Where might all Man Utd’s players go and for how much?

Date published: Tuesday 8th March 2022 10:22 - Ian Watson

Man Utd players watch the penalty shoot-out defeat to Middlesbrough.

Even if they’ve had enough at Old Trafford, many Man Utd players might be disappointed to see what options they’d possibly have elsewhere…

It used to be said that the only way out of Manchester United is down. Is that still true? Perhaps. Most of their current players would ceratainly struggle to move up.

Here’s an idea of the type of moves that might be available to the current squad members if they are allowed to pack their bags…


David De Gea
Age: 31 Contracted until: 2023 plus one-year option

Going nowhere since he’s one of the few players to emerge from this sh*t-show of season with a smidgen of credit. That, and he’s on silly money that no other club would even consider matching. If they were to shift him, though, maybe Atletico cash in on Jan Oblak and take De Gea home.

Destination: Atletico Madrid Price: £25m


Dean Henderson
Age: 24 Contracted until: 2025 plus one-year option

Desperately needs to move this summer before people forget he exists. With a very small body of work to show for two years during which he has lost the battle for the gloves, Henderson is relying on someone like Newcastle still being tempted or a club like Southampton having a really long memory.

Destination: Southampton Price: £15m


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Luke Shaw
Age: 26 Contracted until: 2023 plus one-year option

Reports suggest Shaw might be one of the few players Ralf Rangnick recommends for retention. If not, a lateral move would certainly be a reasonable expectation – Spurs if they sell Sergio Reguilon? Or maybe Brendan would give United their money back and Shaw the big cuddle he’s been craving.

Destination: Leicester Price: £30m


Raphael Varane
Age: 28 Contracted until: 2025 plus one-year option

It would be lovely to know what Varane thinks of all this. And whether he fancies sticking around. United really need him to.

Destination: PSG Price: £40million


Victor Lindelof
Age: 27 Contracted until: 2024 plus one-year option

It wouldn’t be a huge shock if a half-decent European side found room for Lindelof given his versatility.

Destination: Sevilla Price: £20m


Harry Maguire
Age: 29 Contracted until: 2025 plus one-year option

Sheesh. In his current form, who would bother? We all know there is a top-class defender in Maguire but his reputation is in pieces and there’s only so long that can continue without his prospects disappearing around the U-bend. Would need a side who don’t mind relying on a deeper defence.

Destination: West Ham Price: £35-40m


Aaron Wan-Bissaka
Age: 24 Contracted until: 2024 plus one-year option

Dearie me. Signed for an initial £45million in 2019, and now they might be lucky to get a third of that back for a full-back so obviously petrified of crossing the halfway line. Can picture him going ‘home’.

Destination: Crystal Palace Price: £15m


Diogo Dalot
Age: 22 Contracted until: 2023 plus one-year option

Had a good run initially under Rangnick but the interim manager seems to have reached a similar conclusion as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Watch him go to Dortmund and fulfil the potential Jose Mourinho always thought he had.

Destination: Borussia Dortmund Price: £15m


Alex Telles
Age: 29 Contracted until: 2024 plus one-year option

Has shown enough glimpses to earn a return to Europe and United aren’t likely to keep both him and Shaw beyond the summer.

Destination: Inter Milan Price: £15m


Eric Bailly
Age: 27 Contracted until: 2024 plus one-year option

Said to be irked by Maguire’s continued presence in the XI but Suicide Eric is hardly whining from a position of strength. Can’t be relied upon for form or fitness. But someone will take a punt on him, if only for sh*ts and giggles…

Destination: Barcelona Price: £10m


Phil Jones
Age: 30 Contracted until: 2023 plus one-year option

Sean Dyche would make Philip Anthony Jones feel like a footballer again.

Destination: Burnley Price: £5m



Age: 29 Contracted until: 2023 plus one-year option

Jose has done it once, he might do it again…

Destination: Roma Price: £20m


Scott McTominay
Age: 25 Contracted until: 2025 plus one-year option

McTominay is one of the very few players you might put good money on being at United next season. If not, based on nothing at all, it feels like he’d do a decent job in Arsenal’s engine room and they’ll certainly need a midfielder.

Destination: Arsenal Price: £30m


Nemanja Matic
Age: 33 Contracted until: 2023

Will be 34 by the start of next season and he’s been slowing down for a year or two already. Apparently a good character to have around and Christ knows United are short of them, but a parting seems inevitable.

Destination: MLS Price: £5m


Paul Pogba
Age: 28 Contracted until: 2022

Pogba has been trying to get away from United for almost four years and this summer he’ll finally get his wish. Where he goes depends on who can meet his wage demands while putting up with his and Mino’s sh*t.

Destination: Juventus Price: free


Bruno Fernandes
Age: 27 Contracted until: 2025 plus one-year option

Fernandes is one of the few players still under contract who would attract interest from the top clubs. United would be mad to sell. But, United…

Destination: Real Madrid Price: £75m


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Cristiano Ronaldo
Age: 37 Contracted until: 2023 plus one-year option

Fancies a season or two with Lionel Messi if United don’t finish in the top four, apparently. PSG are daft and rich enough to do it.

Destination: PSG Price: £15m


Edinson Cavani
Age: 35 Contracted until: 2022

The Uruguayan has already checked out and isn’t letting silly things like away matches get in the way of planning his move to either Spain or South America.

Destination: River Plate Price: free


Marcus Rashford
Age: 24 Contracted until: 2023 plus one-year option

The fact that Rashford is open to a move highlights just how bad things must have become at Old Trafford. United would be terrified of selling the child-feeder which means they almost certainly won’t. But PSG would be interested again if Kylian Mbappe is on his way.

Destination: PSG Price: £60m


Jadon Sancho
Age: 21 Contracted until: 2026 plus one-year option

Sorry, Jadon, but you’re going nowhere. Literally and, unless a new manager has the desired impact, metaphorically too.

Destination: Bayern Munich Price: £60m


Jesse Lingard
Age: 29 Contracted until: 2022

United were greedy last summer and it will cost them this year when Lingard has his pick of clubs. Hasn’t played enough football to be missed.

Destination: Newcastle Price: free


Juan Mata
Age: 33 Contracted until: 2022

Too lovely for this sh*t. Farewell, handsome Juan.

Destination: United Nations Price: free


Anthony Elanga
Age: 19 Contracted until: 2026

Certainly not the most technical player to emerge through United’s academy but, as McTominay has proved, trustworthiness will carry you a long way in a dressing room dripping with self-interest.

Destination: Leeds Price: £15m



High-profile loanees

Donny van de Beek
Age: 24 Contracted until: 2025 plus one-year option

The next manager may well want to look at van de Beek, especially if that new man is Erik ten Hag. If not, Everton seem quite happy with him. Assuming they stay up…

Destination: Everton Price: £35m


Anthony Martial
Age: 26 Contracted until: 2024 plus one-year option

There is a very real danger that Martial and United will be stuck with each other next season since Sevilla have already decided they have no intention of keeping him. Not on those wages…

Destination: Newcastle Price: £20m


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