Neville makes Liverpool U-turn in mid-season predictions

Joe Williams
Gary Neville talks about Liverpool

Gary Neville now accepts Liverpool will finish above Manchester United after predicting his former club would pip the Reds to third place.

Neville and Jamie Carragher were on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football show yesterday for United’s 1-1 draw with Newcastle.

After reviewing Newcastle and Man Utd’s performances, their attention turned to revisiting their pre-season predictions they made back in August.

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Neville initially predicted that Manchester City would win the Premier League with Chelsea and United coming second and third, while Liverpool would grab the final Champions League spot.

However, having watched Liverpool only lose one game all season, Neville reckons the Merseysiders will now finish above Man Utd, who are having a terrible season so far.

“The top one I am all right with (backing Manchester City to win the PL title),” Neville said on Sky Sports.

“The second one (Chelsea), I think Liverpool, you can swap them with Manchester United. That will be wrong.”

Before Liverpool won the Premier League title back in 2020, Neville predicted that the Red Devils would win the title before Jurgen Klopp’s men, despite their contrasting fortunes.

Klopp’s side had just won the Champions League and finished second to Manchester City in 2019 but Neville said: “Liverpool, City, Tottenham – all these clubs have had poor recruitment policies over the last 25-30 years at times, so United are going through one at the moment.

“Eventually they’ll stumble across the right recruitment system, the right recruitment people. We’ll get a great manager – hopefully that’s Ole – and they’ll start to win again.

“That’s going to happen, I can guarantee you as clear as day Manchester United will win again, they’ll win again no problem. They’ll win a league – probably win the league before Liverpool in my opinion, I’m not being disrespectful.”

Neville added: “They’re closer than you think and they’re not as bad as you think, that’s always the way it is. With Liverpool, Salah’s going to leave in the next 12 months – I can see it already.

He (Carragher) knows – he won’t say it – but Salah will leave, I can absolutely guarantee it because he will. I can feel it, you can smell it, it’s there.”