Carragher delivers damning verdict on Moshiri and names Everton as the ‘worst-run club in the country’

Ben Stewart
Everton owner Farhad Moshiri with Bill Kenwright (right). Issue date: Monday January 23, 2023.

Jamie Carragher has had his say on the sacking of Frank Lampard and where he thinks the club has gone wrong over the last few years.

Everton took the decision to sack Lampard with the club sat 19th in the table. The Toffees have only won three league matches all season and have collected just 15 points so far.

Lampard’s win percentage as Everton boss was just 27.91%, which is lower than the likes of Rafael Benítez and Sam Allardyce.

Despite Everton’s poor run of form under Lampard, Carragher has suggested that the club’s problems come from higher up.

The pundit told Sky Sports: “There were no banners against Frank Lampard, they were against Farhad Moshiri and the board. I have said Everton are the worst-run club in the country.

“That wasn’t a flippant remark as an ex-Liverpool player, I’m saying it as an ex-Everton fan. When I made that comment, Everton got in touch with me and I admired it, being on the front foot to defend your club. But I didn’t think I was wrong then and I’m not wrong now.

“Moshiri doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he’s got a lot of money.

“The same sorts of players are getting brought in, managers are getting changed left, right and centre. Why does every Everton manager fail?

“Lampard, Champions League winning managers like Benitez and Ancelotti, Silva, Koeman has been around the world. So when a club fails, you have to look at the top. It’s a mess.”

Everton finished 16th last season which was their lowest league finish in over 15 years. The club has been on a steady decline for some time now as years of sub-par recruitment has now caught up with them.

Carragher adds: “The big problem is also the divide between Moshiri, Bill Kenwright and Denise Barrett-Baxendale – everyone in the city knows it.

“What is the role of Kenwright and Barrett-Baxendale at the football club? It’s not financial. The owner is not listening to them. He does his own thing. If they are there for expertise they are not getting listened to. So what is the point of them being there?

“I think someone from the Everton board should have been at that game – the statement the club put out was bang out of order,” Carragher said.

“It felt like they demonised the whole fanbase. I’m not saying the threats were lies – who knows? There was nothing reported to the police.

“But they threw the whole fanbase under the bus and you don’t do that, especially in Liverpool, where you back your own, whether that is family or the football club. Those supporters kept them up last season.

“Supporters are protesting and want the board out of the club – on the back of that statement I don’t see how they can go back to Goodison Park.

“Lampard may have gone but the banners aren’t going anywhere until those people have left the club. Until there is serious change there, they won’t get the fans back onside.”

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