Henry ‘sees Invincibles in this Man United team’

Sarah Winterburn

Thierry Henry watched Manchester United destroy West Ham on Sunday and saw elements of the Arsenal Invincibles side that went a whole league season unbeaten in 2003/04.

We were impressed with their intelligence, pace and power, and Thierry Henry agreed.

“Do I see the Invincibles in this Man Utd team? Oh yeah. When I see them especially on Sunday I saw that.

“I saw power, pace, guys with ideas and legs.

“They can cover the ground really quickly, that’s very important. We had that at Arsenal.

“Arsene went into more guys that can play in and around the box.

“A lot of the players at Arsenal look to be the same type of player, the same frame in a way.

“Mourinho likes bringing players he knows are going to be able to play the way he likes to play.”

Henry was less impressed with the ‘stagnation’ he sees at Arsenal.