Redknapp pinpoints main reason for Spurs drop off in form

Joe Williams
Jamie Redknapp Spurs

Jamie Redknapp thinks Spurs boss Jose Mourinho is “trying to please the fans” too much and should go back to playing his way.

Tottenham have only managed three wins in their last 12 Premier League matches, with four losses in their last five fixtures, including a 3-0 loss to Manchester City on Saturday.

Their poor form has seen Spurs drop from potential title contenders to ninth position in a couple of months, with Mourinho coming under pressure from sections of the fanbase.

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And Redknapp doubts Tottenham would be in this position now if Mourinho hadn’t tried to “make other people happy”.

“Tottenham were outclassed in so many areas,” Redknapp told Sky Sports. “They were top on December 15 and now they’re 14 points behind Man City. When I look at the team that was top, a lot of people were talking about them being able to win the league, they’re loving the way they’re playing, a Jose masterclass, defensively sound and breathtaking on the break.

“But when I see this Spurs side right now, it’s a shadow of that team. No pace going forward, Son is doing more defending than attacking and the way they’re playing right now, that almost feels like a Jose masterclass and they are really struggling.

“It almost feels like Jose is trying to make other people happy with the way he’s playing. When they were playing well at that stage, they were playing Moussa Sissoko and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg and it wasn’t a joy to watch, but it was winning for them.

“Now it’s like he’s almost trying to please the fans and it’s not working. Rotating the back four all the time – when does that bring anyone any confidence? Then he said they’d made mistakes – yes, because you keep changing the back four every week. That’s what it feels like to me.

“It’s a team that is lacking confidence, but he has to accept responsibility for that. He brings in Dele Alli and Gareth Bale and he wants them to bail him out, if you like. He’s been treating them badly, they’ve not been in the team and now you’re asking them to make a difference for you? That’s not how modern football works.

“You need to keep players onside and Jose is making a habit right now of upsetting too many people that he needs as allies, not enemies.”