Full 655-word transcript as Custis and O’Hara clash over Man Utd strikers

Joe Williams
Anthony Martial Man Utd

Jamie O’Hara and Neil Custis embarked on a lengthy discussion on Tuesday morning about Anthony Martial and who could potentially replace the Frenchman as the new Man Utd number nine.

Martial has been in excellent form after lockdown for Man Utd, and has now scored 71 goals in 222 appearances for the club, following his move from Monaco in 2015.

The 24-year-old has been trusted to lead the line under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after the departure of Romelu Lukaku, and has notched 20 goals in a season for the first time in his career, with 23 this term in total.

In this particular argument, Custis is pro-Martial, while former Tottenham midfielder O’Hara isn’t exactly anti-Martial but doubts the Frenchman can bring the glory days back to Old Trafford. Danny Ings can, though…

Read the full transcript from their chat on talkSPORT below…


O’Hara: Do you think they’re happy with what Martial gives to the team? Because for me I think they need someone like a, I hate saying it, but a Harry Kane.

Custis: Yeah I know but how many Harry Kane’s are out there?

O’Hara: Well they had [Romelu] Lukaku and they got rid of him.

Custis: Well yeah I know, but because in his second season he wasn’t very good. If you’re basing that decision just on last night against Shakhtar Donetsk then I think that’s unfair on Solskjaer.

O’Hara: Well not the fact that he scored 33 goals in 50 games.

Custis: For?

O’Hara: For Inter Milan this season.

Custis: Yeah.

O’Hara: I just think if you’re looking at Manchester United what do they need? What do they really need right now? I look at it and I think they need a number nine. Martial for me isn’t going to take them back to the top. I like him, I think he’s brilliant but I just don’t think he’s going to be that world-class striker that they’ve had in the past, where they dominate.

Custis: So he’s brilliant but he’s not good enough?

O’Hara: He’s not good enough to take them back to the top.

Custis: Well I think that front three is excellent and I think that if you…

O’Hara: They won’t win the Premier League with that front three.

Custis: Well, alright then, OK. So if you think you can see into the future that’s fine, I don’t know why you’re asking me. I’m telling you that front three is excellent. You can’t just make snap judgements based on one game, they’ve lost a game to Sevilla. Before that…

O’Hara: They’ve lost three semi-finals…

Custis: Yeah, and they’ve got to three semi-finals…

O’Hara: But they’ve lost them! That’s the difference between them being the top and a semi-final team. That’s what I’m saying, I’m not saying they are not a good team, I’m not saying they’re not really good players, I’m just saying they are a semi-final team. They are not winners.

If they had Sancho and another number nine, a proper number nine, then I think yeah…

*O’Hara speaks over Custis*

O’Hara: And I agree they need another centre-half…

Custis: But you are saying a proper number nine, you know, it’s like you can just snap your fingers and get one.

*O’Hara speaks over Custis*

O’Hara: I’m not saying it’s going to be easy to get one, that’s why I just don’t see, can’t see them winning the league. That’s why I’m saying I just don’t think Martial is that. I just don’t think he is.

Custis: So name me the number nine they could realistically get.

O’Hara: [Raul] Jimenez, Harry Kane, [Edinson] Cavani, Danny Ings…

Custis: How could they realistically get Harry Kane?

O’Hara: What do you mean?

Custis: Do you just think Tottenham are going to sell Harry Kane to Man Utd?

O’Hara: Where there will come a time when they are going to have to, they’re going to have to. If they don’t win a trophy, because it’s Manchester United, they’re the biggest club in the world.

Custis: And you are saying Danny Ings is better than Anthony Martial?

O’Hara: I think, I think Danny Ings could definitely have, you know, he had a fantastic season at Southampton. For me, Jimenez from Wolves, I think he’s matched…

Custis: At Southampton? At Southampton?

O’Hara: Yeah. But he had a brilliant season and he had a bad injury at Liverpool but I think he could be someone…listen, I think he’s definitely someone. But I think if they could get Jimenez or Cavani…

Custis: They’re not better than Martial, they’re not better than, erm, and certainly..

O’Hara: They’re different players, that’s what I’m saying. I’m not saying Martial isn’t a brilliant player. They’re different players and my problem is that I don’t believe that Martial is a man that leads a front-line…to a title. I’m not saying he’s not a really good player. And don’t think I’m saying he’s a bad player, I just don’t think he is the guy that takes Man Utd to the Premier League.

Custis: Oh right, OK.