How Jose Mourinho will derail Liverpool’s PL title bid

Date published: Wednesday 20th November 2019 2:34

Jose Mourinho Tottenham

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The next three years
1) Jose Mourinho to derail Liverpool title bid by beating them at WHL and injuring VVD and Firmino (both out for rest of season)2) summer spend on defensive midfielder and other useful squad players after sale of Harry Kane
3)Spurs win league cup/fa cup in 2021, Mourinho immediately asks Levy to buy back Kyle Walker for 60mil so they can push for league.
4) Spurs buy back Kieron Trippier
5) Mourinho sacked in November 2022
6) Les Ferdinand installed as interim manager
Hugh, Cork/London (spurs are insane)


Liverpool’s first league defeat of the season?  Away to Spurs on 11th January.  Put your house on it.
Matthew, Belfast


Reality vs fantasy
As it stands:
Ole is at the wheel, and I am happy for him to stay there…
United desperately need a Director of Football, someone who understands the game, and someone who understands United
Poch has been sacked
Ed Woodwards head is exploding right now

The fantasy:
Ole moves upstairs, and takes the DOF position
Woodward actually gives him control, and instead of meddling in football matters he does what he does best and signs noodle sponsors
Poch takes the wheel

The reality:
Ole stays at the wheel
Woodward signs a noodle sponsor
No DOF is signed
Poch takes the PSG job
Gav, Dublin


So Poch is gone and now a manager that Manchester United (probably) wanted is available and there is no £40m snag. It would be foolish of them not to make their move now if they want him.

Sometimes in football you have to be cut-throat and upgrade when you have the chance. There is no room for sentiment. Liverpool saw Klopp was available and let the axe fall on Brendan Rodgers despite him almost leading them to the title the season before. They sacked Dalglish for Rodgers too despite him being a legendary player for them.

When Pochettino first came to England, it was because Southampton saw an opportunity to upgrade and didn’t let sentiment get in the way. Mourinho replaced Van Gaal pretty much as soon as the final whistle went in the FA Cup final.

Manchester United now have a fan favourite in charge. One who has a vision of what a Manchester United team should look like.

Unfortunately it seems he doesn’t quite have the tactical ability to implement it on the pitch. He over-performed as caretaker but has won (I think) just 10 of 28 as permanent boss. There is an upgrade available but it won’t be available for long as there are a lot of big clubs that may be looking for a new manager in the near future.

As for Ole, he would be a much better shout for the Director of Football role than a lot of the names that have been mentioned, perhaps he could be convinced to move upstairs.
ThaiWolf, Hong Kong


One step forward…17 backwards
Tottenham had the chance to use this season to access potential forward thinking managers, a manager that would continue the good works of Pochettino and maybe add a couple of trophies to it. Instead they’ve decided to go for a man that would uproot everything to probably win 1 trophy in 3 years and leave them to pick the prices like every single club he has coached.

Pochettino is the BIG winner here. He gets a big fat cheque from Tottenham and a big club to coach next summer. Man Utd must be licking their lips right now.
Nelson, Lagos, Nigeria


Awful medicine
Best case scenario is that Mourinho is like chemotherapy; an awful poison you introduce as a blunt instrument to kill whatever cancer has taken hold.

Nobody enjoys chemotherapy, like nobody enjoys Mourinho’s football – hopefully whatever is left from the wreckage can eventually be built up to what we were just a year ago.

This is all very sad
Liam (Spurs)


I’d just like to counter the revisionism around Jose Mourinho’s spell at United, most famously started by the man himself when he went around claiming that finishing second behind Man City in 17/18 with “this” United team was his greatest achievement. That coming second or winning a couple of trophies made him some kind of miracle worker — again, with “this” United team. The press has lapped it up and, as Ole tries to find his feet and tackle the institutional decay at the club, a lot of United fans (and now Spurs fans, LOL) are buying into this theory too, that maybe he wasn’t so bad. Except that he absolutely was.

Mourinho rocked up at the club after United came fifth (on goal difference) and won the FA Cup. We were quite rubbish, but we were not a mid-table team by any stretch. In his first season in charge, he spent serious f**k-you money by signing Bailly, Ibrahimovic, Mkhitaryan, and Pogba. He also inherited young talent that was, at the time, unanimously branded as “exciting”: Martial, Rashford, even Luke Shaw. Our man then somehow proceeded to make us even more boring than Van Gaal could manage — if I remember correctly, we went on an ‘unbeaten’ run of some 15 games, 10 or 11 of which were draws — and he pretty much chucked the league by December or January, resting players and focussing on the Europa League instead. He won that competition by: 1) sacrificing the top four slot that was still gettable at the time, 2) playing dreadful football, 3) against very average teams, and 4) hoping for some scorpion magic by Mkhitaryan. We finished in the now familiar position of sixth. He did win the league cup, I’ll give him that.

In his ‘famous’ second-place season, he chucked big money again at Lindelof, Lukaku, Matic, and Sanchez (!). After a positive start to the season (which he throttled by sitting back against Liverpool at Old Trafford), the team regressed to the mean, and Mourinho kept himself entertained by systematically breaking down the confidence of every single young player at the club. We were knocked out embarrassingly in the Champions League, a game so depressing and dire that F365 broke its own policy on cursing by writing a piece which had a shower of f-bombs. We finished a ridiculous 19 points between City and lost the FA Cup final to a Conte who had mentally checked out months ago.

So yes, while he did finish second that one time, he did so playing soul-crushing football and spending an obscene amount of money. It was HIS team. “This” United was Jose Mourinho’s United. He doesn’t get to take credit for assembling a shitty team and then making them play slightly better than expected for half a season. He didn’t inherit the shitshow, he created it. He took over a club that was slipping and pushed it off the cliff — with an admirable assist by the clown running things. Good luck to Spurs, welcome to hell.
Akhil (still annoyed), Man Utd, Delhi


Dear Spurs fans,

If you think this is an improvement on Poch, you’re wrong.
If you think you’ll keep half of those players in the summer, you’re wrong.
If you thought Erice Dier wasn’t a thing anymore, you’re wrong.
If you thought Son will continue to be a destructive force in the PL, you’re wrong.
If you think the likes of Skipp, Parrott, Sessegnon et al will get more game time, you’re wrong.
If you thought this will bring you anything more than a league cup, you’re wrong.
If you think this time he’ll be different, you’re wrong.

Jose Mourinho is a cautionary tale. A warning for those who wish to fly that little bit closer to the sun. Sure, he’ll probably get a couple of results in the first 8 games, and the press conferences will be interesting and jovial. Then the resent and bitterness kicks in. Then the football turns drab as he obsesses over results. It could be VAR, Lack of funds and to be honest the cause is irrelevant, it’s the effect that it has. You will go backwards before you go forwards again. Get ready for your turn on the Mourinho carousel of destruction. Don’t worry though, 2 and a half years (give or take) and you’re allowed to get off.
Lee (Poch to Utd must be nailed on now), LFC


Well this is going to be fun to watch. The tight fisted chairman vs the decadent manager who prefers to buy proven experience. On the face of it, if splash the cash Woodward couldn’t appease him at United, Levy has no chance. Then there is the quality of football. Spurs fans I know have come to expect high quality attacking football but unless José has changed during his year off, we can expect Spurs to be solid but dull. Poch wasn’t perfect but he eeked so much out of this squad that José will have a real test on his hands just to get them to match the level his predecessor achieved. Watching the drama unfold, it’s going to be like a season of Game of Thrones. Spurs fans deserve better, but who knows I might be wrong and this may be an inspired decision. Stranger things have happened. I doubt it though. When you hear hooves, you think horses not zebras.
Rick (Good luck to Sessegnon trying to get serious game time! Spend £40M on a teenager and then hire a manager that doesn’t play teenagers…) 


Why do I feel like Spurs have swapped Santa for Satan (same letters – weird).

Maureen’s appointment is to keep Kane in the short term and ensure Spurs are in the Champions League for next season.

When Poch was appointed Levy told him Spurs had to be in the CL by season 2 of the new stadium.

As that looks in danger Levy had to get rid. Why? ENIC will sell the club next summer and they won’t be the owners when Maureen inevitably blows up and comp has to be paid.

Thank you Poch for taking the team up to a level we haven’t experienced for a long time.

Welcome Maureen and we look forward to seeing Matic, Bale and Costa in a Spurs shirt.
David – Sydney, Vegemiteland


This is hilarious…
It seems a long time since the Spurs fans were ramming it down our throats that Pochettino was a much better manager than Mourinho, and that it didn’t matter that he hadn’t won any trophies because they were playing the right way. I can’t wait to see how quickly that attitude will change when Mourinho inevitably wins a trophy in his first 18 months in charge. It seems like maybe Pochettino wasn’t quite as messianic as he was made out to be, and that maybe actually, y’know, winning things is important in football after all. I’m not normally one for gloating but I am looking forward to reading the sudden Spurs/Poch/Jose revisionism this morning.

I’m fully aware that United aren’t doing much better at the moment but you lot have been filling your boots with schadenfreude for the last five years, so it’s time to take your lumps now. I still expect Jose to take 3 points off us next time the clubs meet but it doesn’t stop this being absolutely hilarious right now.
Ted, Manchester


Fear not United fans, even though we are complete pants, there’s always Spurs or Arsenal to do something stupid!
Louis – Mourinho and Levy are a match made in heaven!!!


Thanks for everything, Poch…
I was in shock last night but, thinking in hindsight, really this has been coming for a while.

Seb’s piece this morning hit the nail on the head. As a Spurs fan, I adore Poch and everything he
and his coaching staff did for the club from a football and personal perspective.

I can’t really add much to that piece and I won’t except that there are two images that really stick in my head about the Poch era. The celebration after the Ajax win, you know the one, Poch clapping the away fans and then bowing to his coaching team and the image of Winks hugging him after his first goal a few seasons back.

Poch and his coaching team will always be remembered fondly by fans.

As gutted as I am about this, it is ultimately the right decision to sack him. It’s been clear for a while now that Poch’s heart wasn’t in it. Another re-build must have seen such a daunting task and he was going through the motions. I suspect he wanted the £12m payout, who wouldn’t?

This feels a bit like my ongoing divorce to be honest. We had some good memories, we disagreed quite a bit and ultimately the best decision was to part ways and remain amicable.

Best of luck Poch. Thanks for everything.

PS Mourinho, please please please give some of our younger players like Skipp, Winks and Parrot a chance to impress before dismissing them!!
Lancashire Spur


Pochettino needs to heal
Let’s wind the clock back to the 2014-15 season at Dortmund, Germany.  Jurgen Klopp the then manager of Borussia Dortmund had recently lost a Champions League final.  He had taken over a team that was on a low after many issues.  He consistently made them punch above their weight.  He won two titles whacking Bayern wherever they met in the process culminating in the CL final.  The expectations at Dortmund were suddenly different and 2014-15 was simply unacceptable and naturally, the manager took the fall.  Klopp, by then had also depleted all his energy at Dortmund.  He left, he healed and took over another team with history (like Dortmund) and consistently failing to reach old highs while battling multiple ‘Bayerns’ in England.  Unlike Dortmund, Klopp was backed by a fantastic football board and with the right signings, Klopp took his team to another level.  At Dortmund though, he wouldn’t get new player resources to challenge Bayern.  To make it worse, he lost his best to Bayern.  The moment Klopp gets money to spend with the right backroom board and not losing his best to rivals, look where Liverpool are.

Fast forward to Pochettino and Tottenham.  Tottenham’s 19-20 is no different from Dortmund’s 14-15.  Of course, Spurs haven’t won a title as Dortmund did (but remember, there are at least 3-4 Bayern like economic power horses in England).  But Pochettino has done a similarly remarkable job at Tottenham like Klopp did at Dortmund.  Pochettino looks a depleted man much like Klopp did at Dortmund.  Pochettino needs to heal as Klopp did.  Pochettino must not rush into another club, even if it means Woodward finally redeems himself by giving Poch a call.  Pochettino needs to take the rest of the season off.  Go somewhere else, watch another sport.  Build energy, recharge and come fresh.  His stock will only be going up each day.  Pochettino must do what Klopp did – take over a team with ambition, and willing to back him with squad refreshments each year without losing existing players.  The trophies are going to flow, it is an inevitability.

There are very few coaches in the world of football who add points to what the team would’ve won otherwise without them (there was a paper on this I’ve read also).  Simeone, Klopp, and Pochettino top the list (with a Maurizio Sarri of Napoli also).  Teams will know that Poch will add 5 points minimum to a team he coaches.  I hope Pochettino rests, recharges and takes over a team with economic power now.

As for Tottenham, signing Jose Mourinho is a no brainer to me.  They need one last push and who better than Jose to give them that mental whacking to get them over that last line that they’ve (so hilariously) failed to cross each season?  Even if Jose stays there 2 years, he’d have done considerable change to their mentality.  I thought Arsenal must take Jose for that disruptive hard reboot they’re so in need of, but it looks like their North London neighbors have done it!
Aravind, Chelsea Fan


Mourinho excitement
Quick initial reaction to the Mourinho appointment. It will be a circus and will almost certainly end in tears – but I cannot wait. I cannot overlook all of Pochettinos many achievements- but everything about the team is stale. I go to the new ground and feel nothing. It’s childish and goes against the new intellectual high ground that obsesses with XG and pass completion stats – but I want some old fashioned Mourinho shithousery. Pochettino taught us to dare. Now over to some real pedigree to actually do.
Steffan Trousers


Firstly, Daniel Levy has got one thing right if nothing else by giving Jose a 3 ½ year contract, seeing as you can pretty much set your watch by the fact that by this point the wheels will be falling off spectacularly with Jose having fallen out with everyone from Doris the tea lady through to Chirpy the mascot.

Secondly, I heard a spurs fan on the radio this morning saying they don’t want Jose, as he plays “anti spurs football”.  If by “anti spurs football” he means “wins actual trophies”, then I would have to agree.

Yes the football can be dull.  Yes the siege mentalist schtick gets a bit tiresome after a while, but my god it’s a fun ride.  I’m a Chelsea fan.  I’ve lived through it twice.

So just buckle up spurs fans and who knows you might win a Carling Cup or two.
James, Gravesend (CFC)


Remember the people pissed off at the sacking of Nigel Pearson, every manager at Watford, Chris Hughton at Newcastle AND Brighton ? So many managers sacked at Southampton. When it all seemed doom and gloom. And then suddenly like a pheonix from the ashes, Leicester won the Premier League, every Watford manager succeeded (Till now, this seems like the end of the road now..) to bring them to the Premier League and survive, clubs like Southampton, West Ham, Sunderland escaped relegation countless of times.

Swift, ruthless and cold hearted sacking may seem like madness at the time, but have shown that sometimes they are shrewd moves that may change the destiny of a club. There is no two ways about it, Pochettino was shafted by Levy because you cannot possible have a fruitful conversation with Mourinho in 12 hours, this was weeks in the making. But it may be a masterstroke that may change the future of Tottenham Hotspurs for the better.

Hope they get relegated though, and Mourinho can piss off. Look forward to him picking a fight with Kane on the first day of training. Enjoy the ride and a few trophies that the special one will get you.

Aman (United to be beaten at home by Spurs 1-0, with Spurs at 17% possession)


How times change
I’m going to leave the right or wrong of sacking Poch to others – not my circus, not my monkeys – but I do want to weight in on the hate parade for Levy and Mourinho.

Forgetting, for a moment, that he’s struggled in his third seasons twice now (as history has made his second place look a much better result that it looked at the time) Mourinho is still one of the two winningest managers of recent times. And even while in his failing dotage, delivered two trophies to United. When you talked about “the next job” for Mourinho, everyone assumed the choices were basically going back to a previous home, or the likes of PSG and Bayern.

And this is after showing he struggles to build a long term project.

Pre Poch, pre the decades of building Levy has done, can you imagine Mourinho going to spurs? Even this Mourinho? That the names briefly bandied around would include the best in world football? Bollocks to that. You’d be getting Eddie Howe and you’d be ecstatic about it, because the other options would be Martinez or Hodgson (trust me, LFC fans have been there).

You are a club transformed. One who’s long term future is bright. There will be trophies. There will be drama. There won’t be midtable mediocrity. Thank Poch for that. Thank ENIC and Levy, too. Criticise, if you want. I’m sure there are good reasons. But you’re a different club now than you were a decade ago.
Andrew M, Joburg


So let me get this clear. Spurs sack a coach who they had peaked under and who has never won a trophy. They replace him with a proven serial winner who many many clubs around Europe would jump at the chance to be managed by and this is the end for Spurs?

Mourinho isn’t some idiot plucked from the Norweigan leagues because of some long love story between them. Mourinho is a proven winner with the only blemish on his record been his Man Utd run (and even then he wasnt backed).

Spurs have signed the only manager available to them that’s currently better then the one they have.

Shrew Levy.
Dale (Leeds)


I hate mourinho. He is a whinger and an agitator. He spends more time trying to get under people’s skin than anything else.

But he wins trophies. Everywhere. Even at a rubbish United.

If that has been the big issue labelled at Spurs for a long time then mourinho might be the right choice.

It certainly shows it is what levy wants.

So, no, I’m not glad that mourinho is back in management… but any spurs fans who want trophies might just be!!
Joe, lfc


Sounds exactly like the Spurs I’ve always loved
Dear F365,

I’m a big Poch fan, would have happily given him more time and also accepted a regression during that. There aren’t any guarantee’s that a club punching can always do so. My initial thought was that we had just turned back into the last decade Spurs, firing a manager when things go bad and then wait and wait and wait until we hire the opposite type of manager than was just sacked. But, the results and performances this year have been awful, a few bright spots of course but we have ridden our luck at times as well.

Poch was also starting to get his excuses in early and in public and that’s never a good thing, I wonder if that was a big contributor to some of the negativity that surrounded the club this year as well. I understand his approach with players not willing to commit in trying to freeze them out, but it didn’t work, they were still at the club, pulling a wage but not contributing. Either sell or play em.

I also quite like Levy, he’s divisive but his performance is hard to fault, in this instance he acted pretty quickly and ruthlessly to sack and replace, it what you need (not want) from the chairman.

Mourinho. My only hope he has been instructed to be a bit more welcoming and has a remit for playing decent football, but he is a winner and maybe he’s what’s needed to push Levy to open up and start acting like a top 4 club that we have temporarily become, not convinced and his dourness has yielded more success, maybe less interference from the owners may loosen his approach a little. But in fairness, 4 years ago the thought of hiring someone like Mourinho would have been way out of our reach, and for that we do need to thank Poch, he was amazing and deserves plenty of thanks.

Overall, understandable sacking, sensible appointment, disappointing departure and worrying arrival…………..Sounds exactly like the Spurs I’ve always loved.

Not going to bitch and moan, just hope it works out.
Steve (THFC)


Last night
I understand that a certain something happened last night which has resulted in something utterly mental happening this morning, but can I please give a massive heartfelt shout out to Wales on qualifying for the Euros?

We looked almost dead and buried with a handful of games gone, but we’ve dug deep and managed to qualify for a major tournament for only the second time in around 500 years.
Somerset Dave (Tottenham – really? WTF!)


Potential Euro 2020 group
I know international week has now finished, and there is now some other big news in the football world. But just a quick heads-up before the Euro 2020 draw next week.

England are one of 6 teams in pot 1 for the top seeded teams, so you would hope this would give them a good chance of an easier group. Not necessarily…

One potential group for England is
Pot 1: England
Pot 2: France (reigning World Champions)
Pot 3: Portugal (reigning European and Nations League Champions)
Pot 4: Wales
Good luck with that!

At the moment, the easiest group might be something like
Pot 1: England
Pot 2: Switzerland
Pot 3: Austria
Pot 4: Winner of Nations League group D playoff (of which Kosovo are possibly the strongest)

Perhaps we should be thankful some of the third place teams in the group will qualify for the knock-out stages!


Goldstein gold
If you can pick this out amongst all the Spurs and Jose emails, Peter’s articles are exceptional!

Thanks again for all the work!
Saeed (AFC, Please don’t let Poch go to Utd…)


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