Forget Ramos, Klopp is the real disgrace…

Date published: Sunday 27th May 2018 12:27

Tell us all about it:

Klopp is the real disgrace
As I write this I don’t know if Klopp consoled Karius but I haven’t seen him anywhere near him.

If this is true, then this is unforgivable behaviour from Klopp.

Karius has been making these mistakes all season. It was his choice to not buy a new keeper in January and stick with him.

If he has left him out to dry to the world then this should be forgotten or forgiven just becuase he is a bit of a laugh in press conferences.

I would expect Sunday league managers to have this level of class.

And I thought Ramos was the biggest sh*thouse on the night…
Ginger Pirlo


Black belt in the dark arts
It’s a toss up between Ronaldo and Messi with who go down as the greatest players ever, but Sergio Ramos is undoubtably the greatest sh*thouse player in the history of the game. I mean that in the sincerest form of praise. He is the witch king of dark arts, a maestro of shithousery and the reason he’s the best is because he combines his excellent athleticism, skill and talent with it.

Your average purveyor of sh*thousery is born of need rather choice, where a lack of pace, skill or technique (think Robbie Savage) compared to their peers leads them to use their brain to get that crucial edge at this level of competitive sport. Other’s are simply “hardmen” with talent (Souness, Gentile) who know how to kick a player but don’t know how to receive a kick like Ramos did with Mane and get an opponent booked for nothing.

The way he turned a simple pass back to the keeper into a yellow card for the opponents best player on the pitch is pure magnificence. Ramos a Rolls Royce footballer for whom sh*thousery is a conscious choice, like that movie where a billionaire moonlights as a premiere art thief despite being able to buy everything in the museum.

Every team would benefit from a player with that level of cunning and god I wish Liverpool had one of those.
Sid (Allez Again), LFC.


…I’ve trained in Muay Thai. A fantastic martial art. Great for fitness and discipline. Something a lot of people don’t comprehend is what my first trainer first said to me, “learn to fight, so you never have to”. In other words, don’t learn how to fight, learn how to stop one.

What Sergio Ramos did to Mo Salah last night was the perfect example of this. He didn’t two foot him, he didn’t punch him, didn’t elbow him. Yet I guarantee Mo would have taken any of those three over how he exited stage left.

That was the most intelligent, most calculated and brilliantly violent foul I’ve seen on a football pitch. Had a ref had the multiple replays, he would surely have noticed and shown a red card, for unquestionably excessive force.

So here’s to you, you f*cker. Brilliant, horrible. Everything that is Jose Mourinho about football. Enjoy your 4th champions league medal. You deserve it. But never question why we hate you. And why we will always question your legacy. For you Sergio Ramos, are the definition of a cheat, a symbol of everything that is wrong with the capitalist culture in which we fester. Win at all cost, at any expense to those around us. I hope you are injured during the world cup final and lose as a direct result. That my friend, is the only karma someone of your ilk would appreciate.

Jurgen, let’s break the bank for Oblak. Make us dream.
Adam, LFC, Belfast, YNWA. (Let me tell you the story of a poor boy, who was sent far away from his home….)


…Justice is a strong word. It evokes feeling of fear, of retribution, and in some cases, feelings of closure. The word was key in the ‘Justice for 96’ campaign which fought to finally bring to light the truth of the Hillsborough disaster. Whenever there is wrongdoing, it is justice that victims seek as the first point in moving on from a traumatic event.

Our want for justice starts early. In my work as a teacher I see children as young as 3, wronged by a friend who has taken their toy or jumped in line, seeking justice either by taking matters into their own hands and lashing out, or alerting the adult authorities and watching with keen interest to see the delivered retribution. Children have a fierce need for fairness, the first mistake an inexperienced teacher can make with a new class is to be unjust. Regardless of outside circumstance of which the class may be unaware, children need to judge your actions as fair – get this wrong and you lose the class.

It was justice that I first thought of when watching Salah break down and cry when he knew his Champions League Final was over. The foul that led to the injury was not picked up by the referee, and replays show it was hard to spot. But with every repeat of the replay in every new angle, justice was the only word on my mind. It surely cannot be argued whether or not it was a deliberate act by Ramos to lock arms with Salah, and unbelievable that some BT Sport pundits would aim to relieve him from guilt by saying there was no intent and that he was just ‘getting close to the player’. I don’t believe Ramos aimed to injure and remove Salah from the game, but he certainly aimed to breach the laws of acceptable play to upset his opponent’s star player. He’s been doing this for years.

Some applaud this. Why not take any advantage you can by stretching the rules to their limit? If it works, why not do it? Surely winning is everything? It is Ramos’ name that will go down in history as the victor, and Salah the loser. For those who say this, you have your right to that opinion. I’d like to fight for a different reality.

Football is fast becoming an ugly game. The dive that Ramos performed to earn Mane a yellow card near the end of the game is typical of the ‘smart’ play which England are sometimes guilty of not displaying on the world stage. It may be canny and it may work, but I will never want a player of my own club or country to do it to win, and feel ashamed whenever they do. The only circumstance I have applauded it has been where I have seen it as justice, perhaps revenge on a team that were guilty themselves or acting this way earlier in the game/tie/season.

But revenge is ugly. And it is not really justice, because justice needs to be fair. Cheat in the same way as the cheater and the game is soon celebrating those who cheat best. We are not far away from that reality, and it is quickly turning me away from the game as a whole. Without true justice, without fairness, we are just like children pushing in front of each other in line.

So what could be done? I’m not sure, but using VAR to send Ramos off during the game would be a start. Then, perhaps, a ban, or a stripping of a medal. Anything which would make a player think twice should they believe cheating is the best form of winning. But this is difficult. How can a panel of experts make that decision on such a high stage? And given such power, surely it is in danger of abuse? There is a lot to talk about, but my hope is that we can stop giving the thumbs up to such acts as ‘smart’, and hold ourselves to a higher standard. Cheating should not be the norm, it should be the exception.
Nick Jacobs


The fall out
All eleven outfield players did well for us. Lovren was a fucking rock. Mane worked tirelessly. Lallana and Firmino were quiet but they were committed and worked hard.

It was weird in the team line up that Karius was smirking whilst everyone else was focussed. What was going through his arrogant little head? If only he’d be doing the basics like thinking about not doing utterly stupid things.

The first Bale goal was amazing. But they didn’t really do anything of note really. That said, neither did we. Our midfield was a bit flat and didn’t cause their defence any trouble. This was the issue without Ox or Lallana in the centre for us. Anyway, f*ck this.

And Ramos is a cheat. The way he held Salah’s arm and then trapped it plus the way he went to ground faking a head injury when Madrid were leading.

He’s actually the rung below the truly elite sportsperson. Federer, Woods and Messi don’t feel the need to play act to get their way. You can praise his “competitive spirit” but the truly competitive aren’t spineless cheats who use dishonest means to gain an inch. They work tirelessly to improve their actual ability and thus gain an inch.

It was so sad to lose.
Minty, LFC


…After a nightmare trying to book flights and a few last minute scares, this weekend has been quite a journey. Congratulations to Kiev on being a fantastic host and to Liverpool and Kiev airports for their unbelievable efficiency.

There are only three conclusions from last night:

1. Liverpool need a keeper. When Karius said he wanted to be like Neuer I didn’t expect him to repeat the quarter final trick.

2. Bale’s goal was outstanding. Unfortunately this means we’ll have to relive it endlessly.

3. Liverpool were by far the better team until Salah was the victim of the worst type of sculduggery by Ramos. Having now seen the replay the best description is assault.

Ramos’ cheating ruined the final as a contest and has deprived the World Cup of a potential star. Egypt must be in mourning today, and my heart goes out to Mo. He must be devastated.


Never has the excellence of a front three painted over the weakness of the rest of the team than Liverpool this season.

With all the talk about Salah, Firmino and Mane, rightly so too for their consistency, it was assumed that the rest of the team improved incrementally.

The flaws to Henderson’s game, that drew the ire of Liverpool fans a year earlier, were apparently eradicated. The goalkeeper issue was seemingly addressed.

The apparent attacking instincts of Marcelo was seen as a weakness. Madrid’s strength in depth wasn’t acknowledged.

Salah’s injury was 100% a foul that was missed but also 100% accidental, but will be used as the excuse.
Brian (Ronaldo as many CL medals as Liverpool now), Wexford


Karius catastrophe
It’s a few hours after the champions league final, and I’m still thinking about Karius. I can’t imagine what he is going through now. The pictures of him after the game are heartbreaking. and I wish Klopp and the Liverpool players had done more to comfort him.

Klopp’s a great man for the hugs and the support on the low key occasions but I felt a little disappointed with him at the end of the match.

Back in 2002 (16 years ago), Ireland lost on penalties to Spain and David Connelly missed one of the key kicks. As he walked back in tears to the rest of the team, Mick McCarthy lead a few players in grabbing him and giving him a hug. It was a kind, decent moment.

Team sports can bring the best out of us, but on the opposite side, they can leave people being mock and vilified for mistakes. It’s at that time a team needs to stick together, and not leave one of their own walking alone.


…It’s hard to talk of too much beyond Karius and his horror show? I think Frank Lampard had it spot on when he said you have to remember the human factor but that mistakes such as those have no place in a European Cup final. And Frank is absolutely right. I genuinely hope there is no mental hangover for Loris. I hope that whilst a scapegoat is often sought in these situations that none of the unacceptable nonsense Lovren recently had to endure on Twatter is repeated here. I hope that he can recover and go on to have a long and successful career and something good comes out of last night.

But I also sincerely hope that his career continues away from LFC. Simply because he’s not really all that good. It is entirely correct to recognise that United would be an upper-mid table team without ‘Dave Saves’ given the amount of points he wins for them with incredible saves at key moments or just simply earning them points that their eye-bleeding football scarcely deserves. But I am seriously racking my brains to think of too many games that Loris has kept us in or that he’s stood out in. There is no doubt he has improved somewhat but at no point do you see him being in the top3 ‘keepers in the league never mind in world football. Indeed you could make a good argument that not only do we have one of the least inspiring first-choice goalies in the league but our second-choice is equally as calamitous. Actually you could easily say no other team in the league has a worse number one and two…

I cannot be the only person who thinks that one of the worst things about last night (again whilst feeling genuinely sorry for the young German in nets) is that there is now a distinct possibilty that Der KloppMeister will stick Migs back in sticks for the season opener? For all his strengths this unceasing belief that you can simply coach players to improvement is a huge weakness. Moreno was warming up on the up on the touchline as Loris threw in the first and Migs was on the bench; that’s rather illustrative.

Loved every moment of the run to the final and was pleased to see how rubbish Ronaldo was on the night. Bale is going to have his choice of clubs and thinking of who needs him and can actually afford him how great would it be to see him rocking up at The Emirates…? It’d be Sol Campbell all over again!? What of it Spurs fans? Bale for Arsenal?

Gregory Whitehead, LFC


…Leverkusen just signed Lukas Hradeczky so Bernd Leno is available. Sign him!
Jan Oblak has a release clause. Sign him!
Gigi Buffon is out of contract. Sign him!
Manninger retired last year. Sign him!
Literally anyone, just sign someone!

Lloris Karius needs to be sold or just have his contract terminated. He cannot play for Liverpool anymore. Not even as a substitute. You just simply cannot come back after a performance like that. He needs a fresh start somewhere else.

I wonder what’s going through Mignolet’s head, once he gets over the disappointment.


…You will never walk alone…..unless you make 2 absolute howlers in the Champions League Final.


…Obviously I’m gutted. Bale’s goal deserved the trophy alone.

But, to Karius. Dude, this is your moment. Use it, prove that this matters. Work hard, keep going and prove everybody wrong.

Dicks are gonna send death threats to ramos and karius – but those people are cowards and i stand against all of them.

Well done Madrid. I hope Salah is OK. Kudos Bale. Chin up Karius.
Rob, London.


…Karius surely has the GK jersey in a new, updated Champions League final “Dregs XI”, has he not?

Poor bastard.
Lee, not a member of the Goalkeeper’s Union


…The Liverpool goalkeeper just had the worst night of his professional career. For a club that’s motto is “you’ll never walk alone” and every fan ending every sentence they’ve ever written with “YNWA”, I find it quite disgusting how long it took one of his team mates or a member of the coaching staff to console him.

As you’ll find in the coming weeks, the term “you’ll never walk alone” should have an * beside it. It certainly should be put to bed because it’s just a gimmicky slogan that has no meaning because the fans or the players will certainly make you walk alone if you f*ck up!


…Toughest job in the world. The amount of pressure Karius was under, and has been under this season, would have crippled the vast majority of players. He was decent, mistakes apart. For the first, He was doing what he has done all season, just didn’t see a bright white shirt in front of him, for the third he was psychologically broken. He has been pretty good all season, I couldn’t feel more sorry for him.

Regardless, the battle was won for Real when Salah went off and they had the run of midfield for the rest of the game. Karius may be the scapegoat, but Reals midfield were utterly dominant for most of the match. Liverpool needed someone like the Ox to come on and generate a Plan B to match the midfield once the pace had gone off injured.

Karius will get the blame and I hope for his sake he changes club, but Real were the better team overall. I think with Salah on, Liverpool would probably have won. But like when Lehman got sent off for us vs Barcelona, the biggest of matches can be ruined in an instant.
Rob A (would we moan if Modric had been taken out in the same way by Lovren?) AFC


…The fact that no Liverpool players went to Karius to console him after the final whistle was a shocking embarrassment. It’s not like the kid did it on purpose. Even Klopp didn’t go to him for many minutes after the whistle. I guess YNWA doesn’t apply to goalkeepers. Disgraceful.
Mike, Cayman WHU


…The first one is the one you call “unrealistic” when it happens in Football Manager, and curse the developers for making a “broken” game.

The second one is the one that makes you release your keeper on a free after the match in a fit of rage.

Karius did the double.
Winston, Connecticut, USA


…It’s 9.22pm on Saturday evening. Somewhere in Stoke Jack Butland just started looking at properties in the greater Merseyside area…
Pete, DRFC in exile, Suffolk


…My fiancè’s Swedish mother doesn’t follow football much but reviewed Karius’ performance in a wonderfully positive light: “He looks sweet, and everyone can have a bad day.”

I really feel for him, but one positive to take from the game is that we’ll have a new keeper next season.
Aidan, Lfc (I appreciate that must have been hilarious for everyone else)


The real specialist in failure?
With Wenger leaving and Klopp keeping up his fantastic record in finals – do we now have our new specialist in failure?
Bluey (CFC, London)


…In the last 10 years, Liverpool have won One League Cup. Same as Spurs, but obviously with a far greater transfer and wage spend (moreso than Arsenal too). So when do we get to ask “Yeh, but what have they won”?

Grumpy Dip


Taking the positives
Andrew Robertson’s tackle on Ronaldo is as perfect as you’ll ever see.

Trophies = 0
Cost of travel = outrageous
This squad, this season = priceless
Ian, LFC Hartford, CT USA


…Absolutely proud of the team. Not one player let me down. For all the people who want to jump and blame Karius for this result, I just want to say he had an awful night and it could have happened to anybody. But please have some compassion. He is a human being who will carry this forever. It cannot be easy for him but with some compassion maybe it will be one day.

It really hurts to lose that. But that happened to Mo Salah today hurts more. His world cup dream is probably in tatters and that is an absolute horrendous thing to happen. He has done incredible things this year on the pitch and brought about an incredible cultural sensitivity off it. I really hope and pray that Mo heals and makes the world cup. Not just because he plays for the club I support but because nobody deserves that.

To the fans all over the world, it was an incredible journey and hopefully we will have a chance to go through it again in the future and maybe go one better. Thank you Jurgen for bringing us back where we should be. For the first time in a really long time, I know my club is in the right hands.

Well done you reds. You made this fan supremely proud. Each and every one of you….
MV, India. (Get well soon Mo)


ZZ top
You don’t get to and win three CL titles in a row in your first three seasons as a senior team manager just by being lucky so after last night can we all just admit Zidane is a better manager than Guardiola?
William, Leicester


Real simple
It’s been said that the the simple things in life are what matter most: the air we breathe, Sunshine, Rainfall; and Real Madrid’s tactics.

Some quarters could argue that this Real Madrid team is one of the most expensive teams in the world, but watching them play yesterday, like they have always done under the stewardship of Zinedine Zidane, it’s immediately clear that there’s nothing fancy or “big-money-worthy” in the way they play.

This team does not employ complex tactics like the Guardiolas and Antonio Contes of this world. Going into the game, even the formation employed by Zidane looked a boring 4-4-2, that utilises Benzema and Ronaldo in a double attack, and Isco in an advanced attacking midfield role. Their Liverpool counterpart however chose the more modern 4-3-3 with an attacking trio of Mane, Firmino and Salah.

We can wail as much as we want on how the match would have turned out differently if Salah had remained on the pitch without an injury, but that would only be taking away from the brilliance of this Real Madrid team.

Real Madrid did the simple things perfectly: They retained possession nicely, and kept a compact defense. There was no risky solo run or any fancy flicks. And to be fair, Real didn’t really look in any serious danger all through the game.

Real may be the most opulently put together team in the world, but what made the difference yesterday were the basic things done with perfection.
And they have proved yet again that it’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.
Daniel, Nigeria.


16 more conclusions
1) Ramos is probably the dirtiest player in World football and his armbar and take down wouldn’t be out of character in MMA. Pepe used to run Ramos close but don’t know what he’s at anymore? Ramos deliberately targeting Mo Salah or not; how did the referee or assistant’s not give a free kick for such an obvious foul and takedown?

2) Ronaldo is past it! Yes the lesser 2.0 Ronaldo (Not the Brazilian superstar) had little impact or threat in the match.

3) Bale’s goal was worthy of any CL Final winning team.

4) Karius has just swung open the door for a new first choice goalkeeper at Liverpool next season. His gaff’s cost Liverpool dearly even though momentum had switched to Real Madrid after Ramos either injured Salah by accident/on purpose? Again is there a dirty player in World football?

5) Real Madrid are a better team with a stronger bench and attacking options FACT!

6) England are lucky Lallana didn’t make the squad as he’s not match fit or sharp and had little impact on the match.

7) Emre Can I will personally pack your bags for you to Juventus as you were a pedestrian when subbed on. Some may say that’s a little rough as he’s only back from injury like Lallana and I don’t agree!

8) Liverpool’s bench/squad options need to be on par with XI like Real Madrid’s to have a chance at this level. Injuries are part of the game and you need similar options and quality to replace substituted player’s. Liverpool do not have that in any position?

9) After Salah got injured Liverpool retreated from the top third of the pitch in front of Real Madrid’s goal. The high press was working at one stage and of course the speed and combined threat and movement of Mane, Salah and Firmino creates space. Real Madrid tried to take the energy and sting out of the high press and Liverpool retreated and Klopp looked like he was going to explode before half time over this?

10) Midfield general missing at Liverpool and Henderson will never be a Stevie G, Roy Keane or Patrick Vieira ever!

11) Lovren had a good game and didn’t go into headless chicken mode which was a refreshing change. Karius took on that role instead and made Lovren concentrate more to help Liverpool avoid an absolute hammering,

12) Haven’t got a clue about the opening ceremony with dancer’s and some sort of DJ/Artist. Is this cow plop the new norm? Only ever seen it work once Riverdance when Ireland hosted the vote for your nearest neighbour song contest. In fact Riverdance blew away the song competition that year and looked like the main event!

13) Four more to go and starting to have great respect for Daniel Storey or Matt Stead or whoever does this regularly on Why on any given week does it have to be 16 conclusions? What about 5/10 conclusions depending on the availability of conclusions? Anyhow, Robertson played well as did Van Dijk and Lovren in defense. TAA was caught out up the pitch a few times and didn’t have one of his better games. Did I mention Karius had a howler?

14) Both team’s got to play in their preferred home kit (can you sense I’m struggling now)?

15) Don’t recall Liverpool getting many decisions in their favour from the referee or assistants. That said Real Madrid are worthy Champions of Europe as they had a better team and more complete squad. I get the sense many people believe the Spanish Giants (Real Madrid and Barcelona) seem to get more than their fair share of decisions to their advantage?

16) I’m an optimist and a realist by nature and knew Liverpool were underdogs going into this match against Real Madrid. It would have taken the perfect performance and no injuries and so much more to have gone Liverpool’s way to succeed in the Final. Klopp has done a fantastic job getting an unfancied Liverpool to the CL Final against all expectation. Oxlade Chamberlin was a huge miss in midfield and I never thought I would say that. Do I feel without a cup Liverpool are progressing absolutely yes! Better player’s will come because of the manager and in time Henderson will be phased out and VVD will emerge as the new captain with better quality player’s around him. Guess Klopp must now realise one of them has to be a new number one as keeper? Also additional firepower on the bench is required to challenge and push the front three and cover injuries.
Dan LFC Closed brackets-Open brackets


… No doubt the mailbox tomorrow will have plenty of emails from delighted Utd and Spurs fans, among others, lining up to take shots at Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp and the Pool fans as is the mantra of the FIFA/Banter generation. Actual debate or conversation about football is long dead unfortunately but I’ll try provide something with a bit more substance than the bile you’ll get from them.

Liverpool were ok. We weren’t at our brilliant best, but we certainly weren’t poor. Up until Salah went off, we were good, the better side and looked far more likely to score. That injury rocked us, no doubt, as it would any side.

We’ve known all season we don’t really have too many options for the front 3. Lallana was pretty much anonymous, but has barely played all season, it wasn’t realistic to expect him to spark into life all of a sudden. Hopefully that lack of depth will be addressed this summer. Madrid were able to bring Bale off the bench, that says it all in terms of the gulf between the depth of the squads.

On the injury, Ramos is a vile human being. It might not have looked overly malicious on first glance, but he knew what he was doing there and he was ecstatic at the outcome. If he didn’t get salah there, he’d have tried to at another stage. Great player, no doubt, but an awful person, along with a lot of his diving, referee-hounding teammates

After that it was always going to be tough. On paper, Madrid are far superior to Liverpool, as they are to most sides. But the reds more than held their own. Madrid didn’t create too much, but of course, without Salah and the threat of pace on both flanks, neither did Liverpool.

Karius, that’s just inexcusable. The guy is probably in bits and I feel for him to an extent because he knows he has cost us the game, but that’s the nature of the position. You cannot make errors like that in any game, let alone a Champions League final. He has to be upgraded in the summer. Oblak would be amazing but that’s just a dream. There have been links to Allison but Butland appears to most likely. I’m not sure whether that’s a substantial upgrade.

Bale’s goal was incredible. My words won’t do it justice. But from a Liverpool point of view, for all the talk of us having a poor defence, we basically threw two in and conceded a once in a career goal. Madrid really did not create that much. You don’t mind losing to a goal like that; the problem is, it was our own mistakes that decided things.

I’ve been quite critical of Lovren in the past but he was superb. VVD was also excellent but I’ve already become so accustomed to that from him that it doesn’t feel like it needs to be said. The young fullbacks both coped very well too and weren’t phased by the occasion.

Overall I think it just didn’t fall Liverpool’s way tonight. Salah’s injury was bad luck, Karius had a ‘mare and Madrid always have that individual genius that can win a game from nothing. The players can be proud, they gave it their all.

There’s been so much garbage in the mailbox recently about what constitutes a good season. I have looked forward to every game this season and more often than not have watched thrilling football. Sure, the record books will show Madrid won a third European cup in a row but does that mean we should just forget those amazing games against City and Roma? I couldn’t forget them if I tried lads.

The last point is a defence of the manager, which, if it wasn’t for the rise of social media and death of impartiality in coverage by journalists, would absolutely not be necessary. It actually feels ridiculous to have to say this. So much will be made of Klopp’s finals record by repugnant neaderthals like Duncan castles, but how many of those finals was he expected to win? He was undeniably the underdog against Bayern and against City and Madrid with Pool. He took Brendan Rodgers’ squad to a final against a strong Sevilla. It’s possible we were favourites with the bookies for that (can’t remember off the top of my head) but we really were not a better side than them at the time. If you think he gets his tactics wrong for finals you are an idiot, because that means you think a manager whose side have had great success playing a certain way should drastically alter things simply because it’s a final. He is an incredible manager and I’m convinced he will have Liverpool challenging for titles in the next couple of seasons.

I’m obviously disappointed, but what a ride we got from this group of players and this magnificent manager. Here’s to more, sooner rather than later.
Shane, LFC, Ireland


All Saints
Watching the Champions League Cup final tonight there were five ex Southampton players (it could have been six if the Ox was fit!).

That’s impressive. Why not invest in Southampton and make them a force rather than a feeder club ?
Chris, Croydon


Welcome back, Fulham
I think the victory of Fulham over Aston Villa in the Championship play-off final has two much wider-ranging implications. Firstly, last season has shown that teams playing good football can survive in the Premier League whatever the apparent strength of their squads. Secondly, an experienced British manager who knew football when passing accuracy and speed (and tactical nous and.………) weren’t that important has failed.

Calls for more British managers in the EPL are understandable but it must be clear that the time of the old guard has gone, so how can new talent be identified? Probably, it will be down to foreign teams like Ostersund to identify it or someone will have to take a chance on successful academy managers or managerial assistants. That also means double jeopardy for Cardiff City next season.
Ian (CFC) Hugo


…Guess John Terry can go ahead and sign that contract now.
SC, Belfast

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