Full 590-word transcript as Carra and Keane argue after Liverpool win

Date published: Monday 20th January 2020 9:11

Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane clashed on Sky Sports on Sunday in the aftermath of Liverpool’s 2-0 victory over Manchester United.

Jurgen Klopp’s men dominated the Red Devils as goals from Virgil van Dijk and Mohamed Salah put the match to bed.

Man Utd are sitting fifth in the Premier League table on the same points as sixth-placed Wolves and trailing Chelsea – who occupy fourth position – by five points.

Following the match, Carragher questioned whether other big clubs around Europe would tolerate the results that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was getting at United.

To which Keane launched a defence of his former team-mate, backing him to get it right at Old Trafford eventually.

Enjoy the full 590-word transcript here (via the Daily Express)…

Keane: “We talk about Pep Guardiola, what did he do in his first season at Manchester City, the messiah?”

Carragher: “He finished in the Champions League.”

Keane: “That’s good enough for the best manager in the world?”

Carragher: “It was his first season, then he bought the full-backs.”

Keane: “Even he had to go to City and say, I need four full-backs.”


Carragher: “Who spent the most money in the summer?”

Keane: “I’ll have a guess, Manchester United?”

Carragher: “Yep.”

Keane: “I’ll make the point, the recruitment wasn’t up to it. That can’t be down to Ole, who’s bringing in the players? Your guess is as good as mine.

“Who was bringing in the players when David Moyes was there? Who was bringing in the players when Van Gaal was there?

“I don’t know the structure of the club but that’s not working. Recruitment can always be hit and miss but they’re getting far too many wrong.”

Carragher: “When you’re talking about Man United…”

Keane: “The season hasn’t finished yet. Give them the benefit of the doubt, fourth place is still available and they could win the FA Cup!”

Carragher: “Manchester United are one of the biggest clubs in the world, would Bayern Munich or Real Madrid put up with what’s going on at United now?”

Keane: “We’re all sitting here saying praising Liverpool, but if they’re the answers, what were Liverpool for the last 30 years?

“Who was making the decisions here then? They’ve had some brilliant players, it didn’t happen. They were chopping and changing coaches but now Jurgen Klopp is here.


“It takes a year or two, I came to watch Liverpool are a year or two ago, honestly they were shocking to watch. They were beaten by Wolves in the FA Cup.

“I was thinking Klopp, he’s got a big job on his hands, they’ve got it right with the right recruitment and support.

“To suggest that Liverpool have all the answers and United are amateurs is completely wrong.”

Keane: “What about the previous managers, are you saying they are all bad managers?

Carragher: “Manchester United, do you think they’ve done good jobs? You slaughtered Mourinho when he was in the job.”

Keane: “He needed more time.”

Carragher: “He needed more time? You think he need more time?”

Keane: “Absolutely, that’s the name of the game. To question Ole and says he’s not up to it, for some reason other managers go to other clubs and are given the benefit of the doubt.”

Carragher: “Their CV probably gives them the benefit of the doubt.”

Keane: “Frank Lampard is at Chelsea and I saw them last night…”


Carragher: “He’s been in the job six months.”

Keane: “And I’d say the same thing, give him time. Give Ole time, how long has Ole been in the job?”

Carragher: “What is it, 18 months?”

Keane: “Has it been that long? 18 months? Can we find out how long he’s been in the job?”

“16 months? Give the man a chance. Chelsea last night, decent team, couldn’t get the job done. Lampard has lost eight games, but he has all the answers for Chelsea? He hasn’t but give the man time.

“Ole and all this carry on, give him the time. And previous managers before Ole, are you telling me that they didn’t know what the game was about Jamie?”

Carragher: “Tell me what the problem is!”

Keane: “David Moyes was given a six-year contract, Sir Alex Ferguson on the pitch saying get behind the manager, back him, give him a bit more time, not eight months and I wouldn’t have sacked him on Twitter.”

Carragher: “Okay well how long would you give Ole?”

Keane: “Certainly another year.”


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