Ex-Everton boss rules out return to replace Lampard; explains why Moshiri ‘must be so disappointed’

Date published: Wednesday 25th January 2023 8:24 - Lewis Oldham

Allardyce on Everton

Sam Allardyce has suggested that “Everton would have already called” him if they wanted him to come in to replace Frank Lampard at Goodison Park.

The veteran manager was previously in charge at Everton between November 2017 and May 2018. They were 13th in the Premier League when he took over but they ended up eighth that season.

Allardyce departed in the summer with the club’s supporters unhappy with his preferred style of play. The Toffees have had four permanent managers since and Lampard is the latest to lose his job.

Everton are in the middle of a relegation fight and it has been suggested that they want to bring in a manager who has past experience in the Premier League.

Allardyce has suggested that the managers are not to blame for Everton’s recent failings. He has also indicated that he would already be at the club if owner Farhad Moshiri wanted him to succeed Lampard.

“They’ve had Rafael Benitez and Carlo Ancelotti, so it’s not the managers,” Allardyce said on the No Tippy Tappy Football podcast.

“It’s the infrastructure that they haven’t got right. The fundamental thing with a club the size of Everton is obviously structure.

“There has to be a structure and support for that structure with everybody put in the right place. Just as they teach you in business school, the top guys in and the next level underneath and so on, that is exactly how football has to be.

“Every department has to be in unison and working in the same direction, that’s not happened at Everton, and that is why they are still broken. There are levels that have to be put in place over a number of years, and it doesn’t happen overnight.”

When asked if he is going to take over at Everton, he told William Hill: “If I was going to Everton, they’d have already rang me. I have a lot of respect for (majority owner) Farhad Moshiri and the money he has found for Everton.

“Obviously, they haven’t invested like Newcastle. They have invested in players that haven’t delivered under two different managers.

“I only bought two when I was there, and I am still proud of my achievement because it was the best of any recent manager. They need someone to go over there that can get the team functioning correctly straight away.”

Allardyce later added that Moshiri will be “so disappointed” with the money he has wasted in the transfer market.

“Moshiri has put so much money into the club. He must be so disappointed,” Allardyce continued.

“He didn’t know a lot about the structure of the football club when he arrived, but he learnt over two or three years and built the club how he wanted to run it, and they stayed in the Premier League. He committed the money the club made, and it ran efficiently.

“The sad thing is how much the team is worth for how much they have spent on it. They can’t re-spend that all again to suffer the same outcome.

“Manchester City made profit this summer; they took more money in than they spent. Everton will have to get rid of the old players before bringing some new ones in, or it will be virtually impossible with the financial restrictions.”

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