Ince hits out at PL quartet for ignoring him and Sherwood

Date published: Saturday 2nd December 2017 1:21

Paul Ince believes that Premier League clubs are continuing to overlook talented managers such as himself and Tim Sherwood.

With West Brom and Everton both appointing Alan Pardew and Sam Allardyce, tried and tested British managers, this past week, Ince has noticed a pattern.

The pair join Roy Hodgson and David Moyes in receiving Premier League jobs from owners ‘in trouble’, according to Ince.

The former Manchester United and Liverpool midfielder feels he, Sherwood, Ryan Giggs and Chris Powell are being overlooked.

‘There’s so much money in the Premier League now that, when their teams are in trouble, owners are looking for the managers with the most experience to get them out of it,’ Ince writes in his Paddy Power column.

‘That’s why you see the same old names being appointed – Big Sam, Pardew, Hodgson, Moyesie.

‘Though I understand where these owners are coming from, it’s so frustrating – every time a job comes up, the same managers get regurgitated. It’s always the same names, and there’s now a generation of British coaches who are being missed out.

‘Managers like myself, Tim Sherwood, Chris Powell and Ryan Giggs. All of us have managed in the Premier League, and done good jobs in our careers, but we’re being skipped.”

Chris Powell has never managed in the Premier League. Ryan Giggs has managed four games on an interim basis, and lost one of them to Sunderland. You managed 17 games, winning three. Tim Sherwood has been sacked from two Premier League jobs.

‘I understand that Big Sam has had massive experience, more than me, but it’s not like I’m wet behind the ears – I’ve had more than 35 years in football, across all four leagues.

‘I’ve galvanised every team I’ve been at. Every time I’ve gone into a club, we’ve hit the ground running.’

Ince lost 11 of his 21 games before being sacked after six months at Blackburn. Galvanise that.

‘I know how to get a team going and playing, to rediscover that fight and desire, which these struggling Premier League teams are missing. It’s something I’m good at. I could go to a Palace or West Brom and do a good job, but I don’t get that opportunity because owners want to take the ‘safe’ route, even though experience doesn’t guarantee you anything.

‘I know I’ve had bad times in my career, but so has Moyesie and Pardew – they get second chances and other opportunities, people like myself and Tim don’t.

‘Look at Tim Sherwood. He knows the game inside out, he could be a top manager, but he can’t get a job. That can’t be right for someone of his knowledge and what he’s done in the game.’

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