Ian Wright reveals that he was bullied at Crystal Palace

Date published: Thursday 16th November 2017 12:07

Ian Wright has revealed that he was bullied at Crystal Palace by captain Jim Cannon.

Wright spent six years at Palace from 1985, scoring 90 goals in 225 league games.

He was voted the club’s Player of the Year on one occasion, before leaving for Arsenal in 1995.

But he has revealed that he was bullied at the club by captain Cannon.

A Football365 love letter to… Ian Wright (Wright, Wright)

“He was oppressive, a bully and he was nasty,” Wright told The Times.

“He was threatened by me for some reason and I don’t know why. He was a horrible bully.

“It didn’t last long because once I started playing well, my confidence came and I didn’t feel that if I said anything they would let me go.

“When I told Steve Coppell [the manager] about it, he said he [Cannon] wouldn’t be around for long, that I should carry on doing what I was doing and stand up for myself.”

Wright then recalled a training-ground exercise where, because the goals were too small, Cannon would stand directly in front of them so that Wright could only score if he put the ball through his legs.

“I wasn’t doing it to humiliate him but he kung-fu kicked me in the back,” Wright said. “I’ll never forgive him. It was all about him being the boss, he was oppressive to everybody.

“After that incident, Coppell said: ‘Don’t worry, he won’t be here much longer’. At the end of that season he was gone. Once Steve saw the kick in the back, he realised and I wasn’t afraid to tell him.”

When asked about the situation, Cannon replied: “I wasn’t a bully, he was just a loud-mouth upstart.

“I was an experienced centre half and I knew he was going to come up against people worse than me so I gave him a little slap one day and that was the extent of the bullying.

“I’m not interested in Ian Wright, he was an exceptionally good player and if he thinks I bullied him maybe I bullied him into being a good player.”

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