Gary Neville says Ed Woodward is not the problem at Man Utd

Will Ford
Ed Woodward Man Utd

Gary Neville claims “highly competent” Ed Woodward is not the problem at Manchester United, but has urged the chief executive to “put in place a football structure”.

United – and Woodward by proxy – have been criticised for their lack of transfer activity this summer, with the pressure increasing following their embarrassing 6-1 defeat to Tottenham on Sunday.

But Neville believes his former club should retain Woodward.

“The reason why the light shines on Ed Woodward… it doesn’t need to shine on Ed Woodward,” Neville told the Manchester Evening News. “He has proven himself over a period of 10-15 years to be a highly competent individual running this club from a business perspective.

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“The club is operationally profitable, commercial revenue is off the scale, even the ticket prices have stood still, which maybe doesn’t get a lot of publicity, but it has done for a number of years.

“But why not put in place a football structure, an individual at the club who is the best in the world with sporting expertise to make sure Manchester United are ahead of the game. Ahead of the game with signing players, dealing with agents, these are really difficult things to do at all levels.

“It’s not easy to do these things, so I’m not sitting here saying it’s an easy job that he’s got – it’s not.”