Gordon ‘hurt’ by Everton departure response after he was a ‘massive part in keeping the club up’

Ciaran McCarthy
Anthony Gordon, Newcastle United, February 2023

Anthony Gordon has admitted he was “hurt” by the response to his Everton departure from the club and fans, as he feels he “was a massive part in keeping the club up” and was not shown “any credit”.

Last summer, Gordon was a highly sought after asset. Indeed, the Toffees rejected two bids from Chelsea for the forward, the latter reportedly worth around £60million.

That followed the club narrowly escaping relegation from the Premier League, as they finished 16th – four points clear of 18th-placed Burnley.

Gordon had properly broken into the first team that season and he was directly involved in six goals in 35 games. That the Toffees rejected Chelsea’s advances seemed to be their way of showing Gordon would be a crucial asset for them for years to come.

However, in January, they accepted a £45million bid from Newcastle United and he headed to St James’ Park. Gordon wasn’t met with a great response amid the sale, and at the time said it had been a “tough week” for him.

He has followed up his comments at the time of his transfer recently, admitting how hard it was given the role Everton has played in his life.

“My whole life has been at Everton. I grew up in Everton, I wasn’t going out with friends and stuff when I was young,” he told Sky Sports.

“I was always in Everton, so it was a massive place in my heart and in my life, which I’ll never forgot. From afar I’ll always be rooting for them, I’ll always wishing them the best.”

He also went into more detail about the difficult period when it became clear he was leaving.

“I think it is really difficult. Once things like that happen it’s hard to recover from, especially because I’m from there. I grew up on those streets,” he added.

On top of that, he admitted how hurt he was about the lack of acknowledgement he got for his achievements when he was leaving, such as his role in keeping the club in the Premier League last term.

“Yeah, it did. It hurt me a bit, I’m not going to lie to you,” he said.

“I thought, I’m a 22-year-old lad, I’m not going to handle every situation perfectly, but as a club with thousands of people working for them, I think the effort I gave them last year, I was a massive part in keeping the club up.

“I won Players’ Player of the Year, Manager’s Player of the Year.

“For them to not really show me any credit or thank me a little bit, it hurt me a bit, yeah.”

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