Ex-Man Utd star insists ‘petulant child’ Rashford should not be England international

Will Ford
Marcus Rashford Manchester United
Marcus Rashford was on the wrong end of a 4-3 defeat to Bayern Munich.

Manchester United star Marcus Rashford is a “petulant child” who shouldn’t be an England international, according to Paul Parker, who continues his bizarre vendetta against the Red Devils star.

There are numerous examples of Parker taking issue with Rashford, claiming in May that he “offers nothing but goals” before insisting he “creates something 1/10 times” last month.

Rashford admittedly has struggled this season, along with the rest of his United teammates of course, and Parker is revelling in it.

The former United defender told MyBettingSites.co.uk: “I was criticising Rashford when he scored goals because I wanted him to provide more for the team. Now, he is not scoring goals anymore and his decision making is still poor.”

“Everyone was saying that he was winning Man United games but the only thing they could come up with is that he was scoring goals.”

All they could come up with was the currency of football to explain how he was winning them games? The fools…

Parker continued: “It has taken people a while but now they are finally seeing that he is not contributing with anything. He should be because he is a fast winger with decent technical abilities, but in fact he is just a selfish player who lives on the back of being good in February.

“I think that Man United rushed in too quickly to give him this huge contract. Overall he has been delivering a poor return throughout his Man United career. That’s a fact.”

But Paul, what about the European giants who would gladly take Rashford off United’s hands…

“He was mentioned with some of the biggest clubs in the world. Real Madrid and PSG were interested, but… Were they really interested in him? I don’t think so. I think it was the media pushing it.

“I would love to see Rashford proving me wrong, and I will happily eat a humble pie but I just don’t see it happening. I think the fans are tired of seeing him faking an injury all the times he gets tackled. They want to see him get up, chase back and get the ball back.

“What he is doing is something you would expect to see in a schoolyard from a petulant child. You wouldn’t expect it to happen at Old Trafford. Not in a million years.

“But he does that every single time and it shows me that he might not be a player for Man United after all.

“He needs to change his game and his attitude. All the great centre forwards like the Yorke’s, Van Nistelrooy, Hughes, Cole they all worked hard when they didn’t have the ball. That’s the reason why they were respected and why Rashford is not at this moment in time.”

Poor old Gareth Southgate has also been duped…

“Rashford is an England international. Should he be that? No, but that’s what he is so he is a key player for this club, which creates high expectations from the fans. They want to see more from him.

“Ryan Giggs and Lee Sharpe played on the right wing when I played at the club. They were 100 times better than Rashford. Did they score as many goals in one season as Rashford? No, but did they produce more than Rashford? Yes, they created chances, made the runs and they were not selfish at all.

“Rashford has openly admitted that he ca’t play in the middle. That’s why he can only play at the wing but in my opinion he never gave it a shot. He was given the opportunity to be a real striker and he didn’t grab it.”

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