Italy pip England to top Euro 2020 nations ranked on form

Date published: Thursday 10th June 2021 12:57 - Ian Watson

Only one Euro 2020 nation has been in better form than England over the last 10 matches. Il calcio ste tornendo e casa…

Euro 2020 gets underway on Friday, with the nation in the best form kicking it off. Here’s how all 24 teams compare over their last 10 matches…


24) Croatia
W3 D2 L5 F14 A14 Pts 11
Last friendly: Belgium 1-0 Croatia
Euros opener: v England, Sunday, Wembley


23) Russia
W3 D4 L3 F11 A14 Pts 13
Last friendly: Russia 1-0 Bulgaria
Euros opener: v Belgium, Saturday, St Petersburg


22) Slovakia
W3 D4 L3 F10 A11 Pts 13
Last friendly: Austria 0-0 Slovakia
Euros opener: v Poland, Monday, St Petersburg


21) Ukraine
W3 D4 L3 F11 A12 Pts 13
Last friendly: Ukraine 4-0 Cyprus
Euros opener: v Netherlands, Sunday, Amsterdam


20) Poland
W3 D4 L3 F16 A12 Pts 13
Last friendly: Poland 2-2 Iceland
Euros opener: v Slovakia, Monday, St Petersburg


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19) Finland
W4 D2 L4 F13 A13 Pts 14
Last friendly: Finland 0-1 Estonia
Euros opener: v Denmark, Saturday, Copenhagen


18) Czech Republic
W5 D1 L4 F15 A12 Pts 16
Last friendly: Czech Republic 3-1 Albania
Euros opener: v Scotland, Monday, Hampden Park


17) North Macedonia
W5 D3 L2 F21 A11 Pts 17
Last friendly: North Macedonia 4-0 Kazakhstan
Euros opener: v Austria, Sunday, Bucharest


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16) Wales
W5 D3 L2 F8 A7 Pts 18
Last friendly: Wales 0-0 Albania
Euros opener: v Switzerland, Saturday, Baku


15) Sweden
W6 D0 L4 F15 A13 Pts 18
Last friendly: Sweden 3-1 Armenia
Euros opener: v Spain, Monday, Seville


14) Austria
W5 D3 L2 F13 A10 Pts 18
Last friendly result: Austria 0-0 Slovakia
Euros opener: v North Macedonia, Sunday, Bucharest


13) Scotland
W5 D3 L2 F13 A8 Pts 18
Last friendly: Luxembourg 0-1 Scotland
Euros opener: v Czech Republic, Monday, Hampden Park


12) Turkey
W5 D4 L1 F22 A13 Pts 19
Last friendly: Turkey 2-0 Moldova
Euros opener: v Italy, Friday, Rome


11) Spain
W5 D4 L1 F19 A6 Pts 19
Last friendly: Spain 0-0 Portugal
Euros opener: v Sweden, Monday, Seville


10) Netherlands
W5 D4 L1 F23 A10 Pts 19
Last friendly: Netherlands 3-0 Georgia
Euros opener: v Ukraine, Sunday, Amsterdam


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9) Germany
W6 D2 L2 F22 A15 Pts 20
Last friendly: Germany 7-1 Latvia
Euros opener: v France, Tuesday, Munich


8) Switzerland
W6 D2 L2 F24 A11 Pts 20
Latest: Switzerland 7-0 Liechtenstein
Euros opener: v Wales, Saturday, Baku


7) Portugal
W6 D3 L1 F23 A6 Pts 21
Last friendly: Portugal 4-0 Israel
Euros opener: v Hungary, Tuesday, Budapest


6) Hungary
W6 D4 Lb F17 A6 Pts 22
Last friendly: Hungary 0-0 Republic of Ireland
Euros opener: v Portugal, Tuesday, Budapest

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5) France
W7 D2 L1 F17 A6 Pts 23
Last friendly: France 3-0 Bulgaria
Euros opener: v Germany, Tuesday, Munich


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4) Belgium
W7 D2 L1 F25 A9 Pts 23
Last friendly: Belgium 1-0 Croatia
Euros opener: v Russia, Saturday, St Petersburg


3) Denmark
W8 D1 L1 F27 A6 Pts 25
Last friendly: Denmark 2-0 Bosnia
Euros opener: v Finland, Saturday, Copenhagen


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2) England
W8 D2 L0 F20 A5 Pts 26
Last friendly: England 1-0 Romania
Euros opener: v Croatia, Sunday, Wembley


1) Italy
W8 D2 L0 F26 A1 Pts 26
Last friendly: Italy 4-0 Czech Republic
Euros opener: v Turkey, Friday, Rome


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