Harry Kane called a ‘savage and a scumbag’ as one Arsenal man ‘disappeared’

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Harry Kane clashes with Gabriel
Harry Kane clashes with Gabriel

Bukayo Saka is called a ‘cheat’ but what about Harry Kane? He’s a ‘scumbag’ and a ‘cheat’ according to the Mailbox, which also asks about the whereabouts one missing Arsenal man.

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Harry Kane is a cad
Watched the Arsenal v Bayern game last night. I’m still fuming. We can argue about whether Saka cheated or was brought down by an experienced goalkeeper. We can debate all day as to whether Bayern should have had a penalty when Gabriel picked the ball up (although my own view is you do see the ref blow up twice).

What we cannot deny is that Harry Kane for all his brilliant goal scoring exploits is a disgrace of a player. his looking back before clearly aggressively elbowing Gabriel in the throat (if it was his face it may have knocked him out).

The blatant shove of Gabriel while playing for sperz that sent him into the hoardings.

The tackle on the Liverpool player (was it Robertson) on the halfway line.

The rolling of players when they go to jump for a ball. Just the standing there and then that step back.

That isn’t “dark arts”, that is a player deliberately going out to do someone!… I don’t give a monkeys about England while that cretin is in the squad. The bloke is a savage and a scumbag. Hopefully he will get his comeuppance in the near future and suffers an injury that means he misses the euros!


Harry Kane should have gone and more Arsenal conclusions
I went to the game on Tuesday night and thought overall Arsenal bottled it slightly. Bayern were good and showed experience but far from a great side. Stupid mistakes/naivety cost us.

Arsenal showed character to get it back to 2-2.

A few other thoughts:

– Harry is a lucky boy to be on the pitch. If that is then it’s a red. Having not had him in the prem I remember why I find him so frustrating to watch – for an incredibly talented player he spends an awful lot of time trying to win free kicks and falling over.

– unsure on a rules point of view re Gabriel pen. Once the whistle goes can teams move the ball to take a goal kick from where they want or is it for the ref to determine? Either way lucky boy

– For me the Saka one is a pen. Yes he played for it but there is no rule against that. Neuer made a big stride and was moving at the point of contact. It’s a pen. If that’s Messi under Pep at the Camp Nou it’s a 100% a penalty.

– Calling Saka a cheat in the mailbox is a bit idiotic IMHO. Players play for fouls all the time and is part of the game. As above Kane constantly does it – is he a cheat?

Love being back in the CL. Typical European night. Allianz will be a stretch but we go with hope

Ps City scored some belters. Cut above – I think they will win PL.

Dave Gooner (Amersham)

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What about that Gabriel handball?
To MAW. Thanks for the explanation. Now do the Gabriel handball.

PS Was there wasn’t a single mention of this in this morning’s mailbox? Kinda weird. Wha’ts more stonewall than stonewall?
Derek. Dublin

…I must admit I did enjoy MAW’s lengthy ‘justification’ why Saka deserved a penalty v Bayern, although I’m gutted because I must have missed his rationale as to why the referee was correct not to award a penalty for Gabriel’s absolute brain-fart.

Had that happened during any other match, can you imagine the narratives we’d be wading through afterwards? Either it was a foul or it wasn’t. To say you’re not going to award a stonewall pen because the mistake leading to it was so stupid it beggars belief, strikes me as being at best favouritism, at worst, wanton corruption.


Oh to be the Mailbox compiler…
I’m lucky enough to enjoy my job but sometimes you still get jealous of others, and this morning I found myself envying whoever selects the mails for mailbox at f365.

Obviously you needed a mail from both sides of the Saka penalty incident. The first was easy – ‘hey guys, I’ve got a Spurs fans calling it an embarrassing bit of cheating’ – but selecting the case for the defence must have been hard. Until you found Matt from LA.

Matt’s tortuous defence is dissertation length but ultimately boils down to two things 1) we can’t see inside Bukayo Saka’s mind and 2) Saka can’t predict the future. The fact that if you allowed these defences you could use them for absolutely anything doesn’t put Matt off – what’s to stop a defender who commits a handball from saying they didn’t intend to handball it and they didn’t know the mean attacker was going to kick the ball at his hand – but even if we allowed them his justification is both hilarious and ridiculous.

Unless Manuel Neuer can teleport himself instantly the idea that Saka was flicking his leg out to hurdle over a potentially prone Neuer is just laughable – Neuer wasn’t on the floor and Saka knew he wasn’t and couldn’t possible be that when he chose to move his right leg in a completely unnatural way. The stupid thing is if he just rounds the keeper he can score, so it was all totally unnecessary. Let’s call it what it was – an embarrassing bit of cheating. And yes, I’m a Spurs fan, but I also have eyes.
Phil, London


…Well that was a very long email from MAW, LA Gooner in defence of Saka and the non-penalty.

I would counter that by saying it wasn’t a penalty, the referee got it spot on, and he should have gone round the keeper and scored. And he was lucky it wasn’t a card for initiating contact with the keeper, too!

See, that easy enough.
Tim (Arsenal will still qualify by winning in Munich – then meet City in the semis!)


…Look up the definition of “clutching at straws” and you will most likely be presented with MAW LA Gooners (very long-winded ) email.

I think the only thing that email has achieved is making me self-conscious about how I step over short barriers.
David, Ireland


…Mate, please – what world are we living in where the Harvey Elliot one isn’t a pen, and Saka’s is – I blame the internet and social media, the Levellers were right! In both cases the defending player overcommits themselves – Elliot carries on running and is taken down, Saka stops running and kicks the keeper!

Also, using the phrases “plays” and “stonewall pen” in the same missive is as confusing and upsetting as Arteta’s eyebrows.

Finally, Liverpool players aren’t arrogant, just incompetent – either way they should be ashamed for not being able to put away United despite 3 attempts all with perfect game plans from the manager – they have let Klopp down. Perhaps this is where Pep is actually (if boringly) superior – his players never seem to let him down.
Gofezo (cheers)


…I much enjoyed MAW, LA Gooner’s exercise in mental gymnastics Mailbox submission this morning about the Bayern/Saka penalty incident. If 1036 words (I checked) are needed to explain Bukayo Saka’s actions (and/or to insist that his actions are inexplicable and Bergkampesque lol), it’s a bit of a red flag.

MAW has presented Saka’s actions as binary – either “a smart play” or “illegal”. It is looking at the incident wholly from an Arsenal perspective, focusing on Saka’s thought process and applying an “innocent until proven guilty” mindset, rather than looking at it from the perspective of the referee/VAR officials. They need to evaluate whether Neuer has fouled Saka by tripping him, or Saka has fouled Neuer by kicking him, or Saka is simulating a trip.

They also need to decide what to do if both players have fouled each other. It is not a stonewall decision. Ian Wright (among others) seeing it differently is a clear sign of that. I agree that ultimately it should have still been a penalty, based on Neuer making a movement towards the ball and being in motion towards Saka rather than planted. But Saka’s actions reduce the status of the penalty from “stonewall” to “upon further reflection”.

Instead of blaming the referee and VAR officials, Arsenal fans should be blaming Saka for trying to instigate a penalty that would likely have been given if he had just played naturally instead. Or even just tried to stay on his feet and score in an almost-empty net.
Oliver Dziggel, Geneva Switzerland

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What have Arsenal achieved?
Dear MAW. Thank you for the phrase “travelling down a hyper-subjective rabbit hole”. I cant think why but that specific phrase helped me understand your mail.

It was a dive; a dive we’d cheer if it was our team. a dive most players do. A dive that categorically did not create a stonewall decision. A dive from a player gaining quite a reputation for diving (and club that is also gaining that reputation). Behaviour we’ll laugh at when done for Arsenal, but likely support in the summer for England.

But to comment on your last point, about how seemingly we’re all hell bent on undermining your achievements. Simply, “we” aren’t, because you haven’t achieved anything yet?

Arteta has done worse than Rafa, worse than Poch… He’s mirrored Brendan Rogers (when Brendan was younger than Arteta) and having spent far less money. Unless you’re telling me Arsenal fans were bombarding the mailbox to praise those folks? You’ve done very well and it must be absolutely brilliant and confidence boosting being an arsenal fan at the mo’.

Your lived experience is considerably better, and all those involved have done a good job. But you’ve delivered nowt that a fan of another club should be giving you credit for? Impartial journalist, yeah. of course. But opposition fans? why would we want to objectively make an assessment on how you are doing? Do you measure ETH on how much he’s managed to change or just measure that the club is a basket case with no demonstrable style of play?

Can any Gooner please for the love of god explain why your own enjoyment needs to be externally validated? I wrote this at the start of the season, as various Gooners tried to explain how City giving Arsenal a 7 point head start on 01 January 2023, but your finishing 5 points behind them (and their having a relatively modest points total as well) was not that great a thing for us. Undeniably brilliant for you. Comparable to the fun LFC enjoyed in the race in 2009, or 2014, or Spurs fans under Poch etc.

Your fun does not require our credit, and that’s a good thing as we’re not likely to give you any. You are having fun and we thoroughly enjoyed laughing at you. Both states exist at the same time. If you win the title this year you’ll get credit (from all but the bitter loons inherent to the internet), if you don’t you’ll be a figure of fun again. But I would assume your coming second or third again would still be a positive for you.
Tom G

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On those three big calls
Enjoyable and competitive first pair of Champions League quarter-finals. Looking at the 3 big referee talking points from the Arsenal v Bayern game I’d try to give this fair take.

Bayern penalty for Gabriel handball. If the ref wanted to give it he probably could have and been backed up in technical law, however when has anyone ever in the history of football ever given this as a penalty, or when it happens outside the box when has this ever been given as a free kick. We cry out for refs to apply more common sense and understanding of the game, here is an example of a ref doing just that and he still gets it in the neck.

Kane possible red card for the elbow. There is no doubt Kane knows what he’s doing, he looks for Gabriel and makes a movement in to him well before he has any intention of playing the ball. However, again, it is incredibly rare for a player to be sent off for what Kane did, a straight red for an elbow would normally require much more of a swing of the arm with the point of the elbow. A yellow card was the correct decision.

Saka possible penalty. This is the one that will divide people the most, obviously Arsenal fans think it is and rival fans of Arsenal will say Saka dived – just as it would be with any other team in this incident. If it’s your team you want it. This falls in to the category of ‘seen them given’, and it would be unlikely to have been overturned by var. Saka shouldn’t have to hurdle Neuer but there is certainly a case for Saka making sure there was contact. It is a 50/50 call for me.

Overall the ref did well in the way he managed the game. Looking forward to the return leg in Munich. Bayern ‘s experience in the competition showed and made up for any perceived gap in quality between the two sides, which was probably overblown due to Bayern uncharacteristically stumbling in the Bundesliga – but a front line of Musiela, Sana, Gnabry, Kane, is as good if not better than anything Arsenal have faced in the prem this season.
Rich, AFC


Arsenal are back and it’s lovely
Great to be back in the Champions League playing the best in Europe. Despite Bayern not winning the League, to look through their squad and see a Champions League winning and runner-up manager and think Arsenal should win comfortably would have been dumb. Whilst many will write in about the handball or the penalty, I want to commend Tuchels tactics and the players who put them to work.

Tuchel pushed 4 players up top the whole match, marking us man for man playing out from the back. This forced Oedegaard to drop deeper to pick up the ball, pushing up Rice and Jorginho. This meant Arsenal were forced to play down the wings where Bayerns Laimer and Goeratzka (sp?) had to work their arses off tracking and going 2:1 on Martinelli and Saka. They performed this role magnificently and was an exemplary midfield performance but they know they didn’t have to worry as much about the middle because Rice and Jorgi don’t normally push so high up.

When they did push up, Bayern got the ball forward as quickly as possible to Sane and Gnabry who have the pace and guile to run at Arsenal before they can set. Kane was dropping to create space meaning that Sane and Gnabry could gamble and not risk getting countered.

Kiwior was exposed and our back line was outrun by excellent technical capabilities in getting the ball out wide as quickly as possible.

It was a perfect foil for Arsenal and it took Arteta making some changes to exert control, calmer heads and a bit of our own technical trickery with Jesus to get back into the game.

Great game and perfectly poised. Arteta has shown great adaptability this season where he never had shown any before. How he figures out Bayern away will be a huge test of his managerial credentials. I’m just going to enjoy the ride as I have missed being in these matches for a long long time and we actually look like we belong.
Rob A (50/50 pen, handball would have been cruel, Kane playing a risky game) AFC


Heeeeeeere’s Stewie
To any of the pining Gooners who truly miss the Arsene Wenger years, there was some beautiful Emirates nostalgia on show last night! Almost all of the Greatest Emirates CL hits rolled out:

Fast excited start? Check

Missed sitter soon after early opener? Check

Sense of usual inevitability that lack of killer instinct will be instantly, ruthlessly punished by a professional team? Check.

Obligatory gifted Kane goal? Check.

An opposition team in diabolical form, getting just the tonic, via a nice comfortable Emirates experience? Check

Ex-Arsenal player gets customary goal? (Like Walcott for Southampton last season) Check

Arsenal comedy of errors gifting the opposition ludicrous circus goals you wouldn’t see in an under-12s fixture? Check

I spare a thought for all the usual deluded folk who wrote in extolling Saliba as “the best CB in Europe on form”. “On form” is a very on-brand thing for Arsenal in particular because that “form” has resulted in no league title in two decades and zero CLs. “Form” though… 🤔“On form” Saliba is Thuram, sure. On actual trophies and achievement, he isn’t even Wes Morgan. We also saw why he doesn’t start for France: Deschamps knows a thing or two. 🙄

Did I mention Kai Havertz? Oh right, of course not – because it wasn’t Brentford, Brighton or Burnley. (Though Bayern does start with a “B” 😂😂). £65m to disappear in CL knockout matches, cool cool. Bargain!

The struggle to scrape past a mediocre Porto on pens should have been an indicator but of course, those of us pointing this out were dismissed. Because although “on form” Arsenal are the best team in Europe, “in Reality”, the truly Big clubs like Bayern, will always school the pretenders – no matter how bad their “form”. That Munich return tie could be brutal.
Stewie Griffin (“on form”, I could score 89 points in the NBA Championship finals and blag dinner at the Fat Duck. In reality, I couldn’t score in a brothel and I’m eating leftover pot noodles off the pavement)


Where are you Declan?
At some point we will need to talk about Declan Rice’s disappearing act against FC Bayern yesterday against Gorezka and Laimer.
Kufre, Nigeria


On penalties and first games
Arsenal Fans and any other fans who are victimised by referees with regards to Penalties

If the pundits, your own fans and neutrals are divided on if it’s a penalty then its probably not a “stonewall” penalty.

If you think you need to write 1000 words on the movements of people’s legs then it’s probably not “stonewall” either.

Stonewall is Stephen Taylor’s platoon audition.

I think you’re talking more about the “I’ve seen them given but then again..”

Anyway the new boss at work arrived from the US a couple of months ago, since he arrived he’s had the most phenomenal intro to English Football.

1st Game – Man United 4 Liverpool 3 – utterly bonkers game, 4 extra time goals, 2 in injury time of extra time.

2nd Game – Spurs 2 Brighton 1 – slightly less bonkers, but a winner 6 minutes into injury time

3rd Game – Chelsea 4 Man United 3 – another bonkers game, equaliser and a winner in the 100th and 101st minute.

So 3 games, 17 goals, 7 of which arrived after the 90th min, all decided in the final minutes. It can only get worse, but what a start.

I remember taking a girlfriend to her first game – a truly awful Wycombe 1 QPR 0, safe to say she didn’t go again.


Rock meets hard place
Whilst pretending to work today but reading the feature about Arsenal’s run in, it suddenly occurred to me that the possibility a real dichotomy for Liverpool fans could arise on the last day of the season.

Imagine, if you will, Arsenal and Liverpool are tied at the top of the league on points with goal difference slightly in Arsenal’s favour and Everton are in the bottom 3 needing a win to stay up.

What would Liverpool fans prefer? Arsenal to win, and in doing so clinching the title and sending Everton down? Or Everton to win, securing the title for Liverpool but also guaranteeing themselves another season of misery at the bottom of the Premiership?

Me, I think Everton have brought absolutely nothing to the Premier League for the last decade or so and would be happy to see them go down to occupy the newest and shiniest stadium in the Championship, but, I dearly want us to win the title again if only to piss off all the Arsenal, Citeh and Man U fans.

The downside though, is Everton fans would never shut up about winning the title for us.

In the end though, I would prefer to have another title in the bag and have 3 clubs fans upset because that would mean more! (see what I did there?)
Mike Swords, Wigan, LFC till I die.

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