If you think Aubameyang can clear this Arsenal mess…

Date published: Wednesday 31st January 2018 10:11

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Boom boom
Tbf when we signed Cech John Terry did say he’d be worth 12 to 15 points to us, he didn’t actually specify whether that was plus or minus.
Simon Clarke


…Gooners, sorry if I offend, but at least now you know why Mkhi chose to say that players dream of going to Arsenal to play ‘offensive’ football…
Mike (MUFC)


Auba cannot fix that
What more is there to say about this Arsenal team that hasn’t been already said to death?

If anyone thinks signing Aubameyang (still doubtfull it will actually happen mind you) will fix what we saw last night then they need their head examined.
Adonis Stevenson, AFC


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16 Conclusions from Swansea
– F*** there goes top 4

– Fully deserved Swansea

– It’s ok though, we are buying ANOTHER forward player

– S***
Rob A (Finally Wenger out) AFC


It is getting worse and worse…
Many have written emails, giving reasons why Arsenal are on the down, blaming the board, Arsene, players. All I know the damage is bigger and is not getting any better.

The biggest mistake is that the team has been built backward(from attack to Defence). For the past 4 or 5 years, We bought offensive players and neglected the Back line and midfielder (top players).Every fan/ supporter knew that we need quality CB and Defensive Midfielder, unfortunately Arsene and arsenal, went on to buy offensive midfielders and strikers, who does little to protect our backline. Cech was suppose to save us 15 points, but that has not happen, reason is that he has no serious competition or either when he signed he was guaranteed first time football always.

Now to the match yesterday, the way we conceded the second goal, was so embarrassing, as soon as Ozil was in position, a forward thinking Bellerin, sprint on, living a gap behind Ozil, our cover (Xhaka) was lazying around because he think that we wont lose the ball, then we lose it and they go on and score, mind you, all this happens in our half. A good defender wouldn’t do that sprint foward and live a huge gap behind, he would make sure that the danger is gone before thinking about running forward while we have position in our own half. that movement should be done by strikers.

Now, speculation is that we are again signing another offensive players. When are we signing a top quality defender and a defensive midfielder? When are we signing a very good keeper?

I would take the money for Auba and spend it on a Defender or defensive midfielder to protect our back five.

On that note, just want to make it clear that we missed Wilshere last night.
Lwazi (wishing that we don’t even, make Europa next season, so we can focus on league, not that we will win it.) Cape Town


…The league is dead rubber for us anyways and the way we been playing lately didn’t made me a bit excited.

Though the new signings coming in and the attack up front of Auba, Mkhi, Ozil, Laca and Jack to add to that, started to warm my cockles a bit.

Then Swansea and Cech happen!

Stupid me!! How can I forget am a Gooner and joy of watching football has been sucked out of me long time before.
Abhi (Doesn’t really care about football anymore. How sad is that?!)


Better team but same manager
If Arsenal end today having: upgraded from Giroud to Aubameyang, from Walcott to Lacazette and from Oxlade-Chamberpot to Mkhitaryan, that certainly should improve the team. If we end this season with those upgrades in place and having secured Ozil and Wilshere, there might even be grounds for optimism.

This, of course, assumes we overlook the loss of the man who since arriving at Man Utd has been lauded as one of the best in the world, Alexis.

But even if we can get past that, I fear we will continue to see the hopeless, hapless and helpless displays that have so characterised the past few years at Arsenal. The type of game we saw repeated last night at Swansea will remain a cornerstone of our club no matter which players come and go until the one critical change is made. Sadly despite the hopes that this transfer window’s business indicates a power shift within the marble/concrete halls, that personnel change seems as unlikely as ever.
Carolyn, (deck chairs and Titanic anyone?) South London Gooner


Arsenal bringing in Ancelotti?
Given Gazidis’ strategy is now just to completely erode Wenger’s power base, does anyone else think Arsenal will now employ Ancelotti on the sly without telling Wenger, whereby Carlo comes in and does his teamtalk after Wenger’s and tells the players to ignore everything Arsene has just said.

I’ve said it before – there is nothing wrong with that defence. You have World Cup winners and Euro finalists in that back four/five – they just need to be coached properly.
Graham Simons, Gooner, Norf London


A Swansea fan says Wenger Out
Great result for the Swans last night with a far better overall performance than against Liverpool. Carlos has doubled our PL wins for the season in the short time he has been at the club, a record which doesn’t do Paul Clement any favours. Still, we were saying roughly the same thing about Clement last season in comparison to his predecessor, so it shouldn’t be ignored that constant managerial changes don’t fully paper over the cracks at the club. We are the new Sunderland, only with a much smaller stadium. I won’t go on about the situation at the club, as Seb Stafford-Bloor’s piece on this site recently tells anyone interested most of what they need to know.

What I wanted to talk about was how Swansea’s PL record against Arsenal should serve as the perfect illustration of the futility of Wenger’s performance in recent years. We’ve played Arsenal 14 times now since being promoted and have a record against them of 6 wins, 1 draw, 7 defeats, taking 19 points from those games against Arsenal’s 22. In 3 of those 7 seasons, we’ve had a comfortable middle of the table team, but in the other four, we’ve been involved in a relegation battle to some degree. That is not the kind of record a team that considers itself part of a Big 4/5/6 should have against a relative PL minnow.

Just to rub salt in the wound, compare it to our record against Spurs – 0 wins, 3 draws, 11 defeats. Ouch. We only have 9 wins from 67 games against the other ‘Big’ clubs (Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Man United, Spurs), only a couple more combined than we have against Arsenal alone.

I’ve always been an advocate for giving managers and players time to impress, especially when we’ve seen success in the past from those individuals, such as in Wenger’s case. It’s reached the point though (from an outsider’s perspective), that I can’t see why any Arsenal fan wouldn’t agree that it’s time for a new manager and a new approach at the club. I feel a little dirty to finally agree with Stewie Griffin.
Neil, Swansea


Teams are not trying to score…
I manage to watch most live Premier League football on the telly and some of the games this season have been dreadful. It has been much discussed the negative tactics against the Big 6 clubs. The line that is really bugging me now is that these lower clubs need a goal scorer to save them.

Watching Huddersfield last night, Newcastle against Chelsea, anyone against Man City…you could have Shearer or Pele up front and they wouldn’t score. How can any striker score when there is zero supply line or willingness to get bodies up the pitch?

Allardyce is a prime example of this, building his reputation on being defensively sound and nicking goals. But at Everton they aren’t nicking goals because they aren’t creating anything…blame the strikers? I think fans of most clubs would rather see their side have a go rather than be Huddersfield last night and having the game plan ruined by half time and no way back in to the game?

Maybe this is why Swansea will survive, possession stats last night look awful but shots and corners they beat Arsenal. So when they get the chance they try to score. Pretty important to win a football match.
Dave, Zumerset


Ed’s Palace thoughts
* One of the best things about football is how unpredictable it is, and how different individual games can be from each other. For example, on Saturday, I saw a six-goal thriller that also featured a saved penalty, shots against the woodwork and even a coach tripping over a kitbag and falling flat on his face; last night’s game between West Ham United and Crystal Palace had virtually none of that and was sh!te. Whereas Grantham had responded to being pegged back by Stourbridge with a triple salvo to take a 4-1 half-time lead, only for the Glassboys to come out and make a real game of it in the second half before salvaging some pride in the dying seconds of the game, the Hammers and Eagles appeared to have settled for a point apiece from about the 55 minute mark.

* I think a draw was a fair result. United had the best of the early exchanges and then Palace scored against the run of play, before the Irons levelled things up with a penalty. I was listening to BBC Radio London and the commentators said in the moment that it was incredibly soft, that Javier Hernandez had fallen over James Tomkins’ leg rather than actually been tripped by him (having not seen it I’m imagining it was a bit like Willian against Norwich City), so the sort of decision that sometimes goes for you, sometimes goes against you.

* What United did well last night was to keep Wilfried Zaha quiet. They double- and triple-teamed him at every opportunity and restricted his space. That they were able to do that without having a whole slew of names taken is also to their credit.

* David Moyes looks like he has found his comfort zone at United. While this may seem a bit revisionist, there is reason for optimism for a return to the steady midtable performances of his Everton days. In his other jobs in the Premier League there was either the pressure of competing for the title, or the pressure of fighting against relegations, and he proved himself of incapable of coping. However, this current United squad look, in the nicest possible way, like a midtable squad, good enough to keep the relegation battle at arm’s length.

Of course this means the grot merchants and Lord Sugar’s awful sidekick are just as likely to fail to back him in the transfer market and make his position untenable.

* The worst part of last night’s game was that Bakary Sako got injured, depleting Palace’s thin squad even further. According to various sources, the club are still trying to get deals done for a starting striker and a new goalkeeper, having previously added depth in midfield and defence. Those two players appear to have been signed with an eye on next season, to be brought up to speed between now and August when they will be required to replace the backup players whose contracts are running down and won’t be renewed.

I don’t envisage the Eagles bringing lots of players in today – it seems more likely they will miss out on signings due to needless quibbling and will try to limp to the end of the season with whoever’s still standing and overhaul the squad in the summer. Whether that’s in the top flight or second tier remains to be seen.
Ed Quoththeraven

More than a blip for Liverpool

Read Sarah’s piece saying Liverpool beating Huddersfield looks like a blip instead of a calamity after the match. I know it’s boring to state the obvious so I’m sorry in advance, but the issue is beating teams who defend deep and hit our defense when it falls asleep, which is often. Huddersfield are not that team and as a Liverpool fan I wish every single team played like them because we’d win the league by March if every team was as ambitious as the Terriers. So Sarah, it wasn’t a blip, it was the obvious fact that we can beat any team on earth so long as they follow the equally obvious script to beat us. Just watch, we’ll beat Spurs and Southampton, draw Porto, and then draw and lose to West Ham and Newcastle (you can pick which to which team).
Niall, Denver


The real cheer for Liverpool
Some people will say that tonight was exciting because Can scored from miles out, because we played lovely football, because Firmino finally got some dividends from his months of perfecting the no-look pass thing he loves doing but all those people are silly. Because tonight the Liverpool goalkeeper saved the first shot on target that he faced! The moment was unfolding before my eyes and I was ready for the depression to settle in but then he f**king saved it! I honestly couldn’t believe it. I celebrated the save. Then he claimed a long throw and looked assured but I decided he was getting a bit OTT at that point because I wasn’t going to be upset with a clean sheet but felt we needed to try harder to con ourselves out of it. It’s meant to be an entertaining game, after all.

I think all Liverpool fans can reveal whether they are optimists or pessimists based on what they want to happen in the Spurs Man Utd game tonight. Those hoping for a Spurs win are optimists; we are right up Man Utd’s behind and want them to feel the heat. The pessimists obviously would live with a Man Utd win as long as it keeps a healthy distance between us and fifth. Can’t help but think Mourinho will go looking to either draw or sneak a 0-1 win but suspect our lot will be able to find positives no matter the result tomorrow night now.

Finally, Robertson is awesome.
Minty, LFC


Oh f***ing hell City
It really is increasingly difficult to take Manchester City seriously when their response to a fairly short injury is to break their transfer record for a player that they’ll essentially only need for six weeks. Particularly considering how bloody well Jadon Sancho is doing at Dortmund. A further example of how f*cking soulless our game has become.
Alex G, THFC (this may be the most ‘meh’ title win in PL history)

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