Redknapp names his Premier League Player of the Season

Joe Williams
Jamie Redknapp Spurs

Former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp thinks Manchester City midfielder Kevin de Bruyne deserves to win Premier League Player of the Season after another brilliant season for Pep Guardiola’s side.

Liverpool are currently 25 points clear of Man City in the Premier League table with a number of the Reds’ players having fantastic seasons, including Virgil van Dijk, Sadio Mane and Jordan Henderson.

However, City playmaker De Bruyne has stood out above the rest in Redknapp’s opinion.

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Redknapp told Sky Sports: “His statistics this year have been his best ever, and if the rest of the City side had been as consistent as him, they’d probably be in contention with Liverpool.

“For me, De Bruyne’s assists and goals really make him stand out for me. His numbers are just far and away better than anyone else’s. If it does go to somebody outside of the Liverpool team, he is the only person you can really mention, because he has been that good, and has shone like a star in that City side at the moment.


“I would say he’s the best Premier League passer I’ve seen, and that’s including David Beckham, Paul Scholes, all of them, because he has the variation of passing.

“If we finish the season, he will break Thierry Henry’s assist record 20.”

Redknapp added: “As a young player, I remember seeing him play for Genk, in a Champions League game against Chelsea before he signed for them, and he played wide. I think that helped him a lot because he learned how to cross the ball, and where forwards want it.

“Obviously, going to play in Germany and then Manchester City, he became more of a central player, but he never forgot that ability to cross the ball.

“His weight of pass is phenomenal. He picks the ball up in that little pocket, where the right-back sets it back to him, and he plays that first-time ball into that corridor of uncertainty between the centre-halves and the goalkeeper, and it’s just so inviting for the likes of Sergio Aguero, Gabriel Jesus and Raheem Sterling. It’s so hard in the modern game to be able to play the passes he does.

“His pass appreciation, his weight of pass, is as good as anybody I have seen. Watching De Bruyne from a central area, where he just slides the ball in, you sometimes just think: ‘How has he seen that?’ He sees things in the blink of an eye, and I think that’s what sets him apart.”


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