Gary Neville does a swift u-turn on future

Gary Neville DOES want to be in football management after all – days after saying he did not see his future in coaching.

Valencia boss Neville told Sky Sports at the weekend that he did not want to be a football manager in the long term, saying: “I’m not going to say where I want to end up, and it isn’t in management or head coaching, so I want to be clear about that.”

But after a 2-2 draw with Real Madrid, Neville did a u-turn, insisting: “I was talking about 15 to 20 years’ time when I talked about [quitting] management. I absolutely hope I’m here beyond six months but I need to prove myself.”

In 20 years’ time, Neville will be 60 years old; that’s not quitting management, that’s retirement.

Neville is yet to taste La Liga victory as Valencia coach but he could take heart from a draw with Madrid, saying: “That was a small step tonight. This wasn’t me proving myself but it was a small step and some of the things I saw tonight were of a really high level.”