and Keita have failed to set the Premier League on fire, while the likes of Gnabry and Sancho have become instant stars after going in the other direction.

Based on such a hypothesis, the clamour for Sancho’s England involvement (and signature – more on that later) baffles me to a certain degree. There is a lot of hype and some impressive stats to back it up. But, I ask the question frequently, how many great games has anyone actually seen him play? I can’t imagine for one minute that there are many England fans avidly following Dortmund games and dissecting Sancho performances to the degree we follow our Grealishs and Fodens. Furthermore, remembering that the now goal-shy Werner was once a Bundesliga goal machine, the famed Sancho stats possibly need to be viewed through a slightly contextual prism. Without suggesting the Bundesliga is the new Eredivisie in terms of unreliable foreign goods, there is growing evidence that the standard is a level below the Premier League and player transitions may not be the smooth paths imagined.

The question was put to me of whether I would be happy signing Sancho if I was a Man United fan. While, like most U.K. fans, I simply haven’t seen enough of him, in the smattering of games I have seen, he has not been a standout player. Roy Keane recently explained that his defensive game is lacking and that would certainly explain his omission from the England side – albeit to the likely anger of the ‘too defensive’/‘boring England’ brigade – and the level of opposition is always the overriding factor. Thus, the prices that are being discussed seem astronomical and I honestly think that it could be an awful piece of business if other key areas of United’s team aren’t improved too. There are certainly similarities in City letting him go and the United/Pogba saga and, if the Bundesliga is indeed in decline, I would be very wary about spending such big money on the young winger.

My final musing is to wonder how many goals Afonso Alves would get up front for Eintracht Frankfurt!
AC in Milan


You can’t please everyone…
I am really trying to get into the spirit of this. I remember running into the garden to hide because I couldn’t bear the tension during the pk’s in the semi final of Euro 96. I remember the desperate feeling and the collective pain of a nation.

Maybe it’s because I now live 6000 miles away and no one here really gives a shit about euro 2020.

Maybe it’s because for 75 minutes the only word I could think of to sum up the game was turgid. So many backwards passes (I think Pickford had the most England touches in the 1st half), no creativity, no spark.

England F365
England Germany

I realize this is all pretty negative. It might have something to do with the fact that kick off was at 9am here and I had to take my diarrhea spewing dog to the vet and then spend the rest of the day in a media and communication blackout to finally watch the game in the evening. It all just felt anticlimactic. It felt like England bored Germany to death who were themselves pretty rubbish.

At half time I wondered why we were so lacking in spark and I realized that all the exciting players were sat on the bench…Rashford, Sancho, Grealish, Foden, Bellingham. Forward thinking players, players that make things happen.

Yes I know we won and that’s the most important thing right? Southgate was right all along, 17 defenders and Raheem Sterling = finally beating the Germans. But what is football all about? Winning? Well I guess to many that’s all that matters. But what was so amazing about 96 was the moments that we’ll never forget. The Gazza goal and celebration, the unstoppable performance against the Dutch, the brilliant end to end game with the Germans with every possible emotion stuffed into one game.

And what are the standout moments from this Euros? Sterling’s scrappy goals? The thrill a minute stalemate with Scotland bookended by skin of our teeth victories?

It’s like Southgate is forever haunted by that night at Wembley and he’s built a team that feeds off of that bitterness and disappointment. Dogged, resilient, solid, and so very cautious.

A team lacking in any of the joys of football in my mind, but a team that may just go all the way to the final and bore out another victory.

If England have to win this way with a genuinely exciting group of players then I want no part of it. In 96 we failed and it all ended in tears but at least we went for it and thrilled the watching world with the sheer drama of it all. Winning this way will not mend my little broken euro 96 heart.
Robin, California


Still angry at Football365
I have been reading this site for over 20 years. I think others have put it better in their critique on how far this site has fallen, so I’ll be careful because you won’t print me. But I cannot be the only one on this….

‘It certainly should have been for most of this match and the unwashed masses would have substituted Kane long before the goals.’

Wow. The “Unwashed Masses”.

So, if you think Kane should have been taken off due to a reasonable shout for not being in the game at all, being a pedestrian, at best, in the first three games, you are a member of “The Unwashed Masses.”

And you are that. Because he scored. Once. So all previous critique is now null and void. If you are a genuine England fan and had any legitimate concerns that Kane was not doing his job properly_ you are clearly a part of an unwashed mass.

You give John Nicholson a platform to spout his ridiculous epithets every week, if we don’t want to read it we don’t have to. But come on, you lambast traditional journalistic standards daily, do not start labelling people who do not agree with you and treat your readership like they are f**king sheep who need to be led.

Unwashed masses? For having an opinion? That’s all it takes, England win and yep let’s all laugh at the fools who had an opinion. Just like yours. When you write utter crap like that, you wonder why people are leaving this site in droves.

This used to be a fantastic football website. It really was.
Johnny Ironballs


…Most importantly, congratulations England!!! Dare we dream of glory?!?! Maybe we could?! No, calm down…. but blimey, maybe we could!!

Least importantly, having been a reader for over a decade I cannot let John Nicholson’s disgusting article on Monday go unanswered. He wrote it pre game, building a strawman, trying to get a rise from people (in the exact same way that the publications he tries to be superior to do). I was so angry that I wanted to respond immediately, but I tried to rise above his utter BS, focus on the football, and not let him have the satisfaction of ruining my enjoyment of this fabulous tournament and this big game in particular.

But now the game is done, his poisonous rhetoric cannot be allowed to go unchallenged. His Billie Eilish – Van Halen story has zero relevance to England – Germany. His openly suggests that if you think of England – Germany as any different to England vs any other team, you must be a xenophobic, racist Neanderthal. It’s even tagged with a photo which I note was reproduced from at least 5 years ago which clearly is intended to represent anyone who thinks England-Germany might be “a bit special”. It’s the way of the radical left these days (I HATE to get political, but JN has become a perfect example of this Twitter driven BS). The aim is to try to shame you, and ideally to disgrace you, for holding views which these morons try to impose upon you.

I am 47. I didn’t grow up in the aftermath of WW2. But I’m also not stupid, was educated, have been a football fan since 1984, and understand history, including the 1966 World Cup. My sons have been brought up as football fans and are 17 and 14. They are even more remote from war issues. But as England fans they know our tortured footballing history. They are also well educated and know their actual history. They literally don’t understand what racism means, because they have grown up in a multi cultural society. Ironically, JN’s constant screaming about our differences is more racist and divisive than what he claims to be worried about.

But my boys know that England-Germany is special. Blimey, I am half Spanish, and my Spanish friends know that England-Germany is special. Everyone knows! Does that mean everyone is “weighed down by cretinous baggage”, and you must be “people looking back because they are afraid of the future”? What a load of utter tosh.

I will ignore the total nonsense half way through his diatribe where he gives up completely the pretense that this is about football and he just rants about politics (I find it amusing that he must hate the inconvenient fact that over 75% of his Boro kin voted FOR Brexit, whereas almost none of the ‘Southern Capitalist Scum’ voted leave).

Fellow football fans. Don’t feel ashamed about your celebrations tonight. Do not let the fact that you enjoy it even more because it was Germany we beat make you feel somehow guilty because JN says it makes you a bad person. You’re not bad. Rivalries in football are awesome, at any level. That’s why we love local derbies for gods sake. Germany have had the better of us for 40 years. We finally beat them at a game of football, it’s awesome!! You are not racist, you are not xenophobic, you have no reason to be ashamed for celebrating very very hard. Don’t let JN label you, it’s absurd. Today has been a fabulous day, enjoy!!

Could we actually do it? You know what, I think we can. Come on Engerland!!!!!!
Mike (not ashamed to love our national football team), WHU