Is this Liverpool’s last title chance for 50 years?

Date published: Thursday 17th October 2019 10:42

We ignored all the e-mails about racism/Bulgaria because it is time to move on. So let’s talk football. Mail


Why the Premier League is f***ing brilliant
Norwich beating City, is something that rarely happens in the other European leagues.

Newcastle beating United, was a shock result. Seeing the Longstaff brothers play alongside each other, with the younger brother making his home debut and scoring the winning goal is like a Hollywood ending.

Who would have Lampard would be winning at Chelsea with a bunch of kids. Thanks Alan Hansen.

Every non-United fan is enjoying the meltdown of Manchester United. Please don’t sack Ole, the train wreck is awesome.

Teams in the Premier League don’t play dead, like the other leagues.

What fun is it to watch Barcelona, Bayern, Juventus and PSG. Chances are they will win their respective leagues.
Chris Toronto (Gooner)


Talking of anybody beating anybody…
Looking towards the weekend. Anyone else think it is written in the stars for Man Utd to somehow beat Liverpool?
David LFC (if I say it, it won’t happen will it?)


This is Liverpool’s last chance for 50 years…
Long-time reader and writer but never published.

Away from the racism issues, Tottenham crashing story seems to be old news, but I want to point out some pattern there which I did like Liverpool to observe. After six years Tottenham having been in good form and all that now seems to have expired. It bore similarity to Liverpool who seems to be in their final year before they wound up, and so this might be the only year available for Liverpool to win the Premier League as they seem to play with paper over their cracks. If Liverpool fail to win the league this season they may have to wait for another 30 years or 50 years before they find another anomaly (Klopp).
Samuel, West Africa


Mid-table obsession
Every day I click on f365 and read the mailbox and see many mails regarding Man Utd’s current plight. I can’t ever remember a time where I’ve seen so many mails published over a bang average mid table team……..odd.


…Please… for all that is holy and also my sanity, can we just get back to talking about football. International breaks are bad enough, but the politics and racism issues raised up on top in the mailbox make me want to cut off my penis with a rusty butter knife (hello old Mediawatch story of the day). I can take the never ending Man Utd mails sobbing about their demise as a scouse (although.. they too are getting tedious!). The Man Utd conundrum is quite simple as one Utd supporter alluded to a while back – winter is coming. You have had your (very long) time in the sun. It’s just the way the cosmos works – cyclical. Suck it up buttercups.
Ben (please bring back non-football story of the day) Howarth


Ole’s at the wheel…
Tell me how good does it feel!
That if he takes us any lower, then Ed
Will get Big Sam on the blower, instead.
And find a Serie B loan offer for Fred.
Cos he we are doo doo doo doo doo doo!
Ian, LFC (normally don’t like their songs…) Hartford, CT USA


Lingard simply does not work hard…
John Brannigan is, I think, partly right in his assertion of Lingard and also right to correct his mention of intelligence being a factor. As a United fan I have a far simpler theory, the lad is not hard working enough.

Before anyone brings up stats on how many miles Lingard runs in a game, compared to other United players or the most runningest (it’s a word, honest) players in other teams, I am not talking about running round like a Labrador chasing a tennis ball. What United are missing most of all is a leader who sets the right examples. Cantona, Keane, Beckham and even the Nevilles understood the importance of hard work, primarily on the training pitch, they also set the bar high for the others to match. There are numerous stories of Cantona and Beckham continuing long after training, practicing their free-kicks and set pieces. Keane wasn’t shy of giving any player a bollocking for slacking in training, let alone on the pitch and then there was Ferguson, say no more.

These are the factors United are missing, who leads on the pitch now? Pogba? Don’t make me laugh, he’s too worried about his haircut, Mata could but I fear his nice guy persona means he isn’t likely to dish out some verbals. Matic is still trying to sort out his own form and the other players are too young and/or inexperienced. McGuire could become that leader, given time, but he’s still finding his feet at a new club. The likes of Lingard are not being set the right example and, as a result, the club is suffering. The best thing Ole could do is to sell Pogba in January or the summer and bring in a leader on the pitch with some balls and the right work ethic. All the top clubs have them, it could be that the loss of Kompany is why City are falling behind this year, by all accounts he was their leader, despite not playing that much.
Paul, Man Utd


Talking titles, job descriptions and roles…
Genuine questions for the mailbox:

· What does Head of Recruitment do?

· What does a Director of Football do?

· What does a Manager do?

· What does a head coach do?

I’m really struggling to understand the roles and jurisdiction of the above. Where does the jurisdiction of the DoF start and the manager/head of recruitment stop, is the manager just a glorified head coach? If the DoF is there to maintain continuity over time, doesn’t hiring the wrong DoF have a bigger negative impact than hiring the wrong manager?

If a manager is hired on a short-term contract a DoF makes perfect sense, if the manager is going to be there long term isn’t a DoF just duplicating the managers work? And why would a manager who is going to be there long term let someone else decide how his team will play and who will be in it?
Questioning Dave?

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