Keane claims England star could get ‘ripped to shreds’ and ‘found out’ at Euro 2024

Joe Williams
Roy Keane on England
Roy Keane during his role as a pundit.

Roy Keane thinks Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold could get “ripped to shreds” in midfield for England when they come up against the better teams at Euro 2024.

The Liverpool right-back is expected to line-up alongside Declan Rice and Jude Bellingham in a midfield three at the Euros after experimenting with the 25-year-old in central midfield ahead of the tournament.

While Alexander-Arnold is exceptional on the ball, there are doubts about his ability out of possession in midfield – but it now it looks like Gareth Southgate is ready to trust him against Serbia on Sunday night.

And Keane thinks the Liverpool defender will be be fine againt lesser opposition like Serbia but could struggle in midfield when he comes up against some of the “better teams” if England go far in the tournament.

Previewing England’s match against Serbia, Keane said: “It’s all about getting the balance right in your team.

“They’ve got some brilliant individuals, we’ve mentioned that many times before. There are four or five players that would walk into any of the teams in this tournament but it’s getting that balance right.

“Talking about the defensive side of it, they have players who can go and win you football matches but it’s the problem with defending against the better teams.

“I think they’ll be fine in the group, I think Trent will be fine with his positioning in those matches, but it’s against the real top teams that I think he will be found out, very much so.

“In fact, I think he would be ripped to shreds if he plays against one of the better teams in central midfield. I don’t think he’d be up to it.”

Fellow pundit Gary Neville reckons Conor Gallagher will have a key role to play over the coming weeks, he added: “I think Gallagher would come in in certain games and, to be fair, this idea of Foden going out to the left wing… this is not Paul Scholes being shoved out on the left wing.

“Foden has played there before and he’s used to that position. It’s not like it’s something that is really weird.”

Former Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has also raised doubts about Alexander-Arnold in midfield but reckons Southgate will go with the Liverpool star.

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Rooney said earlier this week: “I think he’ll [Southgate] go with Trent. I think he’s probably the most gifted player with the ball at his feet we’ve got. Defensively, he’s all over the place. He can’t defend.

“I wouldn’t have him anywhere near the middle of the pitch. I’d have no problem with playing him here (at right-back).

“I think in here (midfield), I wouldn’t have him anywhere near there. And I love Trent, actually. I think on the ball, the stuff he can do, no one else can do it.”