Is Ings Already Regretting His Liverpool Move?

Date published: Thursday 1st January 1970 12:00 -

Is Ings Already Regretting His Liverpool Move?

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Park The Bus
You have to hand it to Chelsea, at least they can be no longer labelled as boring.
Conor, Drogheda

Pedro Woe
To all United fans saying you didn’t need Pedro, after watching him today you most certainly did. If that performance is what we can expect every week then he would improve any premier league team. Thanks for dallying because we look a lot more dangerous with him. Now we just need to sign Stones and sort out our defence!
Marcus (Cudradwho?) London

You lack ingenuity in front of goal in your own stadium and your team plays out a drab draw, but the player that you didn’t want and didn’t pursue all summer stars in a team that wins by three goals and is named MOTM. Well that went well…
Posab (Wasn’t Memphis the new Ronaldo a week ago?) Botswana

I remember when Barca was willing to offload Fabregas, Arsenal willied and dallied saying that they already have similar players etc etc and eventually Chelsea took the initiative in capturing him. Worked out quite well for them in the end.

One wonders why United and the steely balled philosopher didn’t learn their lesson.
Joy [Or maybe they are waiting to sign Neymar instead] USA

I’m so relieved we didn’t sign Pedro. He’s clearly a huge waste of money and we’re doing perfectly fine without him anyway…
Paul Dunne

Rich Man’s Walcott
Pedro; everything Theo Walcott could have been.

Bargain of the season?
-Shehzad Ghias,mufc, karachi (One match and he has as many goals as our entire squad!)

…Or Rich Man’s Jesus
So that’s what a goal-scoring Jesus Navas can do then.
Adonis Stevenson, AFC

Be Brave, Louis
I was salivating when United bought Schneiderlin and Schweini. Seeing them being used, I am clearly disappointed. Yes, we have three good midfielders for the sitting role (Carrick). However, wasting one substitution every game on a midfield general is just stupidity. LVG should make the big call, play them every alternate game or play them for different games.

With Schneiderlin there, I doubt United need a second midfielder to sit back. Our entire back four is just as capable of handling the threats. Play a 4-1-4-1 with
Depay – Ander – Januzaj – Mata behind Rooney. If Rooney goes playing fetch, instruct Depay/Adnan to take his place upfront. This would be far more effective in games where teams will park the bus.

With three substitutions, you could experiment more. Switch out Fellaini to whoever is having an off day in that five and keep pinging balls to his head. The two combinations that worked like a charm last year havent been used – Fellaini and Young, Ander and Mata. I get that Fellaini is suspended but why would we not use Ander. He combination play with Mata is just magical.

It is important to have two attacking substitutions and then bring on a sitter, once the game is wrapped up.
Sudarsan Ravi (Armchair Manager and a real good one at that)

United Conclusions
Storey is right about Herrera. Its an odd situation whereby everybody in the world, including a lot of opposing fans seem to agree that he would make the team better yet the only man who really counts, disagrees.

– I don’t see the logic in playing 2 deep lying midfielders against a team who are “parking the bus”, they offered very little going forward so surely playing Herrera beside Schneiderlin/Schweinsteiger would have made more sense.

– The defence looks good. Hopefully de Gea plays again and it will become very good. People will say that Daley Blind is the weak link and will struggle against the better strikers. But in fairness, most defenders struggle against the likes of Costa, Aguero & Sanchez. I’m confident Smalling can handle himself against the bigger guys like Benteke, Lukaku & Pelle.

– I thought Shaw, Darmian & Memphis looked a little tired towards the end. They all put in a huge effort midweek and it seemed to affect them from 70mins onward at the weekend.

– Hernandez looked decent, certainly better than Rooney. Who I thought did okay when he dropped a little deeper.

– Rooney was unlucky with the offside. There was very little in it. Had that have been the other end of the pitch, the defender would have been between Rooney & the Linesman, I don’t think he would have seen enough daylight to give it then.

– Rooney seems to be the only one to get away with tactical indiscipline in Van Gaals set up. When Utd had that 4/5 game spell last year when they beat a few teams & played well, G Neville highlighted the fact that he was staying high up the pitch and occupying the 2 centre halves, which he was obviously told to do. He isn’t doing that anymore, as Daniel Storey alluded to. He is drifting around looking to get involved and vacating his position. Couple that with his poor touch and slack movement, Utd are finding it difficult to move the ball fluidly in the final third.

– I wouldn’t say there is a crisis at Utd, I thought they certainly did enough to win the game. I think Rooney was unlucky with the offside & they created 3 or 4 other good chances. Hernandez & Mata in particular missed good opportunities. But all in all, you would be expecting to comfortably despatch a team like that at home by 2 or 3 goals. I think they definitely need another signing but a lot of Utd’s problems stem from van Gaal’s team selection and tactics so I don’t see a Bale/Muller/Neymar just walking in and solving everything.

– It’s a big year for van Gaal and Rooney. If LvG scrapes 4th again then I think Ed may thank him for helping clean up David’s mess but will tell him Jurgen/Pep/Pardiola/Steve Bruce will take it from here. And if Rooney continues on as he has for the last year then people may pay a little more attention to Scholesy’s opinion that his best years are gone.
Dan,Ireland MUFC ( I DO NOT THINK that Utd Bale/Muller/Neymar would sign for Utd)

Man utd net spending reached £300M since Sir Alex retired, and they still have nothing to show for.

LVG saw it fit to opt against signing Pedro who has already registered a goal and an assist in chelsea’s first half against WBA. What is still harder to swallow are those silly tactics employed by the manager with Mata playing on the right and Januzaj just behind Rooney(who forgot how to play football).

I also don’t understand why Herrera isn’t playing when the team is clearly lacking creativity.

I think that it won’t be long before LVG is asked to leave because he isn’t making the right decisions and Man utd need to be in top 3 at least(and this isn’t happening).
Khushal (MUFC)

A Toon View
What a point for Newcastle, whisper it but our defence might have four premier league standard defenders in it, all at the same time and for longer than 3 weeks.

LVG is going to take some stick, rightly so if you ask me, unbalanced team selection is so blatant even for an armchair manager as myself.

Armchair manager because £46 is outrageous. It’s almost £200 all in if you consider travelling, food, few pints before hand and that for most, payday is still a week away.

TV need full stadiums, they should of invloved ticket pricing in their deals for rights, cheaper tickets offer fans a chance to save money, which could be spent paying Michael Owen’s wages.

Mitrovic looks like a footballer
George looks like a footballer
Our season might not end on January 3rd
Michael Owen is worse than Andy Townsend.
Ashley has spent money, still can’t believe I’m typing that
Paul (Anyone else catch the “Hit it too well” in commentary. Andy’s sharing his knowledge.) NUFC

Terry The New Rio
John Terry’s current predicament is so starkly similar to that of another great defender of his generation, that it’s uncanny. Rio Ferdinand too had a fantastic season in 2012/13, scoring the last ever “Fergie Time” goal, and generally being excellent to lead United to the title.

In my opinion, that should have been it. One last, great season. He should have left with Scholes and Sir Alex, in that blaze of glory (this is all being said in hindsight, of course). But we all know what came next. The old injury problems returned, not to mention squabbles with Moyeseh over the chips. He was packed off to QPR one season later, and after the fantastic career he’d had, it was a rather tame end.

Terry seems to be going the same way. He was outstanding last season, but seems to be overstaying his welcome, much like Rio did. Of course, the season is just 3 games old, and who’s to say he can’t recover from this slump (I hope he doesn’t)?. But a half-time substitution and a red card later, things aren’t looking too good for ol’ JT.
DJ, MUFC (we DO need a striker, Louis) India

Chelsea Thoughts
Thought I’d write in some thoughts on the West Brom vs Chelsea game as a somewhat neutral spectator.

– Chelsea benefitted immensely from a far more fluid attacking unit. They looked far more dangerous playing the trio of hazard-Willian-pedro as all three players were capable of moving into each other’s positions causing nightmares for the West Brom defenders and midfielders. These point was shown as hazard drifted in off the left to set up pedro for the opening goal.

– Diego Costa looked fitter and more importantly looked more focused on scoring and winning for Chelsea rather than any fights or silly incidents with West Brom players. He showed typical predator instincts to steal in at the back post to convert pedro’ cross-cum-shot. A positive sign for Chelsea supporters.

– One major concern for Chelsea fans has to be the form of Nemanja Matic. In my opinion he was Chelsea’s most valuable player last season but has had a sluggish start to the season. He was caught out on a few occasions by the West Brom attack and showed a huge lack in concentration as his lazy trip on Callum McManaman resulted in West Brom’s first half penalty. If Chelsea are to win the league a serious change in form is needed.

– The defensive frailties of last week still remain from last week. McManaman gave Ivanovic a tough time down the West Brom left with his cross from that side setting up Morrison’s second goal. Surely Baba Rahman must be given a chance at Left Back with Azpilicueta shifting over to the right hand side.

– The right card for John Terry may be considered soft, but the way Chelsea were cut apart by a simple through ball compounds their miserable defensive start to the season. Rondon looked lively on his full debut but there is no way he should’ve been allowed goal side that easily. John Terry caught out by a forward moving in behind again having finished last season without rarely being troubled by that is another worrying sign for Chelsea fans. Whether the addition of John Stones is the answer for Chelsea remains to be seen but something must be done about their current defensive frailties.

– Despite the numerical advantage, West Brom struggled to break down a stubborn. Aside from a brilliant Morrison header, they rarely stretched the Blues’ back line due to a lack of tempo. Sow, laboured build up resulted in crosses that were too easy for Chelsea’s weakened defence to deal with. West Brom did not get in behind the fullbacks enough to cause Chelsea enough problems to find their equaliser. Playing both Rondon and Lambert did not provide enough variation to change game plan for West Brom as they sought a 3rd goal. The two of them suited a direct style, relying on quality service from wide areas which never came.

A massive result for Chelsea who finally record their first win. Question marks remain over the defensive third, but getting 3 points on the board was vital for Mourinho. A disappointing afternoon for Tony Pulis who’s side really should have made their numerical advantage pay. 1 point from 3 games may have been expected as the side faced both city and Chelsea in the opening trio, but 6 goals conceded at home must be a concern for the man who is famed for his side’s solid defensive displays.
Alex AFC

Because They Won…
Dear Editor,

I need to get this off my chest regardless of publication. So Chelsea are down to 10 men, one of their players go down injured, and on rush the medical staff with the subsequent removal of the treated player reducing Jose’s team to 9 men temporarily. Two weeks ago that was punishable by demotion of said medical staff. This week, nothing.

How did he not get asked about this after the match? Surely the media have not forgotten so quickly? It’s amazing what a win can do. What was really going on?
Garth, AFC, Cape Town

Is Ings Regretting His Move?
It’s only two games in, but Danny Ings has yet to kick a ball for Liverpool in the league and will presumably be back on the bench against Arsenal. It could be a long season for him.

Sure, at Spurs, he would be behind Harry Kane in the pecking order, but he’d have had a good run out by now. Even if Spurs signed Berahino, a three-man strike force of Kane, Ings and Berahino would be versatile and surely offer plenty of playing time to all three as Pochettino likes a goalscoring wideman in the Jay Rodriguez mold. All three are capable of playing either number 10 or wide, as well as up top.

At Liverpool, Ings is behind Benteke and Sturridge in the striker pecking order, not to mention Roberto Firmino. Liverpool also want to give time to Origi, plus have Jordan Ibe, Markovic, Coutinho and Lallana in the attacking midfield/wideman roles. Liverpool also have Balotelli on the payroll, and Borini is still there I believe, although presumably they will want to shift the both of them by the deadline.

I wonder if he is regretting his decision to go to Liverpool rather than Spurs yet? Sure, the money is far better at Liverpool and it is a marginally bigger club (although not in terms of recent league positions), but that surely doesn’t sufficiently compensate for the lack of action he faces. I fear he was badly advised by his agent, or Liverpool offered false promises about the summer transfer strategy. Or, more likely, Liverpool was making up its transfer strategy on the hoof through the summer…

If he is regretting his move, is it too late to change his mind and come to Spurs? It’s not quite as mad as it sounds.

For starters, no fee has yet been set or paid to Burnley from what I have read. Second, while I’m not sure on the rules of being transferred twice in the same window, he could definitely leave on loan with a full deal agreed for January.

This could be a tidy solution for all parties: Liverpool turn a quick profit on a player they don’t need, Spurs get another bloody striker, and Ings joins a team that actually needs him and where he can develop properly. England meanwhile get one of our most promising young strikers playing regularly. Someone may want to chip in a few quid to send Burnley’s way too, just to show the Premier League isn’t totally taking the p*ss.
Charlie, THFC, Somerset

Window Madness
I’ve heard a few managers say it, they say it every summer and Pulis is now the latest and it’s now really annoyed me. They all seem to say this nonsense that the transfer window should shut the day before the season starts. Are they all really this thick? The other big European countries end their window at the end of August/beginning of September and would they really want to move theirs to accommodate the start of the English season? It’s just pure arrogance to think so.

Or maybe they would be happy for the English window to end 3 weeks before the other big European countries do. However that would be stupid. Imagine Juventus on the last week in August suddenly putting in a big blockbusting bid for Berahino. West Brom would have their star centre forward unsettled and wanting to move and would themselves be unable to buy a replacement. Just madness.

Also they seem to forget that before the transfer window was introduced clubs could buy players at any time during the season up to the end of March. The window has shortened the chances of their top players leaving.

I just don’t get how they can’t understand this, I really don’t.
Bradley Kirrage.

Dear f365,
Mourinho is correct
. I want Chelsea to lose every game. Because he is a p**ck.

Stu, Southampton

Player Abbreviations
Abbreviating player names and numbers together is a real pet hate of mine, just about getting used to seeing CR7 without getting a swelling rage inside me.

Then in Sundays mailbox Bala, MUFC (of course) refers to Bastian Schweinsteger as “BS31”

A new low.
Conor, Dublin

Is it me or is Fabregas the lovechild of Pedro and Diego Costa?

Neymar to United? Go home transfer window, you’re drunk.
David (not a bad signing if you ask me) Ireland

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