Jordan Henderson transfer is ‘a big ‘f**k you to all the LGBTQ kids’

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Jordan Henderson wearing rainbow armband
Jordan Henderson wearing rainbow armband

Jordan Henderson continues to dominate the Mailbox and there are people lining up to give him a good kicking.

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No defending Henderson
Did you see the video announcing Henderson? Making a point to obviously turn the captain’s rainbow armband black and white! Not exactly subtle are they. Surely that puts to bed any argument that he’s going to change hearts and minds right? So a big ‘f**k you’ to all the LGBTQ kids that looked up to him and for all the others who cheered his name here’s the lesson, morals don’t matter, integrity doesn’t matter, community doesn’t matter, trade it all for fat bank balance and say ‘cry more’ to those who admired you. The Jordan Henderson way.
Dave, Manchester


…Jesus, that was a depressing mailbox. Tom G, if I am reading this right, says that Henderson’s move to Saudi is not a betrayal because he didn’t benefit from supporting the LGBTQ+ community. That’s the point. Football and footballers are not especially known to be welcoming to marginalised groups, except for PR or self-interest purposes. You mention Beckham being on the cover of Pride, which in hindsight was clearly a longterm brand building exercise rather than any kind of advocacy.

With Henderson, it seemed genuine and not transactional. Inclusivity seemed like something he believed. So it was either all false or he has traded his principles and beliefs in for obscene wealth, when he was already extremely wealthy. That’s why it is worse.

Next point, his actions won’t make lives worse going forward. It will, one of a thousands tiny cuts but it will. Don’t be naive. Not yours or mine but the marginalised people he previously supported will see hate towards them become more acceptable, see governments emboldened to legislate against them, find it harder to believe in public figures who support them. And more. It’s another drop in growing wave of intolerance.

Next point, it will deter future players from showing support. Good. No more lip service. No more good for PR empty words. If your support is not strong enough to turn down Saudi money, it’s wafer thin and worthless anyway. Your general description of doing good things seems to be focused on what you get out of it, not what it can do for others. Again, that is the point. You are allowed to feel proud but it shouldn’t be the only reason to help others. It’s worrying how many people can’t grasp this.

I could have saved time here by responding with that “Yet you participate in society” comic. Better things are possible. Some selflessness and empathy is required. You might need to make some tough choices. You don’t get carte blanche because you were a decent person once. Henderson presented himself as an ally and supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. And he did benefit from it. His profile was raised significantly. He gained respect because it seemed genuine. Again, that’s why it’s worse.
Kevin, Dublin


…This one goes to Rob Carey and anyone else that is wondering why Hendo is being labelled as such a hypocrite.

It’s because he said the following in an interview: “The idea that anyone I love and care about wouldn;t feel safe or comfortable coming to watch me play if they were part of the LGBT community makes me wonder what world we live in.”

And now he’s gone to live in that world, where, if he has friends and family that are in the LGBT community, then they certainly won’t feel safe going to watch him play.
Culk the Younger


…If David Attenborough stopped making planet earth doccos and started shilling for Shell it would undermine his previous work championing environmental issues. You can’t get away from that simple fact, even if he did it for a big wad of cash.

Would it be hypocritical given his previous stance? Yes. Would it also be understandable if he was offered more money than God? Also yes.

We can understand why Jordan has taken the Saudi cash whilst also pointing out the hypocrisy in Jordan taking the Saudi cash, it doesn’t have to be either or people.
Simon CFC


Nope, not getting the Henderson furore
Cards on the table first. I’m a Zimbabwean Liverpool fan. In my country homosexuality is frowned upon, but we don’t persecute anyone for being gay.

Hear me out. Hendo is a victim of hypocrisy by the LGBTQ. While being captain of Liverpool and a senior member of the England national team, Hendo used all his influence to help members of the LGBTQ to live their personal (sexual) choices. That support was not accepted worldwide. In fact I would venture to say it had some financial consequences on his brand. Otherwise why are other EPL stars not lining up to be ambassadors for the LGBTQ?

Now Jordan Brian Henderson has made his own personal career choice by joining the Saudi league. His “allies” are the ones turning against him for making a personal choice!!!!! Same thing he fought for them to be allowed to do.

For years Hendo has been massacred on all online platforms every time Liverpool lost a match. Did the LGBTQ say anything in his defense?

That sounds like hypocrisy by the LGBTQ even if no one is willing to say it aloud. But what do I know about your Western ways. I’m just an African man with an unfashionable view of life.
Dominic, lfc ( fairwell captain Hendo)


…I have to ask if Matt Stead is being serious in his article about Henderson? Since when was it the England manager’s job to be a moral arbiter of people’s life choices? If he were an Oscar Pistorius or a Mason Greenwood, obviously that would be different, but Henderson hasn’t harmed anyone and should be considered for England just like everyone else. Southgate’s job is to win matches, not pass judgement on a bloke looking to provide for his family.
Joseph Wilsdon

(But the piece has absolutely nothing to do with morals; it’s about Henderson wilfully joining a sh*t league – Ed)


Should we stop writing about Saudi Arabia?
Long time reader, long time ago mailbox contributor here.

As I read yet another Jordan Henderson article on my commute this morning, the first thought that entered my head was ‘how many journalists writing this story would turn down £700k a week to work in Saudi’, but then I thought of a much more simple question.

Why, if you are so against footballers moving to Saudi Arabia and the sportswashing that comes with it, are you giving it so much coverage? For all the faux outrage in the football media, and F365 are certainly not alone or the worst, you’re giving the Saudi league endless publicity.

If all these players moved to Saudi Arabia and it got no coverage in the media worldwide, would that not be a better show of defiance. How can you sportswash if no one gives a shit about your league?

However, you can guarantee all the games will get media coverage in the UK. Everything Henderson and Gerrard do will be covered in the British press and you’ll all be feasting on the clicks and advertising revenue that comes with it. Hell, if it hasn’t already been announced, how long will it be before Sky or whoever pick up the rights the stream the games on British TV? And you’ll all be watching. And the train rolls ever onwards.

Just a thought.
Martin (Warrington)


A retraction of sorts
Re: My mail having a go at Thayden (and a snide comment in another mail).

Thayden, I apologise. I read your response to my mail and the others that were published and I went back an re-read your original mail. You were right, I read too much into, grabbed the wrong end of the stick and ran with it. Obviously, that took me down the wrong path so I apologise.

I will point out that in my mail I did say I respect your integrity and at the end of the mail said it was something sorely missing in modern society. I was not being facetious, I was being genuinely sincere. I honestly respect you for your integrity, even more so after responding to my rant.

If I may, I’d like to strip my original mail of all the unnecessary guff and just go straight to my point: I believe everybody has a price, even if that price is not actually money. I’m not saying I’m right, or that you’re wrong. It’s just what I believe from my 41 years of dealing with people. Threatening your non-existent kids and paying you whopping amounts of cash are very different but my point still stands. Rather irrelevantly as it happens.

Can we just agree to disagree? We’re not all Nazis, but we all have a price, even if that price is fantastical and unrealistic. Is that ok?

As for me profiting from war: my job is to trade on the Forex markets which I have been doing for years, long before Russia/Ukraine. When the war broke out, it caused major movement in the markets on which I was able to capitalise. I struggled with that, for quite some time. People were dying and I was making money. Honestly, I still havent squared it away properly so I still trade and I still struggle with the morality at times.

FWIW, I tried to join the international legion helping Ukraine, but the injury that caused my discharge from the British Army kept me from the Ukrainian one. I’m not just a greedy asshole in it the for the money. Its all words, none of you know me or have any reason to believe me, but there it is.

Thayden, keep being you mate and when people like me have a pop, keep responding in the intelligent, smart way you are. I can admit when I was wrong and you proved that I was.

End of the day, I was trying to have a debate. My bad for doing it in such a ham-fisted way.

Now, something something football something something blah.


What’s your price, Johnny?
There’s lot of amateur philosophy taking place in the Football365 mailbox, and yet I for one am blindsided by the deafening silence that is John Nicholson’s failure to reveal whether or not he would work as a Saudi Arabian football correspondent for a life-changing sum of money.

I would enjoy reading an article where John claims that he wouldn’t do such a thing for any sum, no sir’ee, nada… Because even John is self aware enough to understand that the majority of readers would raise an eyebrow at such a claim. Even if it’s true, it’s still hilarious… Of course you wouldn’t, John. Not a man of your virtue. Silly of us to have suggested such a thing!

Likewise, it would be telling if John were to name his price. He could even vastly inflate the figure to make it sound less crass. In my recent e-mail I suggested that John would swap The People’s Republic of Football365 with the Saudi Arabian skyline of Riyadh for anything above 6 figures. Maybe this was too low. Chuck a few zero’s on there, if you want, John. Soften the blow! If you admit you’d move over there for 10 million quid – despite having your basic needs already met – at least you’d get credit for being honest without sounding like too much of a sell out.

The funny thing is, there is an answer to this question, and in the quiet of his heart, John Nicholson knows what that answer is. I can’t wait to find out! You can run but you can’t hide, John. The philosophical debate is closing in on you.
Seb Whitehouse

I don’t want a life-changing amount of cash because I don’t want my life changing. I’m perfectly happy as it is. Also more money doesn’t deliver more happiness once you earn over £80K so what’s the point? – JN)


Let’s talk about Wolves
To try and move the conversation on from Mbappe, Henderson and the Saudis, I thought I’d send in a random email about Wolves.

Most seasons see some kind of crisis club, where a once seemingly safe mid table club implodes and gets relegated, much like Leicester last season. Wolves are my tip to be that club this season.

Something seems very wrong behind the scenes, and perhaps fans can expand on why, but their summer business seems very, very off. Moutinho and Neves, the fulcrum of their recent success, have both departed. Nathan Collins has gone too, along with Jimenez, Coady and Traore, who although they’ve been poor or on loan of late, have previously been big players. There’s been links away for Sa and Kilman too, again two if they’re more prominent performers. Not much has come through the door. They look weaker defensively and in midfield whilst still being short of goals.

Lopetegui is evidently a very decent manager, but there’s been a fair few rumours and quotes that suggest he’s pretty disgruntled at the state of affairs, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he’s the first manager to depart, most likely of his own volition.

With all of the above in consideration, they’re my tip to go down with Sheffield United and Luton.
Lewis, Busby Way