Gary Lineker hits out at ‘scared’ journalist in Harry Kane ‘pot stirring’ after England ‘sh*t’ claim

Will Ford
Lineker Kane
Gary Lineker has responded to Harry Kane's response.

Gary Lineker has hit out a “scared” journalist for “stirring the pot” after Harry Kane was asked to respond to the BBC presenter’s claim that England were ‘sh*t’ in the draw with Denmark.

Lineker had earlier claimed that Kane himself “has to do better” and the Three Lions captain responded – having been asked about the comment in a press conference – by claiming the pundits should “remember what it’s like to wear the shirt”, adding that they “didn’t win anything” in their time representing England.

‘Too scared to ask a question themselves’

Speaking on his Rest is Football podcast on Monday, Lineker claimed journalists were “stirring the pot” while fellow pundit Alan Shearer said England’s best response would be on the pitch.

“We’ve been critical of England’s performances, as has pretty much every journalist, but you know how it happens,” said Lineker.

“We’ve talked about this a few times before, about journalists not being brave enough to ask their own questions.

“I guarantee whoever that was was probably critical themselves. They do it a) to stir the pot and b) because they’re too scared to ask a question from their own selves.

“It puts Harry on the spot. I thought he answered it fine.

“There was one bit there where he says that we have responsibilities as ex-England players, that we should know better and that we never won anything or words to that effect.

“Fine, he’s absolutely right. But I will say one thing. The last thing in the world we want to be is downbeat and critical. We want the England team to perform well on the pitch. The best punditry of all is when England play well.”

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‘They were awful’

Shearer added: “It’s important we never get personal. That’s the most important thing.

“They were terrible and we have to say that. If England were brilliant we’d say they were brilliant, that’s the way it is.

“As a player you always get the right of reply on the pitch. I have no problem what we said, I wouldn’t take anything back we said.

“England were really poor. I think the vast majority of the country, and even the boys in the squad, will know they were awful against Denmark. There were hardly any positives.”