‘Give us time!’ – Cech confronts Chelsea protesters

Date published: Tuesday 20th April 2021 7:03 - Lewis Oldham

Chelsea F365

Petr Cech has confronted Chelsea supporters who have been protesting outside Stamford Bridge over the European Super League proposals.

Chelsea host Brighton in the Premier League on Tuesday evening. Ahead of that game, hundreds of Blues fans gathered outside Stamford Bridge to protest against the controversial Super League plans.

With the Chelsea team coach unable to enter the ground, Cech took it upon himself to plea with supporters to let the team enter the stadium.

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The club legend could be heard saying “I know, give us time” as he tried to reason with the supporters.

BBC Sport are reporting that Chelsea are ‘preparing documentation’ to withdraw from the Super League.

Amid these new revelations, BBC Sport News Correspondent Laura Scott said:

“It is difficult to know if the news has broken through here at Stamford Bridge yet. The fans have been cordoned off into a specific part of the ground to allow the team coaches in.

“It is dramatic news – it is a major development. An hour ago sources within Chelsea were claiming they were determined to join the ESL. It is a significant development.

“The Chelsea fans are here because they want their voices to be heard and they wanted the clubs hierarchy to notice them and notice how much they opposed these plans.

“The hierarchy couldn’t have failed to notice it. The police here have estimated around 1,000 fans, but it is difficult to know if Chelsea have reacted to this, or the Premier League or the government.”

Former Chelsea winger and current BBC pundit Pat Nevin predicted that once one team withdrew, the others will follow:

“If you suppose to put up a brick wall and show everybody this solidarity… it needs one brick to fall. If that one brick’s fallen tonight and it’s Chelsea, it’s gone.

“I actually think it’s completely gone and it’s dead in the water, and we can get back to something approaching normality and arguing what the Champions League’s going to look like next season. It is that big, one club coming out of it.”

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