PL clubs ranked on how many days since their last major trophy…

Ian Watson
Dave Watson, Juande Ramos and Jose Mourinho lift major honours for Everton, Spurs and Man Utd.

Antonio Conte was appointed exactly 5000 days after Spurs’ last major honour. That feels like yesterday compared to some…


1) Chelsea – 158 days
Last major honour: Champions League
Saturday May 29, 2021
Chelsea 1-0 Man City

It’s been 157 sleepless nights for Pep Guardiola since Kai Havertz p*ssed all over his chips in Porto.


2) Leicester – 172 days
Last major honour: FA Cup
Saturday May 15, 2021

Not even the last trophy Leicester won but the Community Shield is barely even a friendly.


3) Manchester City – 176 days
Last major honour: Premier League
Tuesday May 11, 2021

City won their fifth league title in a decade when it was handed to them by Manchester United’s home defeat to Leicester. It’s been a barren six months since.


4) Arsenal – 440 days
Last major honour: FA Cup
Saturday August 1, 2020
Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

Mikel Arteta’s first – and last – silverware as a manager deprived Frank Lampard of his.


5) Liverpool – 496 days
Last major honour: Premier League
Thursday June 25, 2020

Liverpool’s first title in 30 years was sealed on a Thursday night in lockdown. When they weren’t actually playing. So, we’re all agreed: it doesn’t really count, right?


6) Manchester United – 1624 days
Last major honour: Europa League
Ajax 0-2 Man Utd
Wednesday May 24, 2017

It feels just like yesterday when Jose Mourinho was giving it the big one in Stockholm, holding up three fingers to represent the Mickey Mouse-iest of Trebles: the Community Shield, the League Cup and the Europa League.


7) Tottenham – 5001 days
Last major honour: League Cup
Tottenham 2-1 Chelsea
Sunday February 24, 2008

Antonio Conte is the seventh permanent manager since Spurs last tasted something like glory. Ryan Mason almost pulled it off as a caretaker, mind.


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8) Aston Villa – 9355 days
Last major honour: League Cup
Sunday March 24, 1996
Aston Villa 3-0 Leeds

Coca-Cola was the League Cup’s tipple of choice the last time Villa won a major-ish trophy. It was the beginning of the end for Sgt. Wilko at Leeds.


9) Everton – 9664 days
Last major honour: FA Cup
Saturday May 20, 1995
Man Utd 0-1 Everton

Everton’s last trophy was lifted at Wembley by Dave Watson. He’ll be 60 this month.


10) Leeds United – 10,783 days
Last major honour: Football League Division One
Sunday April 26, 1992

Leeds won their last trophy, taking the title from under Man Utd’s nose, just a few weeks before football was actually invented.

Leeds United 1991-92 First Division champions

11) Norwich – 13,373 days
Last major honour: League Cup
Sunday March 24, 1985
Norwich 1-0 Sunderland

The aforementioned Dave Watson was also the last captain to lift a major trophy decked in canary yellow ribbons. That Milk Cup final paved the way for the Friendship Trophy which is currently shared between he two clubs. Obviously.


12) West Ham – 15,152 days
Last major honour: FA Cup
Saturday May 10, 1980
West Ham 1-0 Arsenal

The Hammers’ last triumph, 41 years ago, remains the last time a team from outside the top flight has won the FA Cup.


13) Wolves – 15,208 days
Last major honour: League Cup
Saturday March 15, 1980
Nottingham Forest 0-1 Wolves

Andy Gray was the last Wolves player to score a cup final winner, a goal which downed the holders and European champions while earning Emlyn Hughes the last trophy for his full set.


14) Southampton – 16,622 days
Last major honour: FA Cup
Man Utd 0-1 Southampton
Saturday May 1, 1976

Saints last major honour no longer counts after a lengthy VAR review, lasting 45 and a half years, ruled that Bobby Stokes was offside.

15) Newcastle – 19,138 days
Last major honour: Inter-Cities Fairs Cup
Thursday June 11, 1969
Ujpest 2-3 Newcastle (2-6 on aggregate)

Even if the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup was seen as the forerunner to the UEFA Cup and Europa League, it was initially only open to teams from cities that hosted trade fairs. Which, as a format, is absolutely wonderful. More please, UEFA.


16) Burnley – 22,465 days
Last major honour: Football League Division One
Saturday May 2, 1960
Man City 1-2 Burnley

Burnley had not topped the First Division table all season until after the final match, a victory at Manchester City. Which is just a magnificent way to win a title.


=17) Brighton, Brentford, Crystal Palace and Watford
Still waiting to win their first major honour. Tinpot.