‘Increasing number of Premier League clubs’ want ‘shutdown’ until 2022

Lewis Oldham
Premier League clubs want "shutdown"

According to reports, an “increasing number” of Premier League clubs are keen for there to be a “shutdown” until 2022 to combat Covid-19 outbreaks.

The Premier League has been affected by the Omricon variant of Covid-19 over the past week.

There have been outbreaks at several clubs as players and staff have tested positive for the virus.

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Sunday’s game between Brighton and Tottenham was the first game called off. There was due to be a full set of midweek fixtures this week.

Three games have fallen by the wayside though. Brentford vs Man Utd, Burnley vs Watford and Leicester City vs Tottenham have all been postponed.

It was also revealed on Thursday afternoon that this weekend’s game between Man Utd and Brighton will not go ahead.

Brentford boss Thomas Frank suggested that all of this weekend’s Premier League games should be postponed:

“We think we should postpone the full round of Premier League games this weekend,” he said.

“Covid cases are going through the roof at all Premier League clubs, everyone is dealing with it and having problems.

“To postpone this round and also the Carabao Cup round would give everyone a week at least, or four or five days to clean and do everything at the training ground so everything is clean and you break the chain.

“We fully respect that we want to play and it is important football keeps going. This way we can make sure Boxing Day keeps going, I’m 100 per cent sure of that.

“This Omicron variant is running like wildfire around the world and I think we need to do all we can to protect and avoid it. I think we can do a lot by closing down training grounds for three, four or five days, and then we can go again.”

ESPN are reporting that an “increasing number” of Premier League clubs feel that a “shutdown” until next year is necessary.

They are hoping to stop games until FA Cup third round weekend (January 7 to January 10). This would see four rounds of Premier League games being postponed with the first day back being on January 15.

Crystal Palace boss Patrick Vieira has said that he is preparing as if this weekend’s game versus Watford will go ahead: 

“The main focus was to make the best selection for this game,” Vieira said.

“We saw the Watford game (at Burnley) was postponed. So for us we have to keep preparing ourselves until then and wait for what the Premier League will have to say.

“Our plan for the rest of the week will not change and we will prepare like the game will happen.”