Hargreaves blasts Chelsea and PL over loan system

Joe Williams

Former Manchester United midfielder Owen Hargreaves has called on the Premier League to look at the rules surrounding the number of players that clubs can loan out.

Hargreaves specifically mentioned Chelsea who, according to their website, have 34 players on their books out playing football for other clubs.

The Blues are known for having a lot of younger players out on loan but they very rarely make the cut and play for their first-team.

And Hargreaves wants something to be done by the Premier League to limit the number of players allowed to have loan contracts at other clubs.

“They shouldn’t be allowed to have 35 players on loan – the Premier League shouldn’t allow it,” Hargreaves told BT Sport.

“Those players should be at small teams that need quality offensive players, they should play there full time.

“I know they get say £20,000-a-week [at Chelsea] some of these young kids, but it is not beneficial for their career.

“How many of those kids do you never really hear from? Marko van Ginkel, how many times has he been on loan? He’s been there for about five years and he’s been on loan about four.

“They shouldn’t be able to accumulate that many players and have them on loan, I just don’t agree with it, I think the Premier League should find a way to affect that, I don’t think it is right.”