Jordan claims Man Utd job is ‘too big’ for Ten Hag after seeing him in a suit

Joe Williams
Man Utd boss Erik ten Hag points instructions to his teamErik ten Hag points instructions to his team

A quick interview and an oversized suit has seen Simon Jordan make his mind up about new Man Utd boss Erik ten Hag after following their victory over Liverpool.

The Red Devils emerged from Old Trafford victorious on Monday night, thanks to goals from Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford, in a match that few gave them a chance of winning.

Man Utd were under pressure late on after Mo Salah got Jurgen Klopp’s men back into the match late on but the 2-1 win saw the Red Devils go above Liverpool in the early Premier League table.

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Reacting to their promising win over last season’s runners-up, Ten Hag said in an interview with Sky Sports: “We can talk about tactical but it is all about attitude. There was communication and a fighting spirit.

“I wanted a different approach and a different attitude and that is what they brought on the pitch. It is only a start. We can play with much more composure and much more danger. Be a team and have a good spirit – and that is what we saw today.

“It is not always about what I said. I said we have to act and not to talk a lot and make sure you are a team and battle and be brave and give each other options.

“It makes me happy that Rashford and Sancho got the goals. Fernandes took the responsibility and the captaincy encouraged him. He showed leadership with Varane. They made a huge difference. It is not just them; we need more leaders. When you want to win you need leaders and the spirit we showed today.

“I am happy with the performance but we have to bring it every game. Don’t just bring it against Liverpool. Every Premier League game is difficult, we need to bring it to every game. It starts, once again, with the spirit.

“I have a squad and we have to use the squad. We play 50-60 games, from game-to-game we will see what team we will pick. I don’t have to mention Maguire and Ronaldo – they are amazing players and they will play a role in the future and the short-term future as well.

“We have the right players, I am convinced of that. The window is not closed and you need numbers and also quality.”

But former Crystal Palace chairman Jordan thinks Ten Hag’s interview with the media after the match showed the “job is too big for him”, while his suit also became an issue.

Jordan said on talkSPORT: “You know what I took away from that interview yesterday? Honestly, and people are going to say ‘nah, this is Jordan’, I looked at Ten Hag and I thought ‘this job is going to be too big for you.’ That was my takeaway.

“I listened to the interview, I watched him stand there, I looked at a small man in a suit that doesn’t fit him and I thought to myself ‘you don’t look like I thought you would.’

“Do you know what I thought he would look like in personality and demeanour? Jaap Stam, that sort of chest out, I know he’s not got the physical components of Jaap Stam.”

Jordan added: “But when I saw his list of rules about ‘you won’t do this and you won’t talk outside the dressing room.’ Ronaldo isnt fit, it’s an easy decision not to play Ronaldo because he isn’t match fit, so I don’t look at it and go ‘that was such a brave decision’.

“Because the media build up such a back story about important Ronaldo is, it doesn’t mean that Ten Hag is so brave that he doesn’t follow the narrative of the scribes. He can see if Ronaldo is fit or not, so if Ronaldo isn’t match fit you wouldn’t play him, would you?”