Guendouzi ‘did not impress’ in meeting so trains alone

Guendouzi Maupay Arsenal Liverpool

Matteo Guendouzi ‘didn’t impress’ in a meeting with Mikel Arteta and Edu after his clash with Brighton striker Neal Maupay and has been training away from other Arsenal players for over two weeks.

The French midfielder has been training alone with a fitness coach since that meeting, with Arteta ‘understood to be disappointed that the player has not taken the initiative to apologise or shown a willingness to change’, according to The Athletic.

This is the latest in a series of discipline problems for Guendouzi at the club; his behaviour on a warm-weather trip to Dubai resulted in a short internal suspension.

He was always given more credit than he deserved simply for running around a lot and waving his arms around.

It is thought that Arteta is open to selling the Frenchman this summer as he needs to operate on a budget, particularly if he wants to sign Dani Ceballos from Real Madrid.

Arteta was asked about Guendouzi and whether his behaviour had changed on Monday ahead of Arsenal’s clash with Leicester and he gave the question short shrift, saying: “I don’t know, the reality is it hasn’t so we are still where we are.”