Ex-Liverpool man blasts Arsenal captain over comments

Matt Stead

Per Mertesacker has been “disrespectful to the fans, his team-mates and the coach” at Arsenal, according to Didi Hamann.

Mertesacker hit the headlines two weeks ago after revealing the emotional and physical turmoil his football career has placed him under.

The Arsenal centre-half admitted that the pressure of his playing career has left him close to vomiting, and that he “will feel free” as soon as he retires and moves into a coaching role with the club in the summer.

But compatriot Hamann has entirely ignored the context behind Mertesacker’s quotes, and the pundit has taken him to task for setting a bad example.

“He makes another statement that is questionable for me,” Hamann said on Sky in Germany.

“He is still under contract with Arsenal and says that he has no more buck and likes to sit in the stands. He is still paid by the club and has a responsibility.

“I find that disrespectful to the fans, his team-mates and the coach. The club is up to its neck at the moment and then you have one of the captains who sits down and says that he no longer wants to play for the club.

“Whether he is the right person to give young players values such as identity and loyalty next year, I have my doubts.”


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