Is It Time To Panic At Manchester United?

Date published: Thursday 1st January 1970 12:00 -

Is It Time To Panic At Manchester United?

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How long until #FreeAnder starts trending?
Nuks (Darmian is United’s best signing so far) Cape Town

Man United Midfield Thoughts
United are as boring as Van Gaal himself is. Except when he is drunk.

We need to get used to such frustrating performances from Depay. It’s easy to forget he’s still just developing and can’t be a CR7 from day 1.

United are a De Gea / Keylor Navas away from having a decent defence – Especially with the inclusion of Schneiderlin, it’s not a pressing concern as long as we don’t have injuries and have some stability there. Of course I wouldn’t complain if we can sign someone like John Stones or Laporte – but then that’s just plain dreaming.

Schneiderlin and Carrick shouldn’t play in the same team. SCHWEINSTEIGER and Herrera are actually the like for like replacements. When BS31 came off in the 60th minute, I thought it was a situation for Herrera and not another deep lying midfielder.

We could buy an attacking midfielder and starve Januzaj and Perreira of chances – but Ideally I would like for them to be given the chance to fulfill their potential given that still we are only perhaps targeting a 2nd / 3rd place rather than a title challenge.

Hernandez should start ahead of Rooney. Whatever the excuses, he simply is not good enough. Hernandez seems to have greater drive and will to perform.

Of course, it’s glaring what the flaws are with the United team and what sorta signings will solve them. Whether dear bungling Ed Woodward can address them is a different question altogether.

It may be a silly point – But I just wonder why United are turning out to be such a tough problem to fix. All other big clubs change managers and are doing fine. Swansea, Southampton etc play equal if not better football with admittedly lesser players. Imagine if Mata, Depay or SCHWEINSTEIGER walked into their teams and how much better we would be. And yet, we seem to struggle on the whole. Why is it that United alone seem to be stuck in a muck of boring toothless football.
Bala (FKIN play Ander Herrera) MUFC

Cause For Concern?
As a Man Utd fan I’m wondering if it may be time to panic. Pedro probably would’ve been a good move, however it’s definitely not something to get your knickers in a twist about. It was very clear, that to sign him, all that was required was to meet the buy-out clause. Using the Liverpool School of Economics method, United have only spent about £20 million this window, so obviously cash was not the issue. There must be something in the pipeline right? There simply has to be.

For me, United need two more players, and they don’t even have to be that brilliant. Any semi-decent goal scorer will do, and the same in regard to a central defender. If it’s a case of getting very serious about being right at the business end on as many fronts as possible, then yeah, go and sign someone World Class. But do something! If we’re not going to be the best, at least keep us interested. The seeming inaction is making me worry.

On the plus side, the team as is, will of course improve over time, and things will click.
Joe Donohoe

Calm Down On Memphis
I see that after Depay’s mesmerising performance against the European giants Club Brugge, it took an average Premier League team all of 15 mins to work out how to defend against his cut inside/shoot at the top corner move.

Now, at just 21, clearly the kid has plenty of time on his side. But maybe Wednesday morning was a little early to be hailing the Second Coming of George Best (or Cantona/Beckham/Ronaldo).
gomez, Manchester

Is Van Gaal ‘Harry Kane’ing James Wilson?
The following is a moot point if United do end up buying a striker in the next 10 days BUT if they don’t, who’s to say James Wilson can’t pull off a poor man’s version Harry Kane this season? I don’t quite believe the reports that LVG is satisfied with his strikers and not looking to buy but if it is true, I think it may have something to do with what he saw from Kane last season. Allow me to explain.

Harry Kane scored 21 Premier league goals last season in 34 appearances. Before that he managed 3 league goals in 11 appearances. James Wilson currently has 3 league goals in 14 appearances. Like Kane last season, Wilson finds himself starting this season behind two under-performing veteran strikers. If Rooney continues to struggle you have to think Wilson will get a fair shot to prove himself ahead of the unfancied Chicharito.

Everyone agrees that James Wilson is talented and has the ingredients to be an effective top flight striker but he hasn’t found the right recipe yet at his tender age. There were similar comments about Kane 12 months ago. At the very least Wilson looks as competent as Kane did before the start of last season. So if Kane can bag 21 with an inferior Tottenham team (Eriksen was the only world-class player providing him service) what’s stopping Wilson from contributing 10 goals to the campaign with better players around him? Stranger things have happened.

It’s not a Plan A, not a strategy to rely on. That’s madness. And even if it works you still need at least 15 goals from Rooney. But if United don’t find a striker for the right price in the coming days it’s a backup plan that just might work out and let Rooney off the hook from the 25 goals he’s expected to score this season.
Vishnu, New York MUFC

Something In The Water
At the very end of “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” the bad guy drinks the wrong cup trying to pick the Holy Grail, ages incredibly fast and dies. All I’m saying is somebody should look at Wayne Rooney’s water bottle.
Ian, LFC Hartford, CT USA

Dirty ‘Arry
What with Bournemouth playing well currently, and looking entirely like a team that could stay up comparatively easily…… It makes me wonder how big a smear job, and how many times ‘arry will have to go on tv to ‘not’ talk about Bournemouth or his desire to get back to work will be?!
Martin (Harry is a terrible joke manager), Chorley

Appreciate Graham Simons email on the use of club nicknames to describe yourself.

Bit harder when you have to introduce yourself as a Cottager though….
Adam, FFC

…And Celebrations
After reading the mail sent in by Rob McMenzie on the Worst Celebrations I concluded he had not seen Asamoah Gyan’s

On goal celebrations.

What about Kevin Nolan doing his chicken dance celebration? He seems to have stopped these days, or is it just he hasn’t scored any goals?

Still pretty loathsome a sight.

Youth Hostelling With Ian Wright
After finally watching last week’s Match of the Day,somebody in the wardrobe department needs to tell Ian Wright the ‘Chris Eubank look’ isn’t the best…what on earth is he thinking?

Sy Scott, Leeds

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