Gary Neville told a Man Utd star to f*** off before being kicked into a ‘backflip’

Will Ford
Gary Neville and Cristiano Ronaldo speaking with Sir Alex Ferguson

Patrice Evra has revealed that he kicked Gary Neville into a ‘backflip’ in Manchester United training after the right-back told him to ‘f*** off’.

Evra was part of a formidable back four at United alongside Neville, Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic as he claimed five Premier League titles, three League Cups and the Champions League in his eight-year spell at Old Trafford.

But things weren’t always rosy according to Evra, who sounds rather like a child in a playground hopped up on sugar, or the IT guy talking about Supercarts with Gareth in ‘The Office’ as he recalled a time he “almost killed” Neville in training.

“I nearly killed Gary Neville, I’ll be honest with you,” Evra divulged on his self-named YouTube channel. “Sir Alex Ferguson stopped the training about that.”

He continued: “So I remember, I get the ball. Then Gary Neville comes and he tackled me. He got the ball but he got a little bit of me so I was on the floor. And I looked at him and he was standing there.

“And I said ‘Gary, you won’t say sorry?’ He looked at me and said ‘f*** off’. When he said that, that’s what brought me back to the streets, the hood. I was like ‘ahhhh fine’. I just stood up. I cleaned my shin. I said ‘game on’.

“The ball arrived to his chest. I go and run and I put my two legs into his chest. He jumped also, so I put my two legs into his chest. He did a backflip.”

… then I landed on my wheels, pulled over and said what were you worried about.

Seemingly keen on the killing angle, Evra revealed last week that he left a meeting with Sir Alex Ferguson ahead of his transfer to United thinking the legendary manager wished him harm.

“I feel like it was an interview from the FBI. And when I shook his hand – everything I say I was like, ‘I’m ready – if I let him down this man is going to kill me’, so it was really impressive,” Evra said.

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