Souness hits out at plans for ‘no-look tackling’ as ‘tosh’

Date published: Wednesday 13th May 2020 10:21

Graeme Souness Liverpool

Graeme Souness has slammed reported plans for footballers to face away from each other during tackles if the Premier League returns as “the daftest thing”.

A report in the Daily Telegraph claimed yesterday that one concern that the Premier League still has is the proximity of players on the pitch if competition returns.

And there’s apparently a suggestion to ask players to turn away from opponents in certain instances, such as tackling, to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

OPINION: ‘No-look tackling’? No advice at all would be more absurd…

“That has been written by someone who has never played the game,” Souness told Sky Sports.

“They’re saying make your tackle and turn away? What if the ball is at your feet? That is the daftest thing I have heard in this getting back to football.

“You’re getting players focused on the next 5-10 seconds in front of you, you haven’t got time to think about anything else.

“I’m thinking at corner kicks and free kicks, you have to look at the man, you need to look at some of the man and some of the kicker – that won’t change.

“The strikers will be ducking and diving, trying to get on the blindside of people, they won’t be thinking about anything else. Whoever has come out with that tosh, isn’t worth thinking about.”


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