Gary Neville slams ‘vanilla PR guff’ from the ‘selfish arrogant pr*cks’ at Leeds

Will Ford
Man Utd legend Gary Neville looks annoyed

Gary Neville has described Leeds’ apology for the players snubbing their fans over the weekend as ‘vanilla PR guff’.

A clip of the players walking past supporters, including children, without acknowledging them in the lobby of the team hotel ahead of their 4-1 defeat to Bournemouth went viral on social media, prompting Leeds to release a statement of remorse.

Piers Morgan branded the Leeds players ‘selfish arrogant pr*cks’ while Simon Jordan said they ‘should be ashamed of themselves’.

And Neville insists the players would be better served ‘speaking from the heart’ rather than releasing soulless statements.

He tweeted: ‘This isn’t a message to Leeds players it’s to all players/teams apologising. No-one is falling for sanitised/vanilla PR guff anymore. Speak from the heart and better on video so fans can see your faces.’

The players’ statement to fans read: ‘As the first team squad at Leeds United, we wanted to reach out to the fan base regarding yesterday’s game and subsequent posts on social media.

‘Firstly, the performance was not good enough. There is no other way to look at it and the only way to respond is on the pitch. Leeds fans travel up and down the country in huge numbers and deserve more than this.

‘What is just as concerning to us as a group, is the video online of us leaving the hotel. Words can’t express how sorry we are that the youngster in the video wearing the Leeds kit is not shown more love from the squad.

‘On a matchday we do an activation walk, before and after this we stop for photos and autographs to ensure we interact with fans, but also that we are on time when leaving for games. However, there is no excuse for not acknowledging fans and if the parents of the fan wearing the Leeds kit in the video could make themselves known to us, we would be grateful.

‘We do not believe that this fight is over and we will keep going until the last ball is kicked this season. Thank you again for your support.’

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