First test of new Manchester United is resisting urge to sign Gareth Bale

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Gareth Bale needs a club and Manchester United need players

You absolutely know that Manchester United will be tempted by Gareth Bale. That and more in the Mailbox.

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VAR from perfect
After watching the first half of Wales v Ukraine as a neutral and how that penalty decision was not overturned I will never know. I was originally in favour of VAR but now I despise it it’s sucked the excitement out of the game to the extent I don’t celebrate goals anymore but on the other end of the spectrum it was brought in to overturn refereeing mistakes or even get the referee over to have a look to make a second judgement if that was not a clear and obvious error I don’t know what it is. VAR has been broken since it’s inception and instead of getting better it’s getting worse and like I read here before it’s now gone to the extreme of trying to justify its existence

Time VAR got the red card (I know terrible pun).
Kenneth, Dublin


Forget England, Trent
Enjoyed reading England performance ratings.

Love the constant narrative that Trent can’t defend

Love how he ‘refuses’ to sing national anthem (can F365 be in Mediawatch?)

Hopefully Southgate thinks he can do without Trent in the World Cup as it will help Liverpool hugely.

*watch* England get knocked out in round two, watch, fans turn on Southgate for being too defensive

Maybe, understand why Liverpool is so angry as a city. Thanks to Thatcher. Thanks to The Sun, thanks to France. YNWA.
Ade, 7 will come, Guildford


On booing and Trent
Ok so Hungary fans showed they are raising their children to be racist which was disgusting to witness.

One other thing that really grinds my gears is players, yes you Trent, not singing their national anthem, if you choose to not sing it that shows you have no allegiance to the country so why are you on the pitch wearing the shirt ?

On another subject, the most important, if England come bottom of the table, will Southgate get sacked?
Sarn Smith (Eddie Howe next England Manager please !)


Belgium on the decline
Belgium can do better than getting battered 4-1 by the Netherlands, they really can.

Having a European champion in goal would have helped. Also having a settled back four instead of a three at the back with the unconvincing Boyata. The suspicion remains that Martinez can’t organise a defence.

There were moments going forward where De Bruyne, Hazard and Trossard showed their creativity but it was quickly snuffed out. Forgotten man Michy Batshuayi came on and scored a late consolation.

Having said that, the Netherlands look amazing: rock solid at the back, accurate in midfield and clinical up front. Bergwijn looks inspired and Depay creative for that third goal. They both absolutely leathered their shots, Mignolet no chance.

You can’t read too much into a result like this, but it seemed to illustrate that Belgium’s decline is real and that the Oranje will be more of a threat in the World Cup.
Paul in Brussels


Captain De Gea? No chance
News is circulating today that David may be in line to be United next captain. I will use another David news story to explain why this is a bad idea.

While DeGea is probably the worlds best shot stopper, he can be found lacking in certain areas. Namely, I found he isn’t a highly vocal player, doesn’t command his area too well, isn’t great a high balls and has poor distribution.

It was Luis Enrique in that other David story for leaving him out of the Spanish squads 3 gk places. His reasoning was the last two points above. He is probably right, and his reasons certainly aren’t wrong.

I feel part of the reason United’s defense is so shit is due to DeGea, who then ironically looks really good as the last man. Almost like a politician, trying to be a hero for the mess they helped make. It’s not an easy skill to pull off as it deceives the eyes. Certainly isn’t Johnson’s partygate, more Brexit.

Anyways, even as a vocal leader, an example to get inspiration from, or even a reliable performer, I dont see how and why this decision was made, other than the fact that maybe he is our biggest leader, and that says all you need to know about Man United in 2022.


Give up on De Jong, Manchester United
United have traditionally demonstrated a habit of being too slow in the transfer market and wasting time on trying to convince players who have no interest in joining the Club. A current case in point is the club’s attempts to sign Frenkie De Jong. This player has consistently shown a lack of interest in United. Most recently, we read that he had stated that he would prefer to join Man City, Bayern Munich etc. over United.

De Jong’s performance, since joining Barca, has not been outstanding and he has not played consistently well. United should move on and give serious consideration to signing Millinkovic-Savic or Neves. Rice is good but he is overpriced. After all we are talking about the EPL which with Serie A, are stronger leagues than the Eredivisie. Needless to draw attention to Donny Van de Beek’s performance since he moved to the EPL from the Eredivisie where he performed outstandingly well.
Professor (Dr) David Achanfuo Yeboah


Is this a new Manchester United?
The first test of whether the owners/directors of United have finally realised the errors of the past few years will be if they try to sign Gareth Bale. If they do, then we have not moved on and Ten Hag is wasting his time.
Plato – MUFC


The chance of success?
Having children has given me a new perspective on life yada yada etc…

With the chances of making it at about 1/1000, if someone could magically say you had a 10% chance your kid would succeed, would you dedicate their childhood to the pursuit? Or would it need to be a much higher chance…or lower.

Ive seen many parents push their kids unreasonably and it just seems like a wasted childhood for almost a vanishing chance of success, and you never get those years back.

Thoughts and any relevant experiences?