Ian Wright apologises over ‘very strange’ Bukayo Saka moment in Arsenal v Bayern

Will Ford
Wright Bukayo Saka Arsenal
Ian Wright reckons Arsenal star Bukayo Saka 'initiated contact' against Manuel Neuer.

Ian Wright says he’s “sorry” for his take on what he believes was a “very strange” movement from Bukayo Saka in Arsenal’s draw with Bayern Munich on Tuesday.

Leandro Trossard’s second-half strike secured the draw for the Gunners after Serge Gnabry and Harry Kane had given the German giants the lead following Saka’s opener at the Emirates.

Dive or no dive?

The aftermath of the game has been dominated by two penalty decisions, as Arsenal star Gabriel wasn’t punished for picking the ball up in his own box, and Saka went down after contact with Manuel Neuer.

Neither were given, and Gunners legend Wright has sided with those who believe Saka initiated the contact with the Bayern goalkeeper, and the referee was therefore right not to award the penalty.

Wright claims Saka’s movement towards Neuer when he should have been going in the opposite direction is proof that the Arsenal winger attempted to kid the referee.

“He should be nowhere near.”

Wright explained: “The angle that we got, the face-on where Saka went in, he moved it with his left foot so if you move it with your left foot, you should be going off to the left. He actually, for some reason, [moved] the leg out to the right.

“His leg went out to the right, whereas I’m thinking because you’ve gone to the left, anything that’s coming to impede you then, you jump over it. So this is why it felt very strange for him to be fouled in that manner, because he should be nowhere near.

“His right foot shouldn’t be there. His right foot should be coming across to the left-hand side because that’s the side he’s just moved to.

“I thought when I saw it, it was strange that his body’s moving to the right when the ball has gone to the left. And it seems to me that his body’s moving to the right because that’s where the goalkeeper was and he’s tried to initiate contact. I’m sorry, that’s how I saw it.”

Arsenal will attempt to progress to the semi-finals of the Champions League next Wednesday night when they travel to the Allianz Arena for the second leg against the German champions.

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