Souness warns Man Utd ‘will have trousers taken down’ over Sancho

Date published: Monday 20th April 2020 9:46

Man Utd have ‘agreed almost every detail of a move to Old Trafford' as they look to bring Sancho back to Manchester.

Jadon Sancho Man Utd

Graeme Souness thinks Man Utd will have their “trousers taken down” over the latest reports linking the club with Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho.

A report on Monday in The Sun claims that Manchester United have ‘agreed almost every detail of a move to Old Trafford – down to the small print’ as they look to bring Sancho back to the Premier League.

The result of ‘months of secret talks’ is that his contract length, wage, bonuses and even ‘a huge buyout clause’ have been agreed and now it’s just down to agreeing a fee with Dortmund.

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However, Souness doubts any club would do business this way and that Man Utd will have their “trousers taken down” when they come to negotiating a fee with Dortmund.

Souness said on Sky Sports: “I don’t see it, unless the whole world has changed. I think you get into personal terms, length of contract, buy-outs and clauses until the two clubs have decided on a fee.

“I mean the first thing is that the two clubs come to an agreement, the rest comes second, so I’m not sure that can be correct.

“If you’re Man United and you are doing that, without a deal done with Dortmund, you will have your trousers taken down when you get round a table with Dortmund.

“Because they know the strength of your offer, they know you are very much up for it, so you’re taking away any negotiating power if you go down that road.

“You could do it behind everyone’s back but the facts are in the public domain and the fact that ‘someone from Dortmund’ is saying that the player spoke to someone from Man United. I don’t see that being a goer personally.

“The transfer may happen but I don’t see it happening in that chronological way. I think there has to be two clubs to two clubs and then you get down to the nitty gritty.”


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