Ex-England captain John Terry slams BBC over Cristiano Ronaldo penalty joke

Joe Williams
Cristiano Ronaldo and ex-England captain John Terry
Cristiano Ronaldo has been defended by John Terry.

Former England and Chelsea captain John Terry has hit out at the BBC over a caption following Cristiano Ronaldo’s missed penalty at Euro 2024.

The Al-Nassr striker missed a penalty during Portugal’s last-16 clash with Slovenia on Monday night before scoring a penalty in the shootout which decided the match.

Jan Oblak produced a brilliant save to deny Ronaldo a goal from the spot during extra time with the Slovenia goalkeeper having a brilliant game as FIFA’s 57th-ranked side remained solid throughout the 120 minutes.

But Slovenia failed to score a single penalty in the penalty shootout as Diogo Costa saved all three spot-kicks to give Portugal a place in the Euro 2024 quarter-finals.

During their analysis of Ronaldo’s saved penalty against Slovenia, the BBC captioned the incident as: ‘Misstiano Penaldo’.

With former Chelsea and England captain Terry taking to Instagram to post a photo of the caption alongside the message: “BBC this is a disgrace!”

Ronaldo reacted to shedding tears during Portugal’s Euro 2024 clash against Slovenia and then scoring a penalty in the shoot-out victory by calling them “inexplicable moments”.

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“Even the strongest people have their (bad) days,” Ronaldo said after the match. “I was at rock bottom when the team needed me most. I was sad at first but now I’m happy.

“That’s what football is. Moments, inexplicable moments.”

Asked about his outpouring of emotions during the match, Ronaldo replied: “When I think of my family, I feel emotional because they are unique moments that I cannot express in words.

“They are people I love, the fans who are always with us and especially with me, and I am very happy about that.

“I hadn’t missed a penalty kick all year. At this moment I missed it, but the most important thing is that the team won.

“I lost twice on penalties this season and won the third time. Sometimes football is fair and sometimes just, but we we deserved to qualify.

“I will always give my best for this shirt, whether I fail or not, but you have to take responsibility when the team has to.

“I have never been afraid to face things head on. Sometimes I do things right, sometimes I don’t, but giving up is something you will never hear from me.”

Portugal manager Roberto Martinez hailed Ronaldo’s resilience to take another penalty in the shootout after missing in extra time.

Martinez said: “He’s a constant example for us. Those emotions are incredible because he’s won everything and experienced everything.

“He doesn’t need to care that much and that’s why I thank him for being the way he is, for caring for the group, for being someone after missing a penalty that he was the first penalty taker (in the shoot-out).

“I was certain he had to be the first penalty-taker and show us the way to the victory.”