Jesse Lingard isn’t young anymore, he’s just a bit sh*t

Date published: Thursday 17th October 2019 2:30

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Liverpool’s last chance for 50 years? A ludicrous assumption…
Firstly congratulations on making the mailbox. I made my mailbox debut this year and its was glorious. So enjoy the day. But…..ludicrous assumption buddy.

I don’t think i need to explain in too much detail why, but assuming this Liverpool team who lost 3 cup finals before they went back and won “big ears” are going to crumble if they fail to win a league they haven’t won in 30 years because “Spurs” seems a stretch. I have started following Liverpool in the early 90’s so I have seen some week, useless, boring, talent-less, luck ridden, one man team representations of LFC and let me tell you this team, this project, this situation is the best I have ever witnessed. This is a proper revival for the club not a flash in the pan like 05 or 13/14. Its only a matter of time before “papering over the cracks” or “luck” gets recognized for what its is: a winning mentality. (see Man united under Ferguson for context).

Wishful thinking on your part or maybe your trolling?

Either way as Rio would say “we are back baby (rub hands vigorously) FSG are at the wheel come on”.
Luke (going for the hatrick in my debut year of writing in)


Lingard just isn’t very good. 
All this talk of why Lingard has produced nothing lately is really confusing to me. Is it his intelligence, his commitment to his clothing brand, social media etc etc. How how has no one made the point that he’s just not very good? A while back he scored a few goals for United and England but that was him in the form of his life. I’m going to risk being made to look silly in the future and say he will NEVER hit that high ever again. Sir Alex would have let him go years ago and you can be sure he wouldn’t get near the first team of any team in the top six. Indeed, his continued presence is indicative of the wider issue.

As for the rest of the squad, Alex Ferguson might have got them challenging but Ole, sorry, but just no. Pogba wants out, Mata is now too old and slow having never been the quickest to start with. Matic the same. Fred is…Fred. McTominay could be a decent DM. Rashford and Martial have potential to be much better but can’t do everything, especially with a shit midfield supplying them.

There’s no mystery here. There are too many players who aren’t good enough or have bad attitudes. Patience isn’t the problem, it’s a massive lack of quality from top to bottom at the club. I expect Mane and Co are licking their lips in anticipation of Sunday.
Alan, Córdoba. 


…Enough talking about Lingard needing an example on the pitch. I know this has been mentioned before but he isn’t young. He is 8 months younger than Mane and almost 27. He doesn’t need an example. If he isn’t the player he should yet, he needs to go
David (He just acts very young) Morris


How can football and politics be kept apart?
Football clubs are owned by political leaders. Football associations are governed / regulated by politicians. Football has it’s own internal politics that is in constant contact with external politics. Football clubs are businesses functioning within an economy. Should Economics and Politics be segregated?

A cohort of people among us seem to have lost touch with the true function of government. Representatives are elected by us to make decisions for us. If we are unhappy with their decisions then we are obligated to tell them. Futbol Club Barcelona and it’s shareholders are directly affected by political decisions. In turn the fans / members / customers / suppliers etc are impacted upon.

Whether you think the jailing of the Catalan leaders was an injustice or not is important and should be voiced, thats how democracy functions after all. To try and silence people simply because they work for or are aligned to a specific football club is a path we should never go down. After all it’s our own voice we’re silencing.

Some will say kicking fans out of football grounds for chanting racist slurs is no different. The difference is the colour of someones skin is not any concern of ours, nor is their sexual orientation or any other harmless human traits. We have no right to police these matters nor should we want to. Political decisions by their very nature are our concern whichever side of centre you lean.
Sam O’Brien


The Premier League is f***ing brilliant, but so is the Bundesliga!
Yes Chris Toronto the Premier League is great but lets not pretend it’s not fun to be a fan in other leagues especially the Bundesliga at the moment.  Bayern aren’t top following a home defeat to Hoffenheim last time out in fact after 7 games there is just 2 points separating the leaders Borussia Mönchengladbach with 7th place Leverkusen with 5 teams tied on 14 points.

As for shock results, Union Berlin are in their first ever season in the Bundesliga – their only win? A 3-1 defeat of last season’s runners-up Borussia Dortmund. Given the resources at the two clubs arguably as big a shock as the Norwich result v City.

There may be no Lampard comparison as they are unique circumstances at Chelsea forcing the kids to be played but the good news stories is at Freiburg, who sit 4th under a manager in Christian Streich who is seen as a cult figure at the club and been there since 2011 and slowly improving the team over the last 8 years despite a relegation during that time.

No meltdown of a big club this year though but everyone is still enjoying seeing if Hamburg can get back to the top flight following their first relegation 2 seasons back.  They are top at the moment but they were last year and collapsed near the end.

So yeah, the PL is brilliant but this year, at least, the Bundesliga is just as good.
Paul (Auf geht’s Eintracht), Frankfurt


“Don’t pi$$ down my back and tell me its raining”
Enjoyed Browners view in yesterdays mailbox on the current Republic of Ireland situation. While I agree that we are indeed woefully short of talented players these days I don’t take accept this as the reason for our lack of goals and overall sterile / abysmal quality of play. While I long for the days we had a squad made up of mostly established and experienced Premier League players such as Damien Duff, Keano (x2) and Richard Dunne, the fact is that we are now unfortunately drawing mainly on players from Championship level or below. The starting 11 vs Switzerland consisted mostly of Championship players and players who are only just new to the Premier League (the Sheffield Utd boys, Aaron Connolly). The only players of any great experience at the highest level in our squad are either past their best (Whelan, Hendrick and ‘Gave the ball away 25-times in one game’ McClean) or languishing in the bottom half of the PL (Duffy, Coleman).

But we’re no different to our neighbours North of the border. Michael O’Neill has established a competitive team that successfully qualified for the last Euros from a group containing Germany, Czech Republic and Norway and are holding their own in their current World Cup group just behind the Germans and the Dutch. They’re doing this by playing attractive football and not the ‘agricultural sh*te’ we’re current seeing from this ROI team, and all with a squad made up of players from the likes of Millwall, Middlesbrough, Hearts and the mighty Sarpsborg 08 (from Noway apparently…had to Google that one Kyle Lafferty).
I guess my point is that while the current crop of Irish players are not as talented as what we’re used to, having a modern manager with a progressive approach to playing football that his players believe in can overcome a shortfall in quality. The Outlaw Josey Wales put it best –  “Don’t pi$$ down my back and tell me its raining”
Neil (AVFC, Dublin)

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