Jordan Henderson is Liverpool’s Pogba…

Date published: Thursday 29th November 2018 10:01

Anything to add in the afternoon Mailbox?

Liverpool’s Pogba
Jordan Henderson currently is the gap between Liverpool truly challenging for the title.

He tries to exude this style of play similar to pirlo, Gerrard or Lampard when they were in there mid 30’s trotting around the pitch reflecting happily on their glorious careers and taking a backseat.

However, Henderson plays like this during his prime. He offers no value to this Liverpool team.

Every other Liverpool midfielder has a distinct trait that they bring to the team. Keita his box to box running and driving into the defence, Milner his harrying and somewhat skill to always find an assist, Winaldjum his gile and finness on the ball.

When Henderson defends he just chases players and never actually makes a game changing tackle, when he has the ball he looks back and at best sideways and never makes an incisive pass forward.

It is extremely difficult watching him play, and he almost acts as a 2nd referee just telling people what to do and dosent actually join into the play.

He is truly the Liverpool version on Pogba.
Alex T



Liverpool’s CL attack, Championship midfield
If the suggestion has been made before that Benitez is a Champions League standard manager over a Championship level squad (with validity), then by the same token it could be argued that Liverpool have a Champions League standard attack handicapped by a Championship level midfield.

And when that attack isn’t firing on all cylinders (two thirds of it were subdued tonight), and they only manage one shot on target all game, it leaves Liverpool dangling on the precipice of elimination.

Six yellow cards is the stuff of Pulis’ dreams. I wonder will there as much critique over Liverpool’s blunted display as there was over Mourinho’s exchange with the water bottles on Tuesday night?
Brian, Wexford


…Long time reader first time writing in, have to say as a lifelong Liverpool fan I genuinely find this season one of the most frustrating in recent years and that is saying something.

After last year’s highs ( I genuinely don’t consider the final a low ) we where never supposed to be there and we overachieved, we also had a favorable draw let’s just be honest, But with all that being said I was more than optimistic for this season, even before the final I kept saying its next season I’m excited about, and indeed I was, we seemed to sign and strengthen perfectly.

Yet here we are in November and I’m seeing 3 former right wingers in the middle, Wijnaldum Henderson and Milner, and these 3 seem to be Klopp’s first choice, signing 2 players for 100 million who aren’t yet ready ( according to Klopp ) says more to me about us then them. You would also be lead to believe our midfield 3 have been fantastic and are keeping the 2 lads out of the team, that simply isn’t true and in every big game this season they’ve been horribly outclassed, one of then should be playing not 3.

I am also fully aware of the other issues in the squad, the main 2 in my eyes being we badly need a number 10, or play that little tank on the bench since he clearly merits a place in the 11. The other being that Firmino seems to have completely forgot how to complete the simplest of passes and his second touch is a tackle now.

I am absolutely miles from the lunacy of Toshack thinking Klopp should be in trouble if he doesn’t win anything this year, but if he insists on that midfield 3 for the foreseeable future I believe the questions will start coming from the media.
Gary, Dublin


…Ok. So PSG were quite good. Who would have thunk it? After spending enough money to buy several small countries, they have amassed a team of top talent who can play a bit of football!

So no disgrace in losing to that team. At all.

However, can we please finally stop turd-polishing about this LFC team? Pleeease!

Our forward line are nowhere near the levels they reached last season and our midfield is simply not winning enough of the ball to control games. And this is a trend most of us die hard fans like me have seen all season. There I said it. Phew!

We’ve lost all pressing ability (or desire? Or gameplan? Can’t quite work out which? )

But the forward press is where this teams attack starts from so I can’t imagine it’s by design

But either way, let’s stop flossing over this by moronically pointing at our position in the league table and start asking Jürgen to do his job and solve it please?

Thank you

I’ve been a lifelong red and ST holder and we need to start being honest with ourselves.

It’s the bloody hope that kills you


PSG are a horrible football team.

Liverpool were poor, fine, but that was just an awful 90 minutes to watch.

The acting, surrounding the ref, time wasting, moaning… They are just a horrible, horrible team.

Liverpool are miles off winning it, so just don’t let it be them.

I would rather RM win it with a Ramos hat trick. Or Utd win it with a José hat trick.

Anyone. But. Them.
Paul, Kent


…Let’s make no mistake about it, we were utter sh*t. No shot on target from open play, our midfield was about as combative as John Lennon in bed, our attackers were all dog shite and to make matters worse Gomez seemed to not know where on earth he was for most of the night. Keita managed to come off the bench and be actively worse than the midfield that came before him which I genuinely couldn’t have imagined beforehand.

But Neymar and co are pathetic. A bunch of cheats who would go down clutching their faces if you breathe in their direction on the football pitch. I’m so pleased that as a team they simply don’t have the organisation to actually win this competition.

Hope they get Man Utd in the next round and get fully 100% Mourinho’d. Would genuinely laugh my balls off watching them all cry their eyes out over the injustice.
Minty, LFC


…One day someone’s going to go in on Dani Alves or Neymar and give them reason for the antics.

Embarrassment to the game.
Paul (Mbappe and Verratti though, oooft) NUFC


…Fair play to PSG, they needed a statement win and performance, and got both. On the other hand they’re the biggest bunch of c*nts since the MSN Barca days.
Dan, Plastic LFC


…You’ve got to play super well to get any result at a place like PSG, certainly given their excellent home record. But we didn’t and we didn’t. PSG were fully deserving of the points.

But that’s not important right now. What’s important is that Neymar finally knows what sort of contact gives him the right to fall in a crumpled heap on the floor. And he has Robertson to thank for this, after he received a proper thwack on the shins towards the end of the game. Lad.

When Gomez got his potential leg breaker from Verratti he just dusted himself off and carried on. Neymar continues to be a detestable human being, despite all the skills. There was a moment in the second half where he stopped playing, turned to the crowd and gesticulated. Pathetic, even his own are getting bored.

Onwards. Here’s to relying on another ‘famous Anfield night..’
Barry, LFC


…I am having trouble putting into words the sheer hatred I have for PSG. Perhaps more accurately their Brazilian contingent. Neymar I hate. I detest. I loathe. With every fibre of my being. He’s very average and unfit with a superb publicity machine. Every foul on him was an automatic yellow card, even when he seemingly tripped over himself. His antics have gone beyond self parody and the ref totally bought it tonight, backed up by arch cheat Dani Alves when he came on. Veratti should have seen straight red, and as for Thiago Silva and that head injury, that should have seen red for gamesmanship alone. For me, Clive, it’s worse than farting when your opponent takes to the oche. As for all the chest bumping at winning a goal kick, well… it shows how much of a small club PSG really are. Liverpool didn’t get out of first gear and I expect them to still qualify. I would love to see Neymar against a back four of Mihajlovic, Materazzi, Repka and Muscat. I would fancy he would have no legs left to dive off ever again. And I am a Baggie. Well done Dawson and Hegazi for tonight.
Rich (boing boing), Cambridge


…It’s something like the 88th minute. It’s 2-1 and your team actually needs to win the game to 100% guarantee qualification. Should you A) keep the ball safely in the corner B) Attempt an overhead flick to embarrass your opponents.
If you chose option B, congratulations, you are a PSG player who plays with the kind of reckless abandon that can only be cultivated by being the only competitive team in the French league.

Have you ever been playing against a mate on FIFA, when suddenly he has to take a phone call and pauses the game to leave the room? Only when he leaves, you resume play and start scoring worldies while showboating to the extreme. I imagine this is what its like every week in Ligue 1 when you’re PSG.

Fair play to them. They beat us. They did what was required of them. But truthfully, it was an awful game. We, as we have been on the road throughout this campaign, were pretty terrible. And they were only just about able to scrape through. In my, largely inconsequential, opinion – They simply aren’t good enough to go all the way in this competition.

Some actual comments on the game:
– I love Henderson. Always have. But at the level we’re trying to compete at, he doesn’t do enough to influence the game. I do, however, enjoy that when shouting and pointing isn’t enough – he resorts to pushing his own players in the face to shut them up.
– In general, the midfield wasn’t effective enough. Keita didn’t look up to speed when he came on either. Our front 3 looks sharper than they did earlier in the season. Mane and Salah, in particular, played some decent stuff tonight, but they can only depend on the fullbacks or themselves to create real chances. We really need to figure out what combination of players is going to be effective in there.
– I know Klopp wanted the extra security of playing Gomez at RB, but TAA would have done a far better job of exploiting the chasm left wide open on that side of the pitch.
– What on earth would Verratti have to do to get sent off in that game? At one point, even he looked amazed that the ref hadn’t issued him a second yellow.

So on to the final game where we need to win by our 2 clear goals to progress to the next stage… someone get Neil Mellor and Florent Sinama-Pongolle on the phone.
Ryan C (I’m not bitter, you’re bitter), LFC


Not cool, Klopp
Has anyone ever heard a manager moan about his side being given a penalty before? Amazing how Klopp isn’t such a “cool” guy when stuff doesn’t (or in the case does) go his way.
John Collins WWFC, London


Magic Momo
Forget about winning trophies, Pochettino should surely win manager of the year for turning Moussa Sissoko into a football player?
Rob da (went to school with Ed Woodward and dont remember him being particular into football. He was very clever mind) Shrimper


Mourinho facts
Here’s a question for you. Out of the big six teams, which one do you think is most likely to record a 6-0 win this season? Statistically it happens once a season in the premier league so there’s a good chance it will happen once so who do you think? Thought of a team? Good. Now which team do you think is LEAST likely to record a 6-0 win this season? I’m willing to bet 9 times out of 10 that you thought of Manchester United that time.

ANY of the other big six teams, you could see them going to a team and absolutely tearing them apart. I’m not saying they couldn’t have an off day, or draw/lose a match that they probably shouldn’t, that’s different. I’m saying that if you are honestly being impartial, when do you think this United side managed by Mourinho could win a game by that amount? Even if they had a team by their proverbials, come 3-0 Jose would have made the defensive substitutions, played the possession game and started to ponder which men’s grooming product he would next advertise. The days of going to Old Trafford fearing a hiding are gone and under Mourinho they’re never going to reappear. Until a team is 4-0 down they’re never truly beaten (And even then look up the Mali student loan game).

And that’s just not United. The fear of Old Trafford is that as a professional, you knew going to Old Trafford there was a chance that you would be humiliated, some teams even setting up to make sure that they didn’t lose by more than 3. Even if you set up ultra defensive and got to 88 minutes with a nil nil, you knew that an onslaught was going to come. It literally coined the phrase “Fergie time” where the 5th minute of the 2 alotted minutes of injury time lead to a late United winner.

Well done on getting that win against Young boys late on Jose. Real class on slamming some water bottles in your celebration too (If it was Young Boys celebrating a win with their manager slamming the bottles down Jose would’ve called to reinstate capital punishment). But as this website clearly pointed out either United need to break records to finish in the top four in the league this season or as of last night win the Champions League to play in it again next year.

But one last thing. Manchester United had a competitive champions league game at home and did not fill the stadium. At the risk of sounding like Rafa, that is a fact. Man United have scored 3 goals twice this season (once against Newcastle and once against the same opposition last night). Fact. Man United haven’t scored more than 3 goals against a team all season. Fact. Mourinho is a specialist in failure. Fact?
Brian (Okay I combined a Wenger quote into a Rafa metaphor but I thought it worked better) Belfast


Keane farewell
Well done to Robbie Keane and good luck to him for his retirement.
As a Liverpool fan the weird thing about him is that when I wanted him to do best actually coincided with the worst time of his career. I wonder whether other fans have players in mind whose otherwise impressive career hit a low while they were at your club?
When Liverpool signed him I was so excited, he was such a good finisher, he had pace, I loved his celebrations as well. We had had Cissé and other joke strikers and it felt great to sign Keane. But for whatever reason it just didn’t work out for him, we cheered him on but he just looked average and we as fans felt a bit sorry for him.

I guess it’s a reminder that players are human and it’s not a video game -confidence, feeling different or just missing your last club can affect anyone.
I am glad he didn’t give up, and went on to better things.
Paul in Brussels (obviously Torres, but anyone else?)


Terrific translation
Cracking article about interpreters in football. My Mrs is an interpreter, she was hooked, and recognised so much from her own work. Mo Salah got her into Liverpool last year, so who’s to say what this piece will achieve!
Tim, LFC (sorry for carping about the ads, it is what it is), Mexico


Monaco not worthy of TH14
Krombopulous Michael just loves killing, and he killed it with the lovely compliment on Matt Stead’s piece in the mailbox. I read it and enjoyed it as the wonderful tribute to Robben (Some natives know 3 things: Where to find water, which berries are poisonous, and not to let Robben cut inside on his left foot). Beautiful work.

I’m writing while watching Titi or TH14’s team defend like babies needing a nappy change (some one said grown ass men shouldn’t give other grown ass men a pet name, specifically targeting the Gooners – get a hero mate, fall in love with someone’s right foot!).

I digress. I’m hurt by this horrendous TH14 team’s performance. Don’t these lads recognise greatness when they are staring in the face of it. That’s when it dawned on me, my allegiance is not to Monaco but mychildhood hero, Martial’s childhood hero. So I wondered if anyone else has a favourite they would follow if they went into coaching. A couple of Man U fans are spoilt for choice but I doubt they are still attached. Any Kopites suddenly interested in Celtic v Rangers? I heard Lampard is in the mix too
Tiny Dawn Gunners (Every time Drogba appeared against Arsenal, I sh*t my pants, please don’t let him manage in the premier league)

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