Let’s be honest, we all love fighting and streakers

Date published: Friday 15th April 2022 6:47 - Editor F365

Atletico Madrid v Man City

Why pretend that we don’t love a bit of what Atletico Madrid and Manchester City served up? We want to be entertained. Send your mails to theeditor@football365.com


What a week…
As a fan of the team currently in 20th in the Championship, it’s nice to switch on the TV and watch genuinely gripping and interesting football. And this week has been a blessing. Man City-Liverpool, Real-Chelsea, Atletico-Man City.

Thank you football gods!

Now back to the drudgery of Championship life – a game at home to Cardiff, who sit in 17th, with both teams already on the beach.
Robert Welbourn


We’re not all England…
Can F365 or anyone else who has a modicum of influence in the football world, (as opposed to an idiot like myself who sends angry emails to your letters page), in the name of all that is holy and good please, please, please ask BT Sports if they can encourage their commentators/ co-commentators who cover Champions League games to stop acting as if everyone watching is supporting the English team in the tie. They are making the games almost unwatchable.

Thanks for your help in this matter.


…One of the main themes, up in Scotland, during Euro 2020 was a) the biggest 0-0 thrashing we’ve ever celebrated (just a bit of banter, calm down) but also b) English commentators are insufferable.

The France v Portugal match was the perfect example. World Cup holders vs European Championship holders (at the time). And the half time segment involved asking famous French and Portuguese players if they remembered Gazza’s goal from 96!

Anyway, I can understand how some English people fail to recognise this frustrating trope but to let you see what it’s like I point in the direction of the commentators last night for City v Athletico. Every single thing that a Madrid player did was ‘disgusting’, ‘typical’, ‘not what you want to see’ etc. This included one time when a 50/50 tackle saw the ball spin out of play and the Athletico player had the cheek to claim it was their throw in. How dare they! The commentators genuinely remarked upon this as if it was Simeone-esque exclusively.

Then of course the last few minutes. Foden was heavily challenged, fair but sore no doubt and he rolled about 10 metres off the pitch then conveniently rolled back on. Savic’s reaction is inexcusable but imagine if an Athletico player had rolled back on the pitch trying to see out the last few minutes. Fair play to Foden, I’d have done the same thing but the commentators don’t even mention it. Then a few minutes later as the ball is about 5 yards out of play Foden volleys the ball as high as he can into the crowd and then deeper into injury time he kicks the ball away after the ref blew for an Athletico free kick (I think he got booked for this).

Again, I’ve no issue with Foden doing this. Especially against the masters of it all. But the commentators would have you believe this was a battle of good vs bad, pure vs evil. That’s what it’s always like listening to some of these complete and utter bellends on the TV all the time for the rest of us.
Stuart, Hearts, Edinburgh


What we do want to see
Can we all agree, as fans, to write a letter to all football broadcasters and point out that, actually, we DO want to see:

Pitch invaders
Players fighting
Unseemly language

And everything else they tell us is “bad”.
John Matrix AFC


…Well, looks I’m in a minority of one here … I thought Atleti and their crowd were effin’ brilliant!

It was great to see Guardiola’s bland, characterless mob given a proper chasing – just a shame Atleti couldn’t manage to get the ball over the line.

As for the pious ‘We don’t like to see that’ reactions … get out of here! That was entertainment of the highest order, and simply magnificent to see fans, players and manager as one. No-one got hurt, nothing to see here, so just move on.

The comparison between Simeone’s renegades, and my own team of preening, overpaid sh*te-soft chancers was remarkable, and I’d swap the squad and manager for United’s in a heartbeat. We probably wouldn’t win any more that we have for the last decade, but at least I could feel that the team cared as much about the club and the badge as I do .

I bet Simeone’s team talk consisted of a video of Guardiola and Co. arriving in their matching double-denim, rolled up jean combos, alongside ‘Lads, it’s City’.

Old fart PFM rant over…
E.T. King (MUFC)


Atleti arts not even that dark
A lot of people moaning about Atletico, but until the fracas with Foden near the end, there wasn’t that much wrong with their approach. Felipe on Foden in the 1st half was cowardly and the referee – who had an excellent game by the way – should have shown Felipe a yellow card. The injuries for Walker and de Bruyne weren’t a result of Atletico’s shenanigans as far as I could tell. Walker’s was entirely self-inflicted. I dislike Atletico’s approach to the beautiful game and they did indeed go off the rails near the end, but the narrative that they were ‘at it’ the whole game is a false one.
G Thomas, BREDA


Some are still anti-Atletico
It was such a beautiful sight seeing Atletico and Diego Simeone himself, completely melting down after City used some of their own shithousery on them. Diego looked almost manic in the last minutes of the game, clapping mindlessly and then his stupid attempt at double high fiving the ref at the end – as if to say, “it’s all your fault.”

Diego Simeone puts his finger to his mouth

Hopefully UEFA will show some balls and take action. The atrocious behaviour pervades the team from manager to players to fans who give nazi salutes. Nothing is off limits. Except, happily, a semi final in the CL this year.
Paul McDevitt


I’m not even a City fan, but I took SO MUCH delight in them knocking Atletico out last night. And if Simeone is upset/angry/annoyed about Phil Foden getting Savic sent off, he may want to watch some of the highlights from France ’98. He invented that trick, and now his Shitehousery chickens have come home to roost, or whatever that saying is.

What goes around, comes around El Cholo.
Lee (not that one), LFC


Through Arsenal eyes
Just wanted to add a couple of Arsenal-centric points to the current mailbox hot topics:

Why are Atletico allowed to play like this?

Well, from an Arsenal POV it’s the same kinda reason why Sam Allardyce’s sides are allowed to kick people and elbow people. It’s just what they do. It’s the same kinda reason why Fernandinho gets away with tactical fouling and Xhaka doesn’t. It’s just what Fernandinho does. There is a level of expectancy that now comes with Atletico Madrid which, dare I say it, Arsenal couldn’t get away with. A referee goes in to one of their matches knowing they’ll try a little bit of poo-housery, and so grants them a little licence for some poo-housery. it why Kevin Nolan gets away with a sly elbow on Kolo Toure, but Kolo Toure gets booked for returning the favour.

Haha, Arsenal replaced Unai Emery with Mikel Arteta!!

Well, from an Arsenal POV those same people, (and generally speaking I’m talking about Arsenal fans), sneering at Arteta when Emery has just beaten Bayern Munich with Villareal, are the same people who hounded Emery out of the club, demanding Arteta. I for one, honestly, was always pro-Emery. I called the Emery appointment from the day Wenger left, and still lament his leaving now… to some degree. For what it’s worth, I just think it was Emery’s English that held him back. A very, very tactically astute and complex coach couldn’t communicate his plans in English as well as he can in Spanish. Kinda explains why he’s so good with Spanish clubs, and Spanish players. I actually think he’d be a tremendous shout for their national team.
Dale May, Swindon Wengerite


If you’re tired of TAA…
I’m writing in to say that I’m tired of people writing in to say that they’re tired of the TAA v James debate.
Mark Lewis, SWFC (Best game ever attended? Wednesday 4 Chelsea 4, league cup quarter final 1985)


Erik is welcome
The last time United signed an Eric it was a game-changer but that was in the context of a manager and team that enabled his talent and attitude to come to the fore.

This time unless the management support Erik ten Hag, he may as well stay at home.

And first and foremost they need to get rid of Pogba. Erik would be making a big mistake if he thought he would be able to get the best out of the lazy one. He won’t, he’s not interested. Sure he might show willing for a week or two at £500k, but then his character will re-emerge.

Play the youngsters and he will have the support of almost every fan, United is not all about winning trophies, they are about emotion, the thrill of seeing teenagers showing their talent, giving their all.

If Erik builds a young team we will all give him the time he needs.
Tim McKane


The new fans
Football’s a funny old game isn’t it. What’s funnier is the way opposition fans think they’re somehow different to each other and attribute supposedly exclusive characteristics to certain clubs fans. We all know the tropes, Liverpool fans are delusional, City and Chelsea’s are blind to the crimes of their owners, Arsenal’s are perpetual whiners, Spurs think they are in competition with big clubs etc.

But in reality we’re kind of like each really, aren’t we? Or maybe not, maybe we’re just not identifying with the right tribes. Instead of thinking your the same as people who support your club and feeling offended when some calls you names, hey man not all pool fans are like that etc, wouldn’t it be handy to know why you’re actually following football in the first place, oh er, sounds like some self reflection is on the way.

So without further ado here are the new football tribes.

Older almost extinct tribes include Proper Football Men (PFMs who wear sheepskin coats and admire proper football, not that namby pamby tippy tappy stuff) and hooligans (although there seems to still be a little community hiding out in Chelsea.)

1. Football fans. If this is you then you are one of the 20m who actually watched Man City or other such equivalent game and rather enjoyed it as a fan or a neutral. You enjoy the spectacle that is a football game and enjoy the subtleties of things like tactics, one v one battles and things like that.

Two points: you’re probably a minority, and protect your love from those coming below.

2. Fans. You support a particular club and identify as a “fan.” You know relatively little about football by that doesn’t stop you watching games, knowing who the main players are and being an active commentator on your club. You thought Man Utd signing Ronaldo was a great idea, you’re not sure what all the fuss about Thiago is (what does he actually do) and you will defend City signing Jack Grealish to any man woman or child who begs to differ.

You account for the majority of the football watching public, you spend most of the time looking at your phone while matches are on.

3. Modern Football (…) you’re too modern to identify as a man, or a woman, these words are offensive to someone somewhere. You like football to be played the right way. The way you think it should be is the right way. Other ways are the wrong way. Attacking progressive football is good and right. Defending is not good. Who defend well and gain a result are lucky, not good.

Your self-righteousness is a prison from which you will never escape because you can’t even see it. You don’t want to escape. You’re already perfect. Your existential angst is terrifying.

4. Banterheads. You are the troll under the bridge, the underman, you role is to antagonise, annoy and infuriate. The dopamine hits of other peoples rage mainline your mind. You’re addicted to it, being ignored means not existing, like when Mammy and Daddy were too busy to notice your picture of your bicycle. But we won’t think about that. Who needs therapy when we can comment the pain away.

5. Everton fans.

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