‘Future Reds boss’ Carra jokily lines up Suarez deal

Matt Stead

Luis Suarez has discussed a potential return to Liverpool, adding that he would never join another Premier League club.

Suarez left Liverpool in summer 2014 to move to Barcelona, and the 29-year-old recently discussed how he misses the atmosphere and the fans at Anfield.

Speaking to former team-mate Jamie Carragher for the Daily Mail, Suarez repeated that he misses football in England, and could return one day.

When asked whether he misses the Premier League, Suarez replied: “Yes, yes. A lot of things, really.

The atmosphere at the games. In the Premier League you never really know what is going to happen. There is very little between the teams. Here, three or four teams aside, there is a difference with the smaller teams. I don’t mean this to sound disrespectful but there are some games where you look at the press and they are asking: ‘Let’s see how many goals Barcelona are going to score today?’ In the Premier League, you never know what is going to happen and that is something I miss.

“And the atmosphere inside the stadiums, for all that it was often criticism of me. The support of the people in Anfield was incredible… Sometimes I’d go to Anfield and think: ‘Uff! There’s a game today’. You might not be in the best mood or be up for the match – but then I remember we’d go out to warm up and it would totally change my mentality. I’d be thinking to myself: ‘I have got to score two or three today.’ The way the people transmitted that to the players was incredible.

“I’d prefer to stay here for many more years. I know it doesn’t always turn out that way. But if I had to return to the Premier League, I would only go to Liverpool. I wouldn’t go to another team. It wouldn’t be a move for money. I’d also love to play again for Ajax as they allowed me to develop as a player in Europe.”

Suarez and Carragher then shared a joke about the Uruguayan returning when former defender Carragher becomes manager.

“So you can become my first signing if I become Liverpool manager then?” asked Carragher, to which Suarez replied: “When are you going to become the manager?” Carragher responded with:When are you going to be ready to come back?”

“Shall we say three years?” was Suarez’s reply, before Carragher added: “I’ll start doing my badges now then!”