Irish FA: Allowances not right

World football’s governing body has revealed $548,000 (£358,000) was handed out in allowances to more than 500 officials, within FIFA rules.
Nelson was one of 72 officials, including England’s Football Association, that chose not to collect any allowance, out of 620 delegates who attended the annual congress.
“It was quite a tumultuous FIFA congress” Nelson told Sky Sports News HQ.
“There had been a number of high profile arrests on the Wednesday morning. We felt it was the right thing to do not to take the expenses this time, even though they would have been reinvested in football here,” added Nelson ahead of Northern Ireland’s European Qualifier against Romania on Saturday night in Belfast.
The allowance was distributed in cash, in US dollars, from a FIFA administrative office, after officials provided proof of identity and official accreditation.
It is understood the Scottish FA collected the allowance and paid it into SFA funds for investment into Scottish football.
The personal expenditure allowance was in addition to accommodation and travel costs, which included business class flights. All unclaimed money, around £47,000 ($72,000), will remain with FIFA.
In April, a FIFA spokesperson told Sky Sports News HQ: “The payment is made in cash as, from an administrative point of view, it would be extremely difficult to organise bank transfers for so many people (with some of them who change at the last minute) and in 209 different countries and because the transfer fees would be too high in proportion to the amount of the allowance.”
The 65th FIFA Congress took place at the Hallenstadion in Zurich on May 29.
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