F365 proud to support the ‘Save Pub Life’ programme

Football365 is proud to be partnering with Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I to promote the ‘Save Pub Life’ initiative, formed to help our beloved pubs recover from the effects of Covid-19 lockdown.

The Pub is a staple of the British way of life, but the Coronavirus pandemic has thrown the leisure industry a curveball that threatens to harm it beyond repair.

The closure of our pubs and bars on March 21 to combat Covid-19 spread was expected, but still a shock. However, there is hope for our beloved locals yet.

What is Save Pub Life and who created the idea?

Budweiser Brewing Group created Save Pub Life to provide some financial support for the industry, whilst giving pubgoers the chance to support their locals remotely.

The programme was opened to all pubs, bars and restaurants across Great Britain on March 27, and it encourages pubgoers to purchase a gift card up to a combined total £1 million, and Budweiser will match the amount and pump it directly into businesses within two weeks, or when they need it the most.

Generously, Budweiser aims to funnel at least £1 million in financial support to Britain’s pubs, providing them with at least some funds during the lockdown closure period.

My local pub isn’t signed up, what can I do?

The scheme is still in its infancy, but with a huge amount of uncertainty surrounding the date in which the government will allow lockdown to ease, there’s plenty of time for your local to get involved.

There is a chance your local may not have heard about the initiative, and in this case you can head to savepublife.com to nominate the pub yourself.

You can also check a full list of pubs from your area taking part, by heading to this page: savepublife.com/collections/all

Then, with the above said, click here to purchase your gift cards – it’s as easy as that.

We love the pub – so we filmed The F365 show in one

How much does Football365 love the pub, you say? Well, we opted to film our weekly show at the beautiful and Grade II listed Adelphi in Leeds.

Once a showpiece for the nearby Tetley’s brewing empire, now our beloved second home. You can find us in The Adelphi sipping a pint before, and usually after the show is recorded. Some even say F365 editor Sarah Winterburn is paid for making an appearance in beer tokens.

With that said, the show has been forced into hiatus whilst the football remains postponed, but rest assured, when the pubs are back open, so will our show.

What does Winty, editor of F365 say?

“Pubs are bloody brilliant – for beer, for food, for games, for quizzes, for music, for watching football, or just for having five minutes’ peace.

“Nothing else in the world does what a pub does and a world without pubs is utterly unthinkable. The more I think about pubs the more passionately I feel about saving them. It’s not like I am going to eat pork scratchings at home…”

What are the pubs saying?

Lee Kelly, Director at Upton Tavern in Widnes, Liverpool praised the initiative as a breath of fresh air in worrying times for his business: “The coming months will be challenging for us, and for pub and bar owners all over the country.

“We welcome the Save Pub Life initiative, which gives our regulars the chance to lend a helping hand during this uncertain time, and Budweiser Brewing Group’s pledge to match contributions.

“We are all unsure what the future holds, but immediate support like this is a breath of fresh air, and will be a huge help to operators like myself once we can re-open our businesses.”

A final note from the President of Budweiser Brewing Group

President of Budweiser Brewing Group Paula Lindenberg said: “Pubs are a beloved part of our national culture and sit at the heart of our local communities. Yet, along with many businesses, these establishments are facing an incredibly difficult period.

“Although it’s absolutely the right thing to do at this time, closing doors to customers for weeks, or months, will see many pubs struggle to survive, risking lasting damage to the industry and those who work within it.

“We know that Brits are passionate about pubs, so we have launched our Save Pub Life programme to help them support their local during this time. As a champion of Britain’s iconic beer culture, Budweiser Brewing Group is proud to match the funds for the pub, providing an even greater level of support for the trade.

“We hope that pubs and pubgoers throughout the country get involved to help secure the future of the industry.”

Grab your mates and save the pubs

Get your favourite pubs, bars and restaurants aware of the initiative, then grab your mates and buy some beer tokens, and let’s help Save Pub Life.

Still unsure on the process? This infographic should help: