How Manchester United can get better this season…

Date published: Wednesday 23rd October 2019 9:01

Well what a shite set of results that was on Tuesday night. Hence the pretty much total lack of mails. If you want to make Wednesday afternoon better, mail us at


How Manchester United could make this formation work
Ted, Manchester you do bring up a point about how the same set-up will not work for every team and I agree with that but our 3-4-1-2 or 4-4-2 need not be a counterattacking set-up every time. The ideal counter-attacking setup imo should be one that can easily switch the pace of play to hyperdrive when required and catch teams off guard, and switch it back to normal when needed. The normal pace of play is where OGS seems to be having a problem.

What I should have mentioned is that having a central striker is effectively negating Rashford from the team. Even with defences that lie deep the goal should be to use Rashford and James (or Martial or Greenwood) to drag defenders out of their position to create space for the other forward or for your central midfielders.

Pogba should especially gain from this switch, putting him closer to the goal will increase our goal threat. He can shoot from outside the box (meaning defenders and DM have to cover him. creating more space) and he can can play balls through to our forwards. McTominay too has shown he can be a goal threat from outside the box.

At some point we need to play to our strengths. In Rashford, James and Martial I believe we have forwards who are better used in a more fluid role rather than a static central role where CBs are able to easily negate their influence. In Pogba and McTominay we have two MFs who would love arriving late in the box or staying back in hole right outside the box.

Having three at the back definitely allows our MFs to push up as well and if Lindelof, Maguire and Axel are our three CBs we have three CBs who can all carry the ball out from the back while the other two provide cover. This should again help against those teams who implement a low-block.
Yash, MUFC


Why always Allegri?
Look I don’t understand the hoop-la over Allegri – he is not going to win Utd the title this year so stop dreaming. This squad is not what he had available to him at Juventus or Milan.

At Milan when he won the title, Inter were in disarray after failing to warm to Benitez and Juve where still rebuilding (hello Johnny Nic ) after the Calipoli scandal, By the time he won the titles at Juve, they were a well-oiled machine. Winning most of those titles is as difficult as Brendan Rodgers winning the Scottish title with Celtic all those years and at least he tried to be offensive. Heck Sarri is top of the league already with that same squad.

I hear a lot about tactics but there is only so much you can do with this group. Besides 18-year-old Garner these are our best midfielders, Rashford/Martial our main strikers defensively you could say we have our options. No one is going to use this team to have 20 different set of tactics.

If tactics are why you want Allegri then sorry you have already seen them, from Jose and Louis. He is defensive to the core. Having 20 different tactics is also a bit of a myth – Klopp seems to be doing fine with Plan A being two strikers will score after my first set of dour but aggressive midfielders help us press and plan B being either Origi or my more creative will get lucky .

Thirdly do we really want to go back to being that team that goes around buying old experienced players that hasn’t worked for us in the last five years , Let’s be honest if Allegri comes in we are going to do probably less Daniel James and more Dybala if we are lucky. More old 28-year-olds who are a bit ponderous and play sideways.

If we are going to have a replacement, let’s stop lazily picking the guy who won titles after all the legwork had been done and let’s find one who can at least bring some offense like Blanc, Ten Hag or Nagelsmann.
Timi, MUFC


Alternative Red conclusions
1) Great grafting by ManU but the 68% Liverpool possession and domination of shots on target are the tell-tale signs that all is really not well at the Theatre of Screams. If this draw keeps OGS in the hot seat for the remainder of the season with ManU grafting manfully at mediocrity it will have been more than worth the two points we lost.

2) Keita, Lallana and the Ox (and Shaqiri too) look like a frighteningly strong combo to unlock defences. It is not every day that the Neviller is convinced that Liverpool would score at Old Trafford if only they had more time.

3) I don’t remember the last time we went to Old Trafford and dominated so completely to chase the winner. In Fergie’s time, it would have been ManU doing the chasing…Fergie must have been turning in his seat to sit through that.

4) Origi is in danger of achieving David Ngog levels of flattering to deceive status: he is quick and skillful but he must contribute more if he is going to avoid being a perennial impact sub. And I agree with 16 Conclusions, Henderson is dependable and strong and does the less pretty things well but he is not usually a game changer…some of his crossing was headsmackingly bad. Fred was okay and James and Pereira really acquitted themselves well.

5) VAR: Each team gets three challenges per half for offside, fouls and goals. When challenged ref has to go to a screen to review the play with the fourth official and decide whether the decision needs to be changed. Ref takes decision and gives a five-word explanation to 4th official to print on screen for all to see. Ref does not get to use VAR when he likes so that he can concentrate on getting the decisions right. If the challenge is used in an unsportsmanlike manner (ie to waste time on a non critical play) ref can go through the motions and add 5 minutes of additional time as a penalty. Team can also be penalised by having number of challenges available reduced in the following game. No morons sitting remotely fearful of undermining the ref and keeping their thinking to themselves- annoying everyone no end. No second guessing – transparency and accountability achieved at last. Who agrees with me?
Miguel, LFC


Champions League group stages are rotten
I find myself at a weird place, a place where Champions League football isn’t appealing anymore. These group stage matches are so unbalanced it’s embarrassing. I went through the whole list of available matches, and really the only match that stuck out was Real and Galatasaray, and it was one of the four matches not available on my subscription list. I end up half watching Man City , and even when I switched to Tottenham, they were already three up. Switch to Juve at the end but I was was just match hopping so I just started doing other things.

The gap is increasing exponentially. The fact that English teams are dominating so much does not bode well for the Champions League. The top six is quickly running over other European teams and it seems like only a face to face can lead to dropping out. Even taking into account the 7-2 drumming of Spurs, it’ll be interesting to see the reverse fixture result. I doubt it’ll be that, and wouldn’t be surprised with a Spurs win.

I just think it’s all becoming too predictable. The fact that to some degree the unique nature of the opposition doesn’t matter anymore also grates. A while back you got those strange 1-1 results against obscure teams, but nowadays it’s almost always a steamroll. Might as well cancel the subscription until the knockout round.
Dave (Maybe Chelsea – Ajax will be worth a watch), Somewhere


Emery has to go, my arse!
Didn’t even watch the game and you think you can try and get a man fired from his job.

You’re some plank. David Luiz needs to go but Emery is a fine manager.
Daniel Gillen


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